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  1. 1. I use SAS surface prograde, so it works for any direction that I set up by hand. 2. It works because at the right altitude, the lift equals gravity and the plane flies level, exactly where the nose is pointing. Below that altitude the air is denser given the same speed there is excessive lift. This makes the prograde vector pointing above the nose, and the SAS prograde mode tracks the change and starts climbing. Above cruising altitude the SAS does the opposite. 3. I only build 'normal' planes with everything straight. I do. I have at least a few long science flights for each science / career save, also SSTO space planes sending stuff into orbit. Fortunately my designs are multi purpose so I only need a few models to do everything.
  2. My method is much simpler, assuming the plane is my own design. Just fly prograde and see at what speed altitude it stabilizes. If the cruising altitude is too low I add more wing area / wing incidence.
  3. I built this all electric tilt rotor plane for permanent deployment at Laythe (and also variants for Duna and Eve). It must be all electric because it is not known whether there is any usable ore on land (and jet engines don't work on Duna and Eve anyways). https://imgpile.com/images/wtdzfW.png https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/Electra-2A The KAL9000 is used to like prop pitch with rotor tilt angle, to make controlling the plane manageable.
  4. In China maps are state secret, so mapping is illegal for any private individual/organization, and by extension building and launching any satellite capable of observing the Earth. Similar for providing telecommunication. There is simply no market space for a real private space company. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is really a PLA branch reorganized as a company (I think in the early 90's).
  5. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/S-25_Fan_Shroud Does it shield parts 'inside' or serve any other function?
  6. Mythodea and Rosetta and Juno to Jool Jupiter from Vangelis. RIP Vangelis (1943-2022)
  7. The flavored text in the game is supposed to be a joke rather than a description. The player is supposed to experiment herself / research online (say, the wiki or this forum).
  8. The orbit of Eeloo is elliptic and not co-planar with Kerbin, so the DV can differ a lot between each transfer window. The alexmoon launch window planner is more accurate https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/
  9. This should be added to the Wiki.
  10. Von Kerman Outlook sounds appropriate. Here you go
  11. I've got another one or is this place well known? No mod used. It's so close that you can easily walk there from KSC. It just hides in plain sight.
  12. Would it be simpler just linking the pitch angle with the pitch using KAL-1000? I am still new to propellers and this is what I've got so far https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/Electra-2A if anyone would like to further optimize it. It seems aiming for 400-440 rpm gives the best speed for the least power consumption.
  13. The best way is a gravity assist with Tylo to capture into Jool orbit, and for the inner moons a second gravity assist pass using Laythe.
  14. IME any antenna other than the 16S on a rover breaks in no time.
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