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  1. What is a potatoroid I had it in KSP 1.4.3 but I have no idea how I unlocked it. Does anyone else have the potatoroid? all of the forms about it are dead, and all the unlock methods dont seem to work. (I have KSP 1.5.1 now)
  2. Im very confused on how to install BDA for KSP 1.4.3 I did a fresh install of the game, a fresh install of bda, and then it says modual manager is missing. please help!!! im very new to ksp mods so help is very very deeply appreciated. Thanks to the development team for making such a great mod!
  3. Do you have a release date in mind? I have never messed around with KSP mods so this is sorta a whole new relm for me. I also am receiving a lot of weird info on if Physics Range Extender as well as any other mods that are required for BDArmory are in the downloadable folder. Sorry im a noob when it comes to modding KSP. Any advice is appreciated! Also is there an official form for 1.4.x?
  4. I’m having a debate weather its sub par laptop cooling or you have some sort of program that runs in the background and causes lag. I still think that you should use some compressed air (LOW PSI or your beautiful laptop will be ripped apart) to blow into the intake and exhaust, because dust will catch on internal circuits and the radiator fins and the tangled mess of heat pipes. That’s just my thought though. What are your idle tempattures? (CPU,GPU) What is your idle usage percentage? (CPU,GPU,RAM) You can get this information by clicking Control+Alt+Delete then clicking on “Task manager” then clicking show more, then click around until you find all of the pretty graphs and stuff. But you seem pretty tech savvy so you probbly already this.
  5. I was think about getting a cheeper graphics card, due to there high price, and me mostly not gaming on my pc. What graphics card would you reccomend? I want one that is CHEEP, and WILL NOT BOTTELNECK my amazing processor that I am going to buy after I get all of the other parts. Intel core i7-7700k (How high could I SAFELY over lock this beast being cooled on air vs. water?) 2x8 DDR4 2666Mhz Ram (I heard that 16 gigs is more than enough, but do you think that K.S.P. Will run as fast if I have 8 gigs?) I have everything else figured out but the graphics card. What do you guys think?
  6. K.S.P. Is VERY C.P.U. Intensive, due to all of the physics that have to be processed. My guess is that you may have dust or your computers heat expelliation port blocked. You may want to take an air duster can and clean out you exhaust and intake ports. Dust can easily get stuck inside your heat pipes withen the laptop if not cleaned regularly. I would check if that is the issue.
  7. Currently in between computers, Unfortunatly. I was going to build a sick intel core i7 7700k based build, which will most likely run K.S.P. With the highest graphical settings, and have a lot of parts as well. How many parts do you think that it could run without lag, on the highest quality settings? I was getting estimates like 700 parts with no lag, which would be AMAZING! How many do you think.
  8. Wow, thats what I had to run K.S.P. Until it broke... D:
  9. Yeah, that’s generally what I was thinking about doing. Probably going to get water cooling or something else epic. Thanks! That’s amazingly funny. In that case my 2007 Mac mini can run K.S.P. Lol. (It was a joke it probbly cant)
  10. S.A.S. Issues... Everubody knows that in versions 1.3.0 and downwards there is a major glitch, one that everybody dreads... the famous S.A.S. Wobble glitch that occurs when you have too tall of a rocket. I was just wondering has this been fixed (because I have not played on K.S.P. 1.3.1 due to a broken computer, you can see my other post if you have knolage about building pc’s)? And if it has not been fixed, how do you get around the glitch, I found that if you put something to control your rocket closest to the engines than it will fix the glitch, but that is expensive, inconvenient, and it makes K.S.P. Rocketry harder than it needs to be. So: P.C. Question form/post Is there a way to fix the S.A.S. wobble glitch that occurs for tall rockets without adding a control point near the engines?
  11. I heard that K.S.P. Can utilize 2 cores even if your pc has more, like the processors that I was looking at were 4 cored 4.2Ghz (Intel core i7-7700k ~$300) I’m not sure though thats probably WAY overkill.
  12. The threads and forms that I have found were from 2013 and they were talking about when the game was a 32 bit application, so I figured that I would do one for the community and give an update of sorts. Thanks though.
  13. I was planning on building a pc, the current pc is broken and not worth fixing due to old age. Thank you for the welcome!
  14. Hello, I was wondering what the best possible computer setup for ops would be. Even though there are other threads about this, but they refer to the older version game. So just wondering about the newer version of the game. 1.3 and up
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