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  1. Hi im new here Just wondering, can i use the mod to make a le mans race? Im thinking of making track from ksc to the other side of the continent and back
  2. MESSAGE FROM KING JEBEDIAH XIV; Dear Citizens, I am afraid to announce that our country is at war. Times have changed, and now the thing called an 'Aeroplane' is being used in combat. We have set up an Air Corps, but we need some aeroplanes to get us up to speed. Citizens, help the effort! The Lord Be With Us. Signed, King Jebediah XIV, 5th of the House of Kerman-Byre RULES: 4 Categories Available: Fighter: Fast and manuveurable. BROWNINGS ONLY. Attack Plane: Ready to attack at any time. UP TO 4 BOMBS AND BROWNINGS ONLY. Bomber. Self-explanatory. 50 BOMBS MAX. TURRETS ALLOWED, MAX 3 Airship Slow but hard hitting. AA GUNS, TURRETS AND BOMBS ALLOWED Mods Allowed: Heisenberg Airships Aeroplane Plus Firespitter Any visual mods, within reason BDArmory Props ONLY. Cockpit must be safe i.e. something Bob Kerman would enter. Stabilization allowed. Biplanes are recommended. We at the Royal Air Corps don't really think monoplanes are combat-worthy. Please include Name of Company, Name of Craft and other specs like range, firepower, fuel available, and any special features. COST is determined by adding 2 zeros in front of ksp displayed cost. So 16740 becomes 1674000.
  3. After a relatively long hiatus and restructuring, Kerlin Industries is now up and running under a new name: Kerlin Technology Services, or KTS!
  4. I'm producing a small jetliner, since my Islander has been taken...
  5. KDB, I'm sorry, but your aircraft does not have enough seats to qualify as a turboprop.(if you say there are only nine seats)
  6. I've got a question. I'm working on a small regional airliner. Should I enter the jet age with it?