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  1. Nothing in my discord server there was a guy going 250 km/s Also you need to send the screen where it shows things like maximum speed over land
  2. Or just get a probe core any way to many sepratrons then your PC can handle
  3. nvm my server got breached (not like anyone joined) all of the text channels got deleted
  4. is anyone actually raising the thrust on any engines to 1,000 (reminder you can use engines that already are over 1,000 thrust (if they exist stock i'm not sure if they do) you just cant edit them to over 1,000 thrust) and if anyone is interested in my discord server im making a vc and a text Chanel for this whoever has the current highest speed achieved will get pinned and who ever has the highest speed by November first will get a fancy little role all to them self to get access to them just type !ksp to get rid of the role type !ksp-
  5. im ok with autopilot the mods i was referring to was parts and changes to things like drag and to get 17,000 mps most people are probably going for a power orbit style
  6. I would like to mention one thing I meant the 1000 thrust limit applies only to modified engines and that it isn't total thrust it's thrust per engine
  7. Actually the real trick I using a Dawn thruster with 1000 thrust and a probe core and reaching 17,000 mps in like 30 seconds Ik from experience
  8. [snip] And is anyone gonna stop discussing cheats and actually make a post about their attempt?
  9. just wanna say speeds will be significantly higher i managed 39,906 mph in atmosphere
  10. how is that not fair , you still have to deal with drag and weight, besides it is fair because EVERYONE CAN USE THE CHEATS
  11. dude if you would read it it says you can use them
  12. it says you have to stay in the atmosphere
  13. so i challenge you to a air speed record challenge. you have to be in the atmosphere of kerbin, to check your speed hit f3 at the end of your run, list your maximum speed over land you cant use mods but you can use modified .cfgs for stock thrusters, no other modifications allowed (they cant be over 1000 thrust ) you can use infinite fuel and ignore max temp my recording
  14. may come off as a little rude but can you add vessel mover mod to ckan