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  1. i suck at this game i can only get to the mun, minmus, duna, and i burned up at eve...help....
  2. I made a mun base a Space station around Kerbin and one around The Mun...Yey
  3. my screen one time paused when the thing that shows how high up you are was on 666666....
  4. So i just was on kerbal space program and i was going to eve and once i started burning up i inflated my heat shield and my heat shield after a few seconds blew up...
  5. There must've been life on other planets before since the easter eggs.
  6. What's the wierdest thing that happened when you played ksp?
  7. So you landed on Eves mount everest?
  8. The mun on a crashed ship...Darn it slopes....
  9. Ok and also i got it to work thanks for the help.
  10. I tryed to use mechjeb but i cant get it to work i don't know, what i did is i downloaded it got it from downloads put it in gamedata and it didn't work, i may sound stupid.
  11. Do i need to back up my folder cause i don't know how either.
  12. That's a lot to remember and also i don't know how to download mods .-. Yeah, also i don't think i have put as many hours in as other people have. Well if it counts then i have gone to eve too.
  13. Maybe that's why i always run out of fuel either that or i i'm bad at making rockets probably the ladder... Wow a lot of people are good at the game while i can't even get to ike...
  14. I don't count asteroids they're not big enough to be a body.
  15. I never wait for the perfect time for launching and also nice But what if i don't want to use common sense?
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