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  1. Thank you for doing this and God bless you, you sexy, sexy man. Keep up the good work. (^_^)b
  2. Thank you @Papa_Joe This is, as well as the continued efforts of the entire BDAc team, is much appreciated.
  3. Hi. Thanks for this great mod. I love it. Idk if this has been asked already, but is this mod compatible with KSP 1.3.1? I ask because every time I load a vessel with any of the parts from this mod, it explodes once it comes into contact with the ground (or water or anything). I'm running it in RSS, though I'm not entirely sure if that would have anything to do with it. I'm not sure if you would need my log files for this.
  4. Hi, Jester. Not sure if this is okay to put here, but I wanted to recommend a mod to add to the mod list. It's Atmospheric Autopilot (idk if it's alright to post the link for it here). Most of my fighters are statically unstable, but AA allows me to fly my otherwise unfly-able monstrosities. I thought it might be a good mod to help people to get their stuff to fly. I know that Pilot Assistant is already in the mod list, but AA has a built in fly-by-wire function that dampens pitch, yaw and roll to keep the plane level at the AoA that you left it at (somewhat like the real world Typhoon's FBW),
  5. Thank you so much for updating this to 1.3.1 and adding some new parts. I love this mod so much. It mostly make fighters in Real Solar System, and this makes it so much easier to transport them to the airfields I build. 好工作 我很感激
  6. There's a link on the first page of the main thread that takes you to the latest dev releases. Here's the link for that dev page: https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/ If you download and install the latest stable release it should work okay. I'm using it with 1.3.1 and everything's running fine. Like aaronsta1 said, there have been reported issues with autoland, though I personally haven't had any problems with ascent autostaging. I'm sorry if this is somewhat prudish, but it probably would've been better if you posted this question in the main Mechjeb thr
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