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  1. Hey starcrusher, on the topic of Eve. Any idea why mine is still purple? It should be yellow, right? Could be an issue with eve or scatterer?
  2. You need to manually modify the save file. I did it, it's a pain in the ass but doable. Check out this video by Scott Manley it helped me quite a bit: click me The part about the reference body is at about 15:05 Basically what happened is that every body has a unique ID. KSS changes these ID's. I think in stock 0 is kerbol, 1 kerbin, 2 the mun, 3 minimus and so on. In KSS 0 is the all, 1 is kerbin, 2 kerbol, 3 is the mun, 4 is minimus. But im not really sure, you'd have to double check that. Then you need to go into your save and get every vessel and change these ID's accordingly.
  3. So uhm, my Eve is still purple. Anybody got any ideas what could have gone wrong here?
  4. I assume that while you're in the VAB _planet is null and therefore the functionality won't change in the VAB, right? Because while I obviously hate the stutter, I also love to check with [x]science to determine what science instruments i need to bring with me for any given mission.
  5. Hey guys, big noob here. Can someone give me a quick rundown on the main differences between this and MKS? Would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  6. https://github.com/herbiems89/ContractPack-Tourism/tree/KSS I don't really have time to test it right now, please give it a go and tell me if it works now. I only found two contracts that needed fixing, one called "Gas Giant Tourism" and "Investor tour", I hope those were the ones you had problems with. If anything broke or other contracts don't work let me know and give me some specifics and I'll have a look BTW: How do i get rid of this stupid "content needs moderator approvement" stuff?
  7. Does anybody know of a list of other mods designed to work with TAC LS? Like new models for storage Containers or bigger converters, stuff like that?
  8. I'll have a look at it this evening. Probably shouldnt be too compliacted I guess it's using the Sun() function which gives back the main sun which now is the All.
  9. Thx StarCrusher for making this awesome mod. I hope you can see this trough till 1.0 If anyone is using RemoteTech + it's ContractPack I reworked it to work with KSS. Right now it's just the basic contracts for the Kerbol System, but maybe I'll add some new contracts later for the asteroids and outposts in the other systems. If anyone's interested you can download it here (all credit goes to jrossignol the original creator)
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