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  1. Intellicom was not talking about atmospheres Intellicom was talking about planets that heat your ship just by being there. You need an atmosphere for that.
  2. What I meant is that due to the speed of sound you would hear the explosion a couple seconds after it actually happened. I wasn't arguing with that, just making the point that it's weird that very loud noises in KSP 1 fade very quickly over distances they should definitely be heard from.
  3. ... Wow Am I wrong to say the devs are absolutely not the ones to blame for a sense of entitlement that seemingly permeates the forums nowadays?
  4. Blame the team instead of your own awful attention spans. There'd be a lot less complaining if you all did not pretend to know when the devs would next speak then start blaming the devs when your predictions fail. It would also be nice if you people could act less entitled to a constant stream of information. The hype train has suffered because of you. The hype train has suffered because you are all a bunch of hard-core, entitled, angry fans.
  5. Idk if this is true, but maybe the pod represents ksp2 Maybe the pod's (already short) dwindling supply of fuel represents the decaying attention spans of KSP 2's fans.
  6. It's a space game and the ideal space game will have put more effort into effects pertaining to space than weather.
  7. And you've been told that is incorrect. I think your fantasies should stop here.
  8. Simple wind and temperature isn't a waste of resources. Weather simulation that would revolutionize gaming and the simulation industry, though... That is a waste of resources. It's a game about space. The physics of radiation, collisions, temperature in a small closed system, engine exhaust hitting the exterior of a vessel or even a ground structure, centrifugal forces, et cetera will all play a bigger role in KSP 2 than some rocks on the ground going shiny when the weather is right.
  9. I think you should stop making attempts to ramp expectations up for weather simulation. Don't forget this is a space game. Literally all we need is some basic fx and wind at the most. There's no need for some of that 5-70 mil to be wasted on things other than fleshing out the game's more important features.
  10. KSP2 is a AAA title with a ~40+ person team and a 4 years development effort, that also has one of the biggest game holding companies in the industry financing it. It's a BIG game. And? It's a space game. Not a weather simulator. Fantasies of KSP 2 having the ability to simulate fluid dynamics and weather patterns will only be fantasies. So far I've only seen KSP fans that want KSP to be a space game front and foremost, not a weather analytics program.
  11. I wonder if you're ever gonna start talking about KSP 2 itself instead of comparing it to everything else.
  12. Comparing KSP 2 to bigger games that can afford to have these pointless bells and whistles serves no point, and only risks leading to disappointment when KSP 2 reveals itself to be a space game with simulator elements and not a weather simulator. I'm not sure what good you expect to come by repeatedly posting links to other barely related games.
  13. IIRC Rask and Rusk don't have atmospheres to heat parts up with.
  14. Is there anything else to it? This challenge has already been done before.
  15. And yet you put this in the subforum for suggestions and development, and constantly bring these sorts of things up. I'd rather the devs spend their polish time focusing on making actually important aspects of the game better. I don't need anything more than some clouds and wind in the weather aspect - I do want things like radiation and life support, building megastructures and gathering resources to be fun and well balanced, without feeling grindy and overly complicated, and I want behind-the-scenes systems like repeated shipping routes and resource transfer to be as bug-free as possible. I don't care all that much about a few bells and whistles I.E. complex weather, though. We only need some basic wind and atmospheric temperature simulation to make piloting aircraft less boring, and to add another dimension of challenge to planets like Eve and Ovin, and make diving into Jool more intense. Complex simulation and graphics as you've repeatedly brought up would be unnecessary, nor would it add much more than basic wind and temperature alone.
  16. Kerbin is a training ground and it is just fitting that Kerbin and the orbit of the Mun would all align with the map view's "up". By the time you learn plane corrections with Minmus though, it really wouldn't be too much trouble to introduce a bit of tilt.
  17. Minecraft graphics are great, though. It looks pleasant because of its art style and simple implementation of graphics. Shader mods always destroy this look and end up making the game look closer to a 2015 tech demo than a charming, nice looking game. I'd argue the same for KSP had it kept its pre-0.19 cartoonish graphics.
  18. I don't remember "My eyes are in pain at THIS" ever being a synonym of "love".
  19. On the other hand, there's always a nice feeling in games that have yet to be smattered with visual clutter mods.
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