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  1. On 10/20/2017 at 6:52 PM, juvilado said:

    I would love to see some life experiments in KSP. This is the only way to confirm or deny life in other planets. 

    I think Eve deserves to have some kind of life, but that's up to the developpers (and modders, hehe).

    PS: Still haven't seen animal life in Kerbin so far. Where are they hidding?

    There must've been life on other planets before since the easter eggs.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Atkara said:

    That's why Pthigrivi posted them, instead of calling you over phone/skype/other :wink:

    Mod installation is rather easy in KSP. You download the mod, read the instructions, extract it to a temporary folder, copy what you should over to KSP's Gamedata folder, you're done. Or you can use CKAN to automate the process.

    You won't need that many hours to start doing your thing. Being consistent and efficient at it though, comes only with practice and these two, will be key factors to the goals you may set next.

    I tryed to use mechjeb but i cant get it to work i don't know, what i did is i downloaded it got it from downloads put it in gamedata and it didn't work, i may sound stupid.

  3. 23 minutes ago, Pthigrivi said:

    Oh its easy! Here are links to the two essentials:

    First back up your save folder, then download the folders above and put them into "Game Data" in your KSP folder. You wont need 90% of what Mech Jeb can do but if you put the little Mech Jeb part on your craft you'll be able to see delta--v and TWR for each stage and track it while you're in flight. Its essential for building good rockets unless you like doing the math by hand. If mods don't appeal to you you can also use this: http://ksp.olex.biz/ and just eyeball the transfer angles. Either way you'll want to print out that chart or bookmark it in your browser. All his stuff should really be stock but whatareyagonnado.

    Do i need to back up my folder cause i don't know how either.

  4. 2 hours ago, Pthigrivi said:

    There are a couple of really crucial mods that make deep space exploration much more manageable. The first is Kerbal Alarm Clock which includes a transfer orbit calculator and will let you set timers for launch windows for whatever planet you want to visit. The other thing you'll want to know is your vessel's delta-v. I've always used Mech Jeb for this (I think KER is down?) but you can also do it manually. You can compare your values to the ones on this chart and it will tell you roughly whether you've got enough to get you where you're going.

    You can also use tools like Precise Maneuver to fine tune your approaches. Practice makes perfect, but tools help! 

    That's a lot to remember and also i don't know how to download mods .-.

    7 hours ago, Atkara said:

    It doesn't happen overnight, at least it didn't for me. Can't speak about the rest.

    Yeah, also i don't think i have put as many hours in as other people have.

    13 hours ago, macbookacer said:

    I've landed on the Mun many times. Once I landed on Minmus and Duna. I also burnt up in the atmosphere of Eve it that counts :D

    Well if it counts then i have gone to eve too.

  5. On 10/25/2017 at 8:42 PM, Atkara said:

    If you can back this with enough fuel, by all means, go for it -see how it goes :) 

    Maybe that's why i always run out of fuel either that or i i'm bad at making rockets probably the ladder...

    Wow a lot of people are good at the game while i can't even get to ike...

  6. 17 hours ago, Ty Tan Tu said:

    I once did a real time mission to Minmus. I just left the game running while I slept. It added a lot of hours to my play time. But -  you know - I recommend it. It makes you realize just how big these distance are.

    I have sent probes to all planets, but only landed on a few.


    The planets I have landed on:

    1. Kerbin (duh)

    2. Mun

    3, Minmus ( I have landed on Minmus more than Kerbin. I once had a thriving city on Minmus, and used my Minmus mines to fuel my trip to Duna)

    4, Duna (But I have never returned all the way back to Kerbin yet. I have only gone from the surface of Duna to an orbital Duna Space Station.)

    5. Laythe (My first effort crashed into the sea. I landed a rover on land, but my next effort also crashed into the sea. So I sent a manned floating base, which is still there, but I would need to write a mod to turn Laythe waters into rocket fuel to take it further.)

    6. Bop to visit the Kraken (But I m pretty sure I cheated to do that. I just wanted to take a picture with the Karken.)

    7. I have captured asteroid and put resource extractors on them , but I am not sure that counts.

    Where else have I been? I sure sure I am forgetting something,,, 

    I don't count asteroids they're not big enough to be a body.

  7. On 10/24/2017 at 1:46 AM, stibbons said:

    I've logged 1200 hours in game, according to Steam. Crewed missions to Mun and Minmus, and a couple of small asteroid redirects just outside of Kerbin SOI. Landed a few probes on Duna. 

    And that's all. Remotetech and life support mods make for much more cautious and slower gameplay. 

    That's a lot of hours

  8. 1 minute ago, adsii1970 said:

    Haha - there's a lot of wisdom in your last sentence... truly there is.

    Unfortunately, episodes 1 though 3 never delivered through on the short stories written by Lucas when he was doing the whole Star Wars idea. The Clone Wars are not handled well at all, nor is the torment of Anakin. Anakin was to bring balance to the force... and the Jedi have misinterpreted it. There was a cut scene from Episode III where Yoda says - "Two Sith, Two Jedi... read the prophecy wrong, we did..." as he and Obi-Wan go off into obscurity.

    But Luke is also deeply flawed, as was Anakin. If you remember, in Return of the Jedi, he is wearing all black, something we see from the Sith. Jedi mostly wear earth tones, for the lack of a better description. And when we see the "digitally enhanced" version of Episode VI, Anakin appears wearing the earth-tone robes...

    Yes. It is.  In fact, it is just *moments* before New Hope and explains why Darth Vader orders that ship torn apart...

    i thought so.

  9. 34 minutes ago, RX2000 said:

    Got like 120 hours in the game so far. So far I've only been to Kerbin (heh), & then I've been to the Mun & Minmus both several times. Landed kerbalnauts & probes & rovers on each multiple times. Never been anywhere else. In my current game with a bunch of mods installed (Unmanned Before Manned, TACLS, ScanSat, etc etc etc) I'm currently waiting for the best launch window for Duna (150 more days to go), then I plan to try & send an orbiter there. If it makes it it will be the first time I've gone interplanetary in my whole KSP career.

    I never wait for the perfect time for launching and also nice

    But what if i don't want to use common sense?

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