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  1. Title pretty much says it all. I don't know if such a mod is even possible, I'm just getting really sick of everything sliding off whenever I try to test anything on the runway.
  2. The question is, is that modded or unmodded?
  3. In Stratzenblitz75’s spin launcher video he used a mod that allowed him to use stock liquid fuel engines as RCS thrusters. Might have to get a bit creative to get roll control but it could work. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the mod right off and I don’t have time to go back and watch the video.
  4. So yesterday I launched a nuclear powered tug into LKO without fitting it with solar panels and radiators. Today we are launching a mission to install those in orbit. Forgotten items remembered! The little push your craft gets every time you install a part is very annoying, especially when your craft doesn't have proper RCS. The waterfall mod is the greatest thing of all time in my opinion. If left at the default settings, parachutes can cause a bit of a pucker factor. At 150 meters we were still going 50 m/s. All in all that was a lot cheaper than launching a new tug, as I would have had to do pre 1.11. Haven't had much use for the building mechanics when it comes to constructing ships, but it sure has come in handy for providing a way out of my frequent forgetfulness. Imgur album containing full mission:https://imgur.com/a/u6bzq03
  5. Thank you very much, yes that was a typo. You would think after typing that name into every other account I have for the two years since I started using it would have taught me to spell it right but whatever
  6. Hello, I would like my name to be changed to “Jetpackmanaic” if it is available.
  7. In may main save Jeb is currently orbiting Kerbin on board a station that’s supposed to unoccupied at the moment, while I get around a proper crew of scientists. Apparently he got bored and managed to sneak on board without anyone noticing when I launched.
  8. I ran across a video of it while looking up space videos on YouTube. My first reaction was “That looks really boring!”. Then I ran across a few more videos of it later on and it eventually started to appeal to me. Downloaded the demo sometime in late 2015, almost 6 years later and it’s still my favorite game. To this day I’ve never been more excited playing a game than the first time I made it above the atmosphere and heard that music.
  9. Do you have a link? After some google searches all I’ve come up with for vanguard is a EVA parachute mod. Unless I’m missing something obvious… Thanks I’ll check it out.
  10. I’m starting a new career save with Realism Overhaul and Remote Tech, and I’m looking for a good part pack to add. Anyone have some suggestions? I’m particularly interested in new engines to play with. Thanks in advance!
  11. I know how it works in theory, but I can't make it work right. In the image below I have controller 1's play position bound to controller 4 with action groups. When I move controller 4 it just sets controller 1 to the same time as 4 instead of setting the time to what I have set in the graph. You can see that 4 is set to the max position, and 1 has followed 4 perfectly instead of following the value set in the "Play Position" field. Does anyone know what I'm missing? Or is it just a glitch 1.12.1, I know I've seen Danny2462 do it in one of his videos.
  12. I do this all the time, I’ll revert to fix some mission breaking flaw, tweak a bunch of other stuff, and launch again without fixing the actual problem. Sometimes multiple times in a row.
  13. I also struggle with antenna, either I forget them all together, or I forget to deploy them in LKO and send my probe off to the far reaches of the solar system. Then I realize my mistake as soon as I’m done time warping and notice my lack of connection.
  14. I can get a mostly stable 140 FPS with a low part count plane on a unmodded install, but running scatter knocks that down to around 60, 40 if I’m near the water. I have FPS capped at 60 most of the time so my GPU don’t catch fire.
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