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  1. Thank you, sir. For this and all you do.
  2. Changing the scene entirely removes it. Changing to another ship removes it.
  3. Here ya go. Video of issue on YouTube; https://youtu.be/Oi9rqz4ANvQ Also reported as an issue and includes logs on the Git; https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/HullcamVDSContinued/issues/28
  4. I'll upload next time it happens to me. This happens to me on the regular, but it's never bugged me so much I wanted to complain about it. You've got enough stuff on your hands, but if I can help by uploading, sure thing.
  5. Because, you know, every space agency loves waiting on weather to F-up their launch opportunities. ;)
  6. Juicy, juicy fuel. Fuel on Kerbin's surface costs almost nothing, but fuel on orbit around any body is priceless.
  7. Latest patch out today appears to have fixed the issue. Docking ports now have the ability to lock or unlock rotation. In the locked position (default when you first reload after upgrading), auto struts pass through docking ports. Just upgraded and checked it all out. Seems to be working as advertised. I'm happy! Thank you and thank the team for fixing this! Seems to be working great!
  8. I'm not sure how much experience you have with asteroids, but large ones like this do not turn quickly even in the best of circumstances. As it was, this was a 5.8 hour long burn just for a little under 61Dv. This would take literally weeks of real time if done your way and waiting for the asteroid to occasionally and randomly rotate into "good enough" attitude. Yes, SAS was on, just had all reaction wheels turned off except one and that one was set to 5%, and the engine at 5% as well. You're going to have to trust me when I say I know what I'm talking about here.
  9. Couldn't put it off any long and finally had to just bite the bullet and grab it. For the record, the "Advanced Grabbing Unit" is, from what I can see, no better than the standard sized docking port WRT the wobbly joint issue, and considering the masses involved here this is all very delicate. In order for my asteroid harvester to stay in one piece, I've had to shut off all my reaction wheels except one and on that remaining reaction wheel turn its authority down to 15%. Even at that the entire craft and asteroid wobble considerably, but just below the threshold for it to go out of control and explode. I also got lucky and ended up with a magic asteroid, which I know can be cheated by repeatedly restarting to prior to entering physics range but I've never done that and after years and years of playing and dozens and dozens of asteroids harvested this is actually my first magic asteroid. Here's what the entire thing looks like; Now very slowly performing the capture burn. throttle is burning that single nuke engine at less than 0.00m/s since the entire craft can't be trusted and I need to burn off more than 61m/s in order to get my Kerbin capture. This is going to take awhile.
  10. I'm sorry you didn't like my reply to one of your other posts, but it was in fact the correct answer, unlike yours here.
  11. Please file a report on it. I have, but because my career save has a lot of mods it only qualifies as a "potential issue" right now. I'm going to have to make a copy, strip out all the mods, and install the save into a clean game, then resubmit.
  12. Unfortunately, my asteroid harvester is composed of multiple docked parts; drill section, ore and fuel tanks, engine unit . . . It can barely stay in one piece under the current circumstance. Just trying to turn it for the rendezvous burn without it tearing itself apart is going to be tricky
  13. Yep, same here. Fortunately it looks like we'll be getting a fix in the next update, but who knows how long until that is? I hope it's soon, because I have a Class E asteroid intercept coming up in about 7 Kerbin days, and without a fix I'm afraid to touch it. Meanwhile, I slow peddle my long term career save.
  14. No coding needs to be changed. All YOU have to do is change YOUR key binds however YOU want them. You have complete control over that in the Settings. You can make them whatever you want.
  15. Oh, that's done. Considering the holiday weekend it might take a couple of days to show up though.
  16. (after much testing) Okay, this is definitely a change that has taken place between the way the map works in 1.11.2 and (now) 1.12.1. When the asteroid does eventually pass through Kerbin's SOI it will eventually show the proper path and my previously saved intersect shows up correctly. Great for this particular asteroid, but this means right now in 1.12.1 there is no way to plan for an intersect with the astroid until it actually enters Kerbin's SOI. That means for the most part it will be impossible to actually plan asteroid captures inside of Kerbin's SOI since there will almost certainly never be enough time to get from wherever you've parked your asteroid mine/refine rig to get to the asteroid in the time it will be inside Kerbin's SOI. This is a significant change from all previous versions of the game which includes asteroids.
  17. Maybe. I also think that's not much different than multiple part reskinning mods or life support mods though and gets self-selected for correction by users. For instance, there are multiple life support mods from SNACKS! to MKS. It's cool that players can pick the one suitable for their specific style of play, but using more than one would not be a great experience. That said, I agree that the "proper" feature set on release should be on-par with the existing mod which thee player base has come to agree sets the standard. In this case, KAC.
  18. Your experience may vary from mine. I can accept that. I wish other people could accept the opposite viewpoint. BTW, you're no "safer" with an intercept that is simply (stock) 0.0 km than you are with a (modded) 0.0m intercept since that 0.0km intercept doesn't indicate whether you are on the prograde, retrograde, normal, anti-normal, radial-in, or radial-out side of the target. IRL (for ISS anyway) you'd want to be 100 meters radial-in (aka below) for the if engine failure, then intended miss case, but there's no actual way to see that in KSP with any mod as far as I can tell. As for advantages in a 0.0m intercept, actually there are advantages as long as you have a procedure, working engines, and maybe a bit of programming via kOS.
  19. Game can show intersect markers with millions of meters between the two craft. All that's required for the game to show the intersect mark is (I believe) paths crossing at any time in within the patched conics calculations. As I said though, it's trivial to get 0.0km intercepts. I mentioned I tweak those an order of magnitude lower, but nowhere did I say I was just using the stock interface to do it. For the record, KER shows intersects measured in millimeters.
  20. "Very close" is a relative term. Since it's actually trivial to create intersects within less than 100 meters those are what I use every time and generally speaking I tweak them at least an order of magnitude below that. As long as you actually have an intersect lined up and aren't searching for one blindly, it works perfectly.
  21. It's definitely not useless. It's better than nothing if you've never used KAC or are on console (which is why I really assume they're including it for the eventual console upgrade). It's just some of the functions just aren't there at all or aren't quite as good as they are in the original. I've mostly switched over to using it because I'm hoping the issues I have with it get fixed in the next patch.
  22. It's a naming convention issue. In KSP MAP MODE it's where your current orbit path crosses the path of the target craft and is labeled either "Intersect 1" or Intersect 2" depending whether or not you actually have two crossing. One is orange, the other purple. In KAC, the same symbology is used and labeled "Closest/Target Distance", but only in purple. If you want to make your rendezvous quicker/cheaper/easier you fine tune your intersects so they happen at below 0.0km. This is a little unrealistic IRL like at the ISS because it means there is a risk of collision if there is later an engine problem, but in KSP it's actually quite good as if you time the braking burn right you can end up less than 100 meters away from your target and start docking immediately. https://triggerau.github.io/KerbalAlarmClock/
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