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  1. Concurring with the posts above mine, the throttle is inverted for me, cannot accept my keyboard commands, and mechjeb has no idea how to use the throttle control. Workable none the less, I just have to do the legwork myself... well... handwork. Thanks for the mod, hope the bugs can be fixed.
  2. Alright thanks for the reply. Hopefully one day I can emulate the constellation project!
  3. Would anyone happen to know a method to launch an unmanned but man-able vehicle. When I try to use a crew tank or an empty pod it states crew members are required even with sufficient remote tech parts on the craft and a clear signal... On the pad. I am working on simulating a constellation run and I need three of the seven stages to be left empty for a long duration including launch.
  4. And if you start to lose your students, a well timed 'Kerbal moment' might get their attention again... (Boom)
  5. Looks great for a mars analogue. Any contemplation from Squad on splitting the .17 update up a bit? Releasing just Murs+moon and the RCS tank for the 3m rocket would not only be huge on its own, but it appears to be near an acceptable release point.
  6. Mechjeb makes this very easy (even without the rendezvous add-on) What you want to do is called a plane change maneuver, as you need to get your orbital inclination to match your target. Find out what inclination you want to have(you are using mechjeb, so its very easy, it tells you in the orbital information window) Find a point where the two orbits intersect (form an x) When they intersect, you want to 'push' your orbit towards your target\'s orbit, you do this by thrusting along the normal and anti-normal. The MechJeb Smart ASS has buttons for this. You do this as close to the intersection as you can, and it may take a few times. To tell which direction to thrust (normal or anti-normal) you can simply see which way you need to thrust. If at the intersection your orbit will be passing above the target orbit (moving from south of the orbit to the north), you need to thrust downward (south)at the intersection. This is done by thrusting upon the anti-normal. The opposite is true when you need to 'push' the orbit upward, you use the normal to thrust upward. keep doing this until you get the same inclination as your target (or just eyeball the orbits in the map) I like to get my inclination to match my target before trying to sync up with it, mainly because when burning to fix the tilt you can accidentally unsync. Be warned, changing your inclination takes a ton of fuel. If anything here is incorrect or does not make sense, I apologize as it is very late. I hope this helps!
  7. While this isn\'t mine, I am truly thankful for it! From the webpage: 'A free documentary produced and funded by Apollo enthusiasts, featuring restored and remastered footage and photographs' Take a look, I was going to pass out but when I found this, I had to watch it through. Space related but not quite KSP so in off-topic it goes! Again, not my content, just something I stumbled upon. If you were part of this, THANK YOU, and please extend my thanks if anyone here knows a person behind it. (Scroll down for videos)
  8. Rabids and the Minions from the movie 'Despicable Me' are what I imagine the Kerbals to be like.
  9. Any chance for a small radially attached version to use as counterweights? EDIT: That act as decouplers so you can drop the weight as needed?
  10. Having issues when it gets to LH_SkycraneEngine in the loading. Will edit if it resolves or I find a way around it. Resolved. Problem is that the mesh for the LH_SkycraneEngine is called 'SkycraneEngine2.dae' And the cfg specifies it as SkycraneEngine.dae. If it does not work for you, go to the games root directory > Parts > LH_SkycraneEngine and rename SkycraneEngine2.dae to SkycraneEngine.dae. Also, what lifting vehicle do you recommend using? Another thing to note, don\'t use the capsule in your ascent if you use mechjeb, it doesn\'t know the engine is on in reverse. The whole of mech jeb doesn\'t seem to like the reverse engine. Manual orbital maneuvering ftw! I am editing he crap out of this post... haha. Hope you are ok with feedback. Any chance for some method to separate the capsule from the lifting vehicle? Maybe RCS on the pod itself or a trio of short term boosters. I have retros I can use no problem but some people don\'t. If you don\'t use thrust to separate, you rotate around and hit the stack behind you. (Unless you have a strong decoupler)
  11. 555) When your flight plan involves using the drop after the runway to become airborne. 555a) When that drop takes off your rearmost engine and you say 'Ehh, its still symmetrical.
  12. The fact that the mount under the rover and the mount above the crane to link the parts together is off appears to be causing a ton of problems. Does the new vehicle account for the balance issue? If not, do you think you could look into finding away to keep the center of mass in the middle of the vehicle?
  13. I would not mind being able to rotate the camera... but it is fixed... which means immobile (in the title)
  14. The latest vehicle looks really nice with the retros and chutes. I really don\'t know which values correlate to which factors with chutes, but would you be able to test out a variant where they deploy relatively high up, and allow for mechjeb to correct to a specific landing point after chute detachment? In the chute design I have been using I kept a 1m mechjeb ontop of the crane, then a decoupler and a RCS tank with 3 chutes radially on top. I disconnect when it got to a reasonably slow speed (~150m/s) Only problem is that when the time comes to disconnect the chutes, mechjeb thinks its too low to begin course correction and goes to the decel stage. I would love to be able to pinpoint a LZ, and let Mechjeb retroburn to reenter at the right area, deploy the chute and ditch the shield, and from a higher alt, detach the crane itself and let it burn to not only decel but move to the predetermined LZ. I am sure I could toy with the number of chutes to do that myself but from the looks of things the packaged vehicle might not have room to do that. Side note, do you need the retro boosters to aid in the detachment of the head shield when in an atmosphere? (assuming no.) What if the retro boosters had the same shape and size as the parachute pack and you could change them out depending on your target. If you are in the atmosphere you wont need the boosters, and if you are at a moon you don\'t need the chute. Just a thought, I am sure it would be easier to have both and the only downside is a bit of weight. Sorry for any grammatical errors, 4:30 AM ftw!