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  1. The new scheme does make sense and is less hassle than trying to manually align the camera's pivot with everything. It's hardly "for the sake of being new" if it makes dealing with several assemblies in one space much easier. Of course, one can apply the "for the sake of being new" to just about anything they don't want to see changed, even if the changes make things better.
  2. "That's the gameplay experience" Bit of an exaggeration. I got my first Minmus encounter within seconds of making the node.
  3. Doing this in the last version caused the orbits of some as-of-yet unreleased planets to show up and it bugged the map UI out. Stratzenblitz recorded it first, I tested it myself (with the help of KSP 2's time warp editor ) and sure enough, it happens when you leave Kerbol. Interestingly enough, it still shows you as escaping Kerbol from the tracking station. Not sure if this still happens in the current version.
  4. Preach! This is way less irritating than having to manually center the camera's pivot point on whatever like I had to in KSP 1's SPH. "The horizontal pan on the VAB camera is non-existent" is a non-issue since you've always got a part of your plane to focus on.
  5. In the same dialog box you use to change its properties
  6. I don't mind Jool turning out to be a terrestrial planet with a very thick atmosphere
  7. This is a Kerbal Space Program forum. Not a spaceflight or what I had for dinner yesterday forum. Then again, it's where we are having this discussion.
  8. Surely this hasn't just made the community subforums a bit harder to find?
  9. That's a landed state. Stratzenblitz75 took weeks to figure out how to manipulate KSP 1's landed state, now it seems to happen on a whim. Avoiding coming into contact with water or separated stages once they detach seems to help, and generally seems to linger around scenarios involving docking and undocking.
  10. Alright, but you have to admit doing IFR in KSP 1 sucked specifically cause of that. You can't absorb alt and velocity/navball readings at the same time, you have to play a game of pingpong with your eyes. VFR isn't the only way to play, and even then having concise instrument readings matter a great deal when landing, regardless if you're using instruments alone or using visuals.
  11. I def. get the intent, but I find it's like that minimap in the top corner of an ARPG - you spend all your time staring at the minimap and not the game screen. I'd say that's more a testament to the benefits of this UI than anything else. In KSP 1 your eyes had to glaze over your ship to reach the altimeter from the velocity and navball, and vice versa. Inefficient. Don't have to do that in KSP 2 unless you specifically want to look at your ship, in which case your eyes are only under your own control.
  12. The entire point of this change is so that the navball and altimeters aren't hogging space that could otherwise be used showing your rocket, something I think the UI does excellently, as well as keeping the altitude within a reasonable distance of other critical readouts.
  13. Your loss Did you made a Private division account and successfully logged into it? Are you online when you launch the game? I never made a PD account nor do I keep Steam in online mode unless I need it, so that's weird.
  14. I do think that the KSP1 subforum should, perhaps, be lower than KSP2's subforum. However, it shouldn't be this low, to the point of being below the community subforums. They're still quite active and contain the vast majority of posts in this entire website. I think they should be at least above the community subforums. And if they're below the community subs, I don't see how that makes them any more difficult to access.
  15. still wanted to try it since im a fan of KSP <s> If your standards were that low, what's the trouble? </s>
  16. And Squad should have lost custody of KSP 1 years ago, but hey, what can you do?
  17. <s> Fixing the physics engine is just as simple as flicking a few switches, right????? </s>
  18. Is that not what would happen if you have hundreds of tons of air hitting your wings faster than a bullet?
  19. And they aren't treating it that way; the forums are still open.
  20. I don't see any particular reason for the KSP 1 forums to be anywhere else. They're still accessible, is that not satisfaction enough?
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