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  1. Looking.... Looking.... Nuts! I don't see a download link. Guess it's not ready to play with yet. LOL. Looks like it will be fun though. Reminds me of the beacon one. That one you have to send out satellites and get close to them to jump to another sat area. My old game looked like sonar buoys all over space out side of the system.
  2. Seems to be a glitch. Made a fully functional Sat for the new base. I've used this sat many times on Kerbal with out a problem. When the ground factory finished the build it is stuck in a green shape and does not load the sat. Looked for a while trying to find some info before writing here.
  3. Something that everyone seems to forget is L, T, and angle trusses! I have looked over many mods and it is almost always the same story or the old ones are not updated.
  4. Maybe you could help with this. I just upgraded to 1.8.0 and all the parts are greyed out with no details at all. I got the zip file as usual for the mod, etc.., but this is what I got.
  5. Love this mod. I was just looking at an old mod called "Radial Engine for spacecraft - T.G.O.L group", think it was on spacedock. I didn't see a way to contact the mod maker. Do you know anyone that has been updating old mods like this one?
  6. Love this mod / work. Is it upto date with the current version of the game? IVA is a lot more fun when the controls actually work.
  7. When I said tweakable I was talking about the SIZE of each part. Larger or smaller etc. Using the tweak anything mod. As for the Tug boat analogy Have you ever seen in person a tug boat? I have. You would not believe what those little boats can do. I have seen just 2 of them push an aircraft carrier. So being able to get back into orbit with this mod should not be a problem for the engines even if it is a slow climb.
  8. Really miss the storage area my self. I used the heck out of that thing. And the O.U.V. needs a bit more power. I got caught in a gravity well and could not break free. This of course happen after it had become stand alone. <Burned up on reentry> IDEA : Make all parts tweakable. Had a design in mind to try but need the pusher to be tweaked.
  9. Going by real world or sci-fi world, and are you talking about in space or in atmosphere? You will have different verbalizes in each case or each combination. Also depends on how much mass you are trying to move or slow down.
  10. Really good information, but you left out one vital part. The fuel. For example switching an RCS thruster from using xenon gas to using electric. I am still trying to figure that one out.
  11. Angel, I might have found a glitch. I have the gens running etc and yet the fuel is staying at zero. Only way the ship is flying is if I use f12. Thought you should know.
  12. I am curious, is there or are you going to add, an on-off switch for the lighting? I like it, but sometimes it's a bit too much for certain view points.
  13. Is there something I am missing? I have Konstructs installed and then put in the WaterLaunch, but NO WATER ANYTHING. Thought I S.N.A.F.U.'ed so deleted and re-installed. Same thing. Nada.
  14. Great to see you actually read these posts. Idea / Question: I had to shoehorn the wave generator into the mother-ship for a power supply. Could you make a copy of each generator so it is small enough to fit into any thing built like using the J2 engine and generators in a prob? I was thinking of something like the PMI fuel gen design. Small and easily put in a storage compartment.
  15. This mod is exactly what I was looking for! I love all the Classic Lost in Space Jupiter 2 bits and looks. What ever you plan for the future please don't loose those. Could you make some landing gear like the Classic J2 also? I think it would look really cool and I really want to finish building the J2 with as much detail as possible. Oh one other thing the multi-part one, If it is not already, could you adjust the parts so they could be tweak scaled? I was looking at your pics above and got a few ideas, just need to sizes things to match. Keep up the GREAT work.
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