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  1. Reminder: ...specifically for those not getting the contract completed upon recovery. I had no other issues with the mod. P.S.: I have seen tomf actually merging my PR (two weeks ago), so, ... maybe ... there will be a release ... maybe
  2. A brave man exploring the [Unsafe] I do that all the time, switching things to public, so that the script can work with it, and experimenting to see what to add to our "safe" API (or learn Unity UI). We will gladly accept new team member willing to work on any part of this mod, just send me PM (with discord ID) if you are interested.
  3. OK, I now see there actually is some interest in this mod (exactly what I asked for), so I now feel obliged to do a release. I am currently working on the Science API, UI.ScrollBox (and ScrollBar) and some collections for ROS (list, queue, dictionary) ... all towards the goal for recreating [x] Science (or something like that) in `science.ros`. I will consult that with Evan, but, will at least put unofficial `.zip` here (in a month) in case we do not agree on the release. I am leaving for holiday in two days Have fun
  4. Thank you, that means a lot to me to see anybody actually interested in this mod... I was loosing hope, feeling like all this work was just "dream unfulfilled" and I should move on to something different. Take a look at the science API here, please: Feel free to build that version (currently in "firda" branch) before we release it. You should be able to automate science-gathering based on what data you have in KSC (something like [x] Science does) and you can use RedOnion.UI to create any UI you like (with that button - try launch.ros and control.ros to see what you can do with this mod). BTW, you can access raw KSP API already, so you should be able to do anything, including science-data transfers (planned feature for our API) and possibly even that KAL-1000, but would have to experiment with raw reflected API ('native'), possibly crashing the game if you do something wrong P.S.: Use '' to get this: and eventually this:
  5. Thanks a lot, renaming GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\MKS\Assets\ (to *.remove - changing/adding extension) helped Looks like the above fix is all that is needed ... needs more testing.
  6. Anybody else experiencing loading freeze with MKS_LightGlobe? Removing MKS solved it, KSP.log contained some NRE about (just after) MKS_LightGlobe (PartLoader) when present (and "frozen", pictures still changing, but no progress after that). I will provide necessary logs if needed, now just asking, I know 1.10 is fresh.
  7. After first testing, this seems to work with 1.10, will do more tests. Anybody really reading this? I am not frustrated, but currently uninterrested, some feedback or anybody saying they actually use this mod would help
  8. Allright, does anybody want some feature? There are two kinds of players that may like to use this mod: 1. Modders: the REPL and 'native' is great for exploring KSP API, you can try and learn without leaving KSP. Lua/Moon(Mun)Sharp is mostly what it is, but if you want some feature in ROS, just ask... generics? or at least one-param-generic-no-arg method to be converted to type-arg method (those 'getByType' methods)? Anything? Be reasonable if you want it quick, don't be affraid to express what you need - best would be to say what you want to do/achieve. 2. Players wanting to automate things: I have created some ready-to-use scripts (launch.ros, control.ros - see second post in this topic). Want some feature? Automate solar-panel deploy and retract? Science gathering? (I had something ready... few months ago, left the work when I planned science-containers and probes gathering science for various labs). @Drew Kerman The problem is that I will never release anything if it was just about doing what I want - because I would just do what I want which is play the game, not bothering about what other folks think and want. There is kOS, we know, but I went the route of possibly helping others when Evan found me after what happened at kOS (search for 'parts redone'). I was hoping to help others, especially modders, by partnering with Evan who was already working on that REPL, I was working on ROS... so we joined to create this mod. P.S.: I 'fixed' two other mods I liked... no guarantee: 1. [x] Science: 2. Station Science:
  9. I have some release ready, with science API, with witch you can automate sciene gathering, .... but does anybody realy care? Maybe I should really switch to "what I want" mode, instead of "what folks may want" ... because there is nobody there.
  10. 1. Will have to test that, but my code uses different approach - KSP-native AssemblyLoader.loadedAssemblies, looking for a) class named DMModuleScienceAnimate in module DMagic derived from PartModule (Magnetometer Boom etc.) b) class named DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric in module DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric derived .... so it is not dependent on namespaces, just class-name and dll-name, nothing else. NOTE: that is not part of the PR, but you can find it in my code here: 2. No need for such MM-patch because I fixed the code which now works with DMModuleScienceAnimate directly (that is/was the purpose of the PR). EDIT: Actually, I did not push that version. Will test it and do it when I have time. The code involved looks like this: EDIT2: Updated, dll here:[x] Science!/[x] Science!.dll?raw=true Note that it was created 5.4.2020 but I did test it just now, after updating everything. Looks like I fixed a problem that did not even exist at that time.
  11. Unfortunately, I no longer have the save and craft designs. Will remember to include them next time I encounter something. Nice mod, keep up the good work.
  12. See this post: I have ZeroMiniAVC installed for a long time (I use CKAN), so I did not even notice the problem, and BTW, even removed MiniAVC from my build of this mod:[x] Science!
  13. Try deleting "[x] Science!\PluginData\[x] Science!\settings.cfg" instead of reinstalling. Anyway, include at least KSP.log to get any support, some require output_log.txt / Player.log - see
  14. @Flupster Found why DMagic's Orbital Science (e.g. Magnetometer Boom) does not work: deployDMExperiment expects IScienceDataContainer not ModuleScienceExperiment P.S: My DLL is here:[x] Science!/[x] Science!.dll?raw=true (includes some changes about EVA on ladder around KSC)
  15. What is the orientation of the kit? How do I check? How do I make sure up is up? I have base-addon build in SPH: build a ship (with seconady mission on top, but that is not relevant) land and start building, but it grows in wrong direction - it should be flat, not growing up! EDIT: This little arrow? Is that up? (I do not really care what is left and what forward, but that should be knowable as well .... and things imported from SPH should not end like this!) However final result is as expected ... strange ... the expansion is wrong/strange, but the result is ok: