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  1. It occurs to me this is a chance to correct something wrong about asteroids. Could the classes be changed to reflect the real world classification system? https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/asteroids-comets-and-meteors/asteroids/in-depth/#many_shapes_and_sizes_otp
  2. Considering the history of Unity, it would be an absolute slap in the face if the game didn't support MacOS. The entire point of Unity is to promote cross-platform development. I'm really hoping KSP2 supports all the current platforms on release day.
  3. Would love to see a better docking interface. Something more along the lines of Docking Port Alignment Indicator. Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Navyfish) https://spacedock.info/mod/543/Docking%20Port%20Alignment%20Indicator Would be great if also had docking port cameras similar to HullCamera VDS https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/HullcamVDSContinued/releases
  4. A toggleable setting on probe control units to enable maintaining relative relationships to the body it's orbiting. I don't simply mean prograde/retrograde, radial, or normal, but also persistent rotation. Lack of the ability to have persistent rotation means I can't (stock) really make an accurate ISS. I can make the shape, but not the behavior of it maintaining its orientation relative to the surface. What that means is I can't count on the radial in docking port to continue to be in the radial in position as I approach it during rendezvous. This also has implications for things like solar panels and how they are properly oriented.
  5. Please include a "Black Box" recording mode which would allow for the replay of game play segments not simply for analysis, but also for the purposes of realtime playback for cinematic creation purposes. Example: Maybe I need to play at one particular (low graphics) setting for playability reasons, but if I played back a segment via the "Black Box" replay system I could then render and view separately at a much higher quality setting.
  6. Please help me out here. I think I'm getting this message, but I don't know what or how this affects my install. Do I remove them? If I remove then and decide to stop using Restock am I then screwed?
  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Some of us like the cross hairs. They’re actually useful for lining up rendezvous braking burns and landings. Let’s not get hasty in changing things without a consensus.
  8. Please see this thread. https://new.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/b0ec6z/docking_port_misalignment_issue_any_solutions/
  9. Keep up the excellent work, sir. Far and away the best way to dock.
  10. Thank you. This looks amazing and I'm looking forward to playing with it.
  11. I have an existing career Kerbalverse I want to add a light life support mod to it. Snacks Continued looks about right for the level of Tamagachi I have in mind. I downloaded to test and it looks like it installed correctly. HOWEVER, since this is an existing Kerbalverse, I'm wondering what happens to the Kerbals I have in far off and distant locations to which I can't really just instantly transport snacks to. Is there a way to initially give them some supplies to start them off?
  12. > * Updated map nodes to be visually different when behind a celestial body. Pretty much hating the way new luminance levels for orbital indicators on the opposite side of the planet now. Especially hate how hard it is to see data readouts. https://i.imgur.com/NFgl09R.png Yes, it's this bad even in 100% stock. Is there a way for players to control this?
  13. Hey, I'd settle for Rockomax sized pure LF tanks. We go from 400 unit small to 400 or 800 Mk2 and then to 2500 Mk3 without having anything reasonable that's just cylindrical. If I want to build a nuke engined ship with 1600 units of fuel, it's a goofy collection of parts.