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  1. Completely agree. Using the stock aero in KSP 2 would be like using complicated SOI arrangements for Rask and Rusk when there's a far better system (three-body) that can be used. There's a certain finess FAR has that's lost on the stock model - why go back to vessels not updating outside of staging events and a soupy atmosphere when we could use a model that just feels good and isn't as prone to issues? FAR isn't difficult beyond having to get used to an aero model that isn't all shambles, I've tried it myself and it clicked. Aircraft at low speeds no longer felt like they were on rails and supersonic craft didn't feel as unnaturally tough. I'm not sure what others see in the stock model other than not having to put effort into building atmospheric vessels. Again, why use something that just works when there's stuff that works far better and is a lot more dynamic?
  2. Them make it use a general natural gas propellant rather than having all kinds. Liquid Fuel engines can take in lots of kinds of propellant, but KSP simplifies it to lf/ox.
  3. Blimey, LinuxGuru hasn't missed a square inch, have they? I'll check back in if it doesn't work.
  4. 1. Stop actively preventing me from having fun! Just about everything I've done in modded KSP recently has been thwarted by horrible bugs and terrible performance. It's just a shame everything it does do right is overshadowed by code that everyone left to the guy next to them to clean up and the fact that they kept a codebase best suited for the mobile game KSP was going to be. Multithreaded processing? Only loading necessary assets? What is this?? A game that doesn't try its best to crash? We can't have that, this is a Squad IP! ...sorry, KSP has been driving me insane lately in my attempts to play it.
  5. Entering timewarp or reloading a recent quicksave where SAS is enabled causes vessels in space to point north the moment physics happens, then it shatters into many pieces going between a few dozen kilometers a second to light speed. I've fixed PersThrust not letting me timewarp and now the game has resorted to blowing stuff up, so I'm a bit scared to see what happens next.
  6. His ball moved faster and hit a bullseye, the SLS is still at the top of the hill being carved from crisps and wafers. So, I'm not sure where that analogy was going. Sure, the SLS may have that bit more power to reach the moon, well it will do in 2050 when Falcon 9s are regularly doing kessel runs... oh, forget it.
  7. What exactly is the SLS for? NASA would sure have a lot more money to play around with if they just scrapped the SLS, put the RS-25s back into museums and relegated this task to the Falcon rockets.
  8. Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky, both fanbases divided over the games, basically play the same thing with different amounts of colour; in both games, there's no point in doing anything other than to make your money number go up - if both games could harness the power of Outer Wilds, that is making a 50km wide solar system super interesting to explore rather than randomly generating 50 trillion light years with the same old tripe... I don't give a flying Thud about Family Guy leaving Adult Swim, it and its bland humour is just going to air somewhere else. Outer Wilds is awesome and amazing and up there with KSP, but by god did the devs get greedy with the price of the upcoming DLC... Oh, and Jesus Christ doesn't get enough character development.
  9. What use is this list if you never provide cross-section profiles, ISPs and thrust in Kn? This seems to be little more than self-insertion - if you think the stock parts selection is lacking, ReStock+ already plugs some gaps Squad left. If you think the tech in the game is too 60s, you can get the Near Future / Far Future mods that do a Stock/KSP2-alike implementation of futuristic tech (Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters, nuclear saltwater rockets, nuclear reactors, etc). KSP is no longer being actively developed so mods are your best shot at extending the game further. As for the planets thing, that is a very difficult thing to do, maintaining flexibility and accessibility. Read Jundroo's Simple Rockets 2 devlog, they're doing their own built-in planet editor.
  10. Photonic Sailor sails don't have any buttons in the PAW to extend and Persistent Thrust has me locked at 1x warp. The effect is like if the / key was being spammed, I just get 'warp: 1x' without any indication about what the problem is. Edit: toggling all the 'persistent x' PAW buttons fixed it. Not sure what causes the issue in the first place, or if fixing the sails will be as easy.
  11. Because, Nirgal, Take Two doesn't want you knowing about the thing they want you to preorder. Why? Pfft, customers shouldn't know about the thing they want you to spend 60 pounds on before there's a blooming product to be bought. Rather, let's pretend to make consumers know about how the game is coming along by spouting technical java to give the illusion you know more about the game when really you just know more about what the game is going to be running on. I've nothing against the devs for putting the tech stuff out there, I just want some confirmation that what we're seeing isn't just a really advanced version of Waterfall topped with KSPIE/FFT. I just want some gameplay - it can't tarnish the game's rep much to see an in-dev build of the game working. Seeing the game all in its alpha state won't lead anyone to believe it's all shambles, it's just gonna confirm that it's in its alpha state. Besides all that, I'm just a bit miffed that gaming culture has shifted from "here's a 2 hour demo, please pay between 15 and 30 pounds for this game" (which Elliptic's Rodina does, which I respect) to "here's 12 minutes of gameplay accumulated over 2 years, please pay 60 pounds and maybe we'll deliver the wanted product". Now I know there's a lot of trust in Nate to deliver alright, but it'd be blindfully ignorant to dismiss the thought that the game may flop, and either way you shouldn't be preordering!
  12. People like me don't like juggling ten squillion things at once, so I expect that KSP 2 will be friendly to that gameplay style of launching one mission at a time.
  13. If you're worried about KSP 2 ruining KSP 1, maybe it's the terrible optimisation and occasions mishandled development (scrapped hidden planet a la Outer Wilds, lazy repaint of the parts and parts that should be present not being there that got completely one-upped by ReStock+) of KSP 1 that's the problem and not the fact KSP 2 is going to completely dunk on it. "By making a sequel we effectively admit that the first had core flaws that couldn't be fixed with an update." is effectively saying "I don't want all the horrible issues of KSP 1 that make it unpleasant to play to be revealed through a properly optimised and expanded iteration of the game". Horrible issues should be a reason to get a sequel.
  14. Either that was timewarped - or, morel likely, we won't be burning for a very long part of the journey. The entire point of these propulsion methods are to create a high amount of thrust at a high ISP, yknow. We probably won't be accelerating the entire way at full throttle.
  15. What is Lqd Deuterium and why does the drive need a resource that doesn't exist? I found a YouTube video on these warp drives explaining the warp drives explaining how to power them assuming you don't have FFT, because it would be too much effort to elaborate on that. Thanks, lazy tutorial channel - I can only assume it has something to do with the reactors, very lost here. Edit: found the fusion tanks - was expecting everything to either be in cryogenic or multipurpose tanks.
  16. Are you using Safari? Have you tried Chrome or some other web browser? Have you tried using the desktop site?
  17. Happens with stock solar panels too - not sure why it'd specifically be the NFT reactors. This is definitely a Persistent Thrust issue.
  18. I got this on modded PC, but with the SPH. Completely unsure what's up with my game.
  19. Probably, but under a different name to avoid confusion with proper establishments.
  20. Issue seems to extend to solar panels, and electricity in general - I got this mod so I could use low thrust engines and torch drives properly, but it seems the mod doesn't want me to be able to fuel said low thrust engines and torch drives. Please help!
  21. 'having problem' is not nearly enough information to help you with anything, let alone trying to steer a giant rock towards Kerbin. Perhaps you could elaborate, and then we could give you feedback - feedback is only as useful as the initial question.
  22. Entering timewarp causes power output in NFT reactors to drop - sort of inconvenient when wanting to seriously consider using ion engines for interplanetary maneuvers.
  23. ~in the name of readability; because the seven segment display is limited to seven segments shaded slightly differently, many numbers look very similar, which is something that a proper font display doesn't do.
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