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  1. @Dr.Wolfram thank you! That's what I was looking for!
  2. I agree I've checked Modular Rocket System and SpaceY (Original and Expanded) Parts are really similar, I even recreated the fuel tank and drone (using the SpaceY mod). But I have not found the right things.
  3. You will need to have your centre of lift in front of the centre of mass, this is important because it is the reason you will be able to submerge. Finally you will need to make your ships centre of mass close to the bottom of it, this helps prevent capsizing as well as helping you to dive. original text from steamcommunity.com
  4. Recently found a post about the replica on the Soviet rocket Energia-Uragan. It was reliable enough and I decided to recreate it myself. The main problem for me is reusable fairing. After I asked the author he said this is part of one mod. As he said the mod is Bluedog Design Bureau. I installed it, but have not found this detail. Maybe someone knows the name should mod includes this detail? That mod is Near Future Launch Vehicle - link Thanks to @Dr.Wolfram Energia-Uragan replica (vk.com) original post