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  1. Unfortunately @CrazyJebGuy is no longer very active on this thread, however I can get the message across to him.
  2. You won't see rocket engines, those aren't allowed except for cosmetic purposes i guess?
  3. I have consulted with @CrazyJebGuy and he agrees that 16 sounds good for the size 1.5 (1.875m) passenger cabin. In addition, the half size MK1 cabin counts as 4 passengers.
  4. Ah yes, I've been looking forward to that review, I cooked that plane up in about ten minutes.
  5. @tonimark your album link is broken.
  6. Two of my planes have been reviewed but have not been listed on the original post: the C5 "RePurpose" on page 4, and the FA5T-W4 on page 10 Also, are you on the new thread in terms of reviewing planes yet?
  7. I just realised that there is a typo in the original post that I can't believe no-one has noticed yet. It says " takeoff speed may be higher that 80 m/s"
  8. What about the new mk3S1.5 parts from the AP+ update? There are no passenger modules that fit that size, so can we downscale a mk3 cabin and say it holds as much as a normal mk1 crew cabin?
  9. Juno engines are the smallest engine, however they are not the most efficient engine. they are fine for a small plane though.
  10. I've seen designs incorporating parachutes as wings, and there's nothing in the rules that says fixed wings are a requirement, so I say yes, as long as you can find kerbals willing to be wings, seeing as we can't remove them from the kerbal and attach them to a plane for whatever reason.
  11. C'mon guys let's keep it sane and sensible.
  12. This thread is now defunct, please use the new forum thread here:
  13. Here's the download link, for anyone who doesn't want to go to the thread: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g45l0djvbmypl3e/AABZ033reYyTd_6xV17txTR3a?dl=0 It's the Airplanes Plus one. Just stick the .cfg in your gamedata folder
  14. Is a Tweakscale Compatibility Patch allowed? all it does is let me tweakscale AP+ parts.
  15. Range: 4100m. I think you mean km?