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  1. Here are mine for different desktops on my mac. https://imgur.com/a/pGDbc
  2. I am using the 64 bit version of KSP now, and still has the missing textures for some reason.
  3. Is there are part tools out there for ksp 1.4.1. I am currently trying to make a mod for ksp 1.4.1 but can't find the right part tools.
  4. But if I got one from Steam, then won't the one from the store still cost 40 bucks?
  5. I checked them, and even reinstalled the game, and those engines still have missing textures, and for some reasons for the parts, the are 2 files of each model and texture. Here is my log. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HRFKk10Br_BsJcy0xzz4Uimshs3wkDNr/view?usp=sharing
  6. For some strange reason, Steam was updating KSP to 1.4, and then when I entered the game, like none of the mods were compatible, so I deleted them. Then I went back into the game and my Poodle, Twitch, and Separation engines were missing textures. What is my problem here?
  7. I have always been wondering, why do vacuum engines have a bigger bell proportionally to other sea level engines or atmospheric engines? Is it more efficient that way, or some other reason? Vacuum Engine Atmospheric Engine
  8. For some reason, the HUD 1 and HUD 2 are off and are covering some of the stock HUDs. Is there any way to fix this? And the suicide burn is off, or I don't know how to use it. I normally wait till the suicide time reaches an altitude of 0, and then fire my engines, but I reach 0 m/s before I reach the ground.
  9. Good choices! Congrats to everyone who made it! I wonder what the April fools joke is... Uh oh!!!
  10. But I am playing RP-0, so if I take away mods, then it won't work. I installed everything correctly using CKAN.
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