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  1. Well, people play the career game differently. I prefer completing some Kerbin survey and tourism contracts, make enough funds to upgrade the mission control (with that you can accept more contracts) and tracking station and VAB and launch pad before attempting a Mun mission. A Mun mission isn't easy, no need to make it harder.
  2. I built a plane and wrote a tutorial for that purpose https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/How-to-fly-a-plane-in-KSP
  3. I disagree. Early tech nodes are cheap. So it makes sense to build a plane early with basic parts, get the science, and spend it when the points still make a difference. I would suggest researching stability and basic aviation right after first orbit. Building a plane and a rover would more than pay for itself. The strategy for unlocking the tech tree is to prioritize the science and electronic nodes near the bottom. In particular the electricity (okto core, solar panels), precision engineering (hecs core, ra-2 antenna), and electronic (seismometer) nodes.
  4. No I don't build 'midrange' SSTO's. Instead I add a transfer module to my payload. I reckon that is cheaper (even if the engine is single use) than the fuel hauling the wings and engines and cargo bay around.
  5. @zolotiyeruki did 14 circumnavigations on Kerbin. This challenge should be doable.
  6. The station doesn't need a converter. Do the conversion on the surface where you mine (and there maybe a base contract for that). Then you can get the fuel anywhere you like.
  7. An alternative is sending an empty tank and then filling it up with fuel mined from Minmus or the Mun.
  8. I have modified the HKA-6B to produce the new HKA-6C https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/HKA-6C-SSTO-23t-cargo . The new version has bigger cargo bay and is rated for 23t to LKO. I document its use in my main science save. So far I have flown 15 missions, mainly delivering inter-planetary payloads. The plane landed safely on the runway after each mission.
  9. I have just been to this place 2* 25' 48" N 17* 22' 40" W. Height is 572m, slope is about 7 degrees (see nav ball in the first pic) and is just as flat for many km. The site is at Midlands Canyon and I think there are 4 other biomes within 20km: Midland seas, highlands, midlands, lowlands. http://www.imagehousing.com/image/ksp/1459283 http://www.imagehousing.com/image/ksp/1459284
  10. This, and you'd end up spending more time managing the operation than using the fuel produced. I'd go even further, with one single ship doing all the mining, refining, and then lifting the fuel (and the drill and ISRU) off to refuel in orbit. That wastes some fuel but ISRU fuel is free.
  11. The main problem with the design is with those blunt faces. This causes much drag in front. You should put 2.5m to MK3 adapters between the MK-1-3 pod and the crew cabin, also the MK3 fuel tank and engine, to smooth the profile. Then the problem with the wing is that it has no movable control surfaces, so the big wing would not help your re-rentry either. At least, put fins at the bottom so that the COL is way behind the COM.
  12. Examples: One Skipper as core stage, 2 SRBs. Rated for 28t to LKO, launch cost 21000 funds http://www.imagehousing.com/image/ksp/1456577 This variant is closer to single stage, with the Hammers just getting the rocket off the pad. It is also fully reusable. Rated for 9.7t, launch cost 3200 funds http://www.imagehousing.com/image/ksp/1456576
  13. The FAT-455 are known to shear off during high G turns because it is subject to stronger aero force but its attachment is no stronger. Bigger wings won't work. Agree on battery. Make a 2.5m one with 40000 EC.
  14. To directly answer the OP directly, a LFO stage should have around 3000 DV to be efficient. It takes 3400 DV to go to LKO so there is no point squeezing too many stages. For my standard single use LFO lifter I just use 1 Swivel all the way to orbit and 4 Thumpers to get it off the pad, that's enough for 7.5t of payload.
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