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  1. Picking a specific star on the skybox to be Debdeb does not make compute.
  2. No citation, as usual. Just blind fear-mongering speculation.
  3. That wouldn't be great at all. I'd rather go with 3 interesting handcrafted star systems than 100 boring ones.
  4. Anything short of N-body is just incredibly broken and would need implementing in a breathtakingly horrible and garish manner.
  5. That's basically the point. If in 80 years we got torch drives that could send us to Mars in a week, you wouldn't say "NASA broke the balance of real life". Much as you don't say "the chemical engines in KSP broke the balance on surface travel". Travelling places quickly and somewhat ignoring orbital mechanics is meant to be the next stage of technological development.
  6. They've always been talking about the "sometimes dirty dev process". This post is the opposite of "squeaky clean".
  7. Bugs were addressed. As for wiping out 100% of bugs and making a perfect piece of code, the devs are not robots.
  8. And you say there's no option to apologise and do things better? Nigrum et album fallacia.
  9. I'd say that can wait until after all the important issues are dealt with.
  10. This communication is even better than what we had with NMS (after the initial silence Sean put HG through in order to focus solely on the game, of course). It takes a lot of courage to speak like this in the face of people who dedicate their existence on this forum to whining about how the game is supposedly doomed and claiming you and the other team members are not communicating, despite the obvious evidence that's not the case. I've not seen transparency like this before, even with Squad. Good luck, and fly safe
  11. What difference do you suggest there is between a circle that's been filled in and a sphere?
  12. Not sure what you mean. They always have been. If you're on about the styling of the circle though, I think KSP 1's planet markers looked a bit garish and cheap. KSP 2's circles definitely make the game feel a bit more clean.
  13. [snip] I have a problem with this statement - not because I think you are wrong, but because I fear it may be right There's probably a name for this razor, but if a company is willing to release the source for their game, they probably would have done it on their own initiative already.
  14. It's been confirmed that we won't get robotics outside of mods before 1.0. Kind of different from "won't get robotics [full stop]".
  15. Au contraire! ___ Point taken. We are advocating for an exception so. I fail to see any incentive for T2 to be said exception.
  16. EXACTLY. Opening the Source Code does not cause impact on the sales. It didn't help the sales at all, contrary to what you posited. Don't get excited just yet. To reiterate yet again, T2 will not want to effectively self-leak its own assets, regardless of what the community thinks. Keen is the exception, not the rule.
  17. Or just forgive and forget, because these are real people and continuing to badger them won't bring back your money.
  18. Correlation =/= causation and the sales jumped several months after the source dropped. You need to purchase a build of the game for the assets anyway.
  19. SpaceEngine's source is outdated by nearly a decade nor does it contain assets. It's not going to harm sales for up-to-date versions of the game you need to even make use of the source. It is not a non-sequitur.
  20. If the fact they go back and forth on whether bug trackers are good or not is anything to go off of, the former.
  21. And this is why the developers should listen to the fanbase less, if anything. People who go in circles regarding their views just for the sake of framing KSP 2 in a negative light won't provide much helpful input
  22. Sorry, but buying something doesn't make someone an authoritative source on what's right or what isn't
  23. Who said this was the right way?
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