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  1. Welp, i'll show you the results of test of ESSP(Extra Small Science Probe). On the launch... Some boring work, and we are on the Mun orbit! Powered landing and !!!SCIENCE!!! After doing some work, we are ready to fly away!!! Yep, this probe will give us raw SCIENCE!!! No radio! Yeah! Ascent went VERY AWFUL!!! Small TWR nearly ruined the whole mission! When it finally has been inserted into VERY LOW orbit, there was 1/7 of all fuel... But I made it go to Kerbin. Whoo... HARD REENTRY A result of the whole mission: 26800 kg on the start,
  2. Boring Orion recreation. ^^^ this is the launch of Orion to the Duna using atomic engines in space. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is still not updated to 1.4.3, so everything is wrong. my face when a deconstruction was happening:
  3. - Baikerbonur, mission state: "Zarya" is in orbit. *aham* Zarya was the prototype of Soyuz spaceship. The real look: As you can see, the capsule is similar to Soyuz's. - Soviet spacesuits are so cozy!))) - Bill Kerman. A small descent error. #back_to_kerbin
  4. Ok. How did you make the sphere? Mod plz?
  5. First Soyuz launch constructed with parts from Making History DLC. Crew: -Baikerbonur, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Baikerbonur: - Umm, what is a problem? Crew: - Escape tower has just jettisoned itself, but it also stole our living module! Baikerbonur: - ... WUT?! Escape tower: - Muhaha, lol
  6. It looks amazing! But... Only 4 nuclear engines? Meh.
  7. I'm afraid of mods incompatibility and new bugs, so I'm still using 1.3 . Anyway, I tried 1.4 , and it was pretty tasty.
  8. Well, today - no Polyots. But, I made an another Soviet replica! *Athem of USSR* It is Zond-7 which should was an answer to American Moon mission(an analogue of Apollo-8. It means it was a Moon orbiter). Before start. The carrier rocket is Proton-M. Notice that side fuel tanks isn't decoupleable boosters - they are a part of first stage: Liftoff, first stage decoupling and bla-bla-bla, so the second stage: To the Mun! Ahh, fantastic! IVA: Bye, Mun! Say hi to brave orbit crew! One minute. Niw I'm working on weapons for Polyots.
  9. The replica of (not so) legendary Soviet science probe "Polyot"! Start(the rocket is of course R7): Boosters gone! The released probe: Compare with this: Well, Polyot was created to DESTROY American satellites but the project's budget was cut and we saw only a science probe. But I'm preparing a millitary Polyots system... Later, I will be able to destroy crafts on servers... Muha-haaaaaa
  10. Listen all! Let's post RAV's as images or GIFs or videos! It's pretty hard to imagine the rocket. Please. Also I have an idea of REUSABLE RAV. And yes I don;t remember that I created a new topic. I guess it because I don't know word "suggestion". *Illuminati confirmed*
  11. Here it is! A competition of RAVs (Rapid Ascent Vehicle)! Design the fastest rocket in the world!!! Here our RULES: 1. Attempt will count ONLY when you reached stable orbit of Kerbin in less than 2 minutes and with mass less than 70 tons. Must to be in video or detailed Imgur album. 2. Every -second is +1 point, e.g. 2m(max) - 1m45s(your result) = 15s = 15 points. 3. Every -ton is +5 points, the same as ^. 4. No mods adding engines or fuel tanks or changing physics. No engines/fuel tanks clipping. MechJeb only for DV. No cheats(console/HyperEdit). 5. Kerbal-piloted RAV is +10 po
  12. *Drums* The White Dragon Mission, an analogue of SpaceX's Red Dragon. The same scheme - trunk for transfer and circularizing, "pod" is an DV(Descent Vehicle, not delta-V) with AV(Ascent Vehicle)/SRV(Samples Return Vehicle) inside. Full mass - 11 t, DV mass - 6 t, AV/SRV - 0.7 t. Here, above the Mun: Also the first booster landing without loosing parts(3 "Vectors", 800 units of LF/oxidizer): Dragon-C(Crewed) v.1 after 15 orbits and docking with station(only 3 places ). The first and the last Kerbin propulsive landing: Docked to UKSS(United Kerbal Space Station).
  13. Meet new Dragon-C v1.1!!! 4 places, hollow trunk to carry up to 3 tons of unpressurized cargo, and also some place for pressurized cargo! Weight without any cargo - about 8 tons. Today we are carrying a 2-ton Escape Pod Module to our UKSS. Sadly, I didn't install a probe core, so we must call the pilot: Then a long story - first of all, a decoupler was too powerful, so I needed to catch my pod. After catching, I prepared for a peaceful docking. But I saw that RCS isn't working. It was my first docking WITHOUT RCS . It was exciting. And a special goal for me - I used MechJeb
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