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  1. And this one is so very unimportant. Or so very important, depending on the manner in which you see it. It could be unimportant as it could be classed as spam, or it could be classed as important, as it gets this thread closer to its target amount of pages. Why does this comment seem so poshly written?
  2. I think we can officially declare this forum deceased. I was fun while I was here and it's a shame I forgot about it. Everybody put an F in chat.
  3. Yep, not on map view or when I zoom out far enough, but there is no texture on Kerbin... Let me test another planet. No other planets have textures. I think that it's a problem with the Parallax mod.
  4. I have got EVE, PlanetShine, DistantObjectEnhancement, Parallax, OPM (so Kopernicus), MPE, KSCExtended and Scatterer.
  5. I went on my first ever interplanetary voyage, and successfully landed a probe on Duna! After 5 years of playing this game I managed to land on another planet! I was easier than I thought, though bringing kerbals would be a completely different challenge.
  6. Will SN10 launch this month? Will it land in one piece? One can only wonder.

    1. Guest


      Betchya if nothing goes wrong, it will launch in two weeks. If nothing goes wrong

    2. luisitoISS


      X2; but NASA will already launch their SLS, with Orion this year (I think). :D

    3. Xemina


      @luisitoISS and senate have approved the HLS funds. We're back on track for 2024.

  7. Banned for also not existing in a specific location.
  8. I would like to see colour options for the 5m parts, more science parts, maybe one or two new command modules & probe cores (an Orion and a Dragon, something like a Cubesat) and definitely some more solar panels. Edit: and more colour options as well on other things. something else like the MRS' (Modular Rocket Systems mod) LES.
  9. Mais le GAZ est à 0 ? Il doit être à 100 pour propulser au vaisseau. Appuyez sur la W pour le faire. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But the throttle is at 0... It needs to be at 100 to move the vessel. Press Z on the keyboard to do so.
  10. Nope, it's me. Maybe @Misguided Kerbal will be next.
  11. Happy new year! :lol:

  12. We are aware, but we have asked @pijamaman5 to create a new thread under the French subforum, which still hasn't happened.
  13. I've also said that, but this is a better explaination. My french isn't good enough to go that far in depth.
  14. Yep, they tried, but apparently it still didn't do anything. Even manually pressing activate engine andd making sure thrust limit was at 100.
  15. No, I've already stated that W is max thrust. And already explained most of what you've just explained. I can't understand why the rocket's not working....
  16. I agree with everyone else, the SPH is fine but having a "rover test strip" with bumby terrain would be a nice addition.
  17. Already told them about the subforum. And they have already posted a screenshot.
  18. I was wondering something similar, but they say that they are activating the engine manualy with the left click, to get the engine running because it won't work at all. The SRB's work.
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