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  1. I just made an expedition to Kerbin's north pole and the landscape seemed quite grey and rocky. Is this normal or is this a problem with my installation?
  2. @physicsnerd and @SpaceFace545 I opened an issue at github and it was closed again solving my problem with the textures not correctly displaying. It was a mistake on my side but its resolution might help you as well as you experienced something similar. I was missing ModularFlightIntgerator (which is required by kopernicus) When upgrading from an older KSP version I installed Parallax (and kopernicus) but uninstalled FAR. Somehow I managed to confuse my CKAN and it still had the checkbox from modularflightintegrator ticked although the folder was not present anymore! For me
  3. No I am not. I am playing with the stock planets and using the parallax stock planet textures
  4. I have trouble in KSP 1.11.2 , textures look white and blank (similar to what Zensei seemed to experience). I use the latest version of kopernicus stable and parallax. It works fine if I copy the kopernicus and parallax folder into my old KSP 1.11.1 installation. Did the 1.11.2. update break something? Does someone has an idea what to do to fix it?
  5. Can someone tell me if this is an effect from parallax? It happened when I installed it but it could also be a side effect of another visual mod? Edit: It seems EVE caused this. Switching to EVE-Redux seems to have solved it in this case. It feels like playing a different game and finding anomalies is really difficult now as I was used to look for little shadows. At some point close to Minmus the beautiful Parallax texture blend in but it is a pretty rough transition from greenish to greyish. To some degree this happens also when you move closer although the shift in color
  6. I intend to update the effect of the kodiak engine (or any engine I plan to use in tight clusters). As the engines are tightly together I thought about saving particles by having less emissions per engine but some random component in z to maintain a continuous overall flow. I believe random cone emit or initial offset only works in x and y. How can I do something like this in z? Edit N°2 and probably best solution: Using a plume with "partTransform" instead of "thrustTransform" in the case of the Kodiak for aspects of the plume that can be merged across all 4 nozzles.
  7. I have the breaking ground expansion and it seems I lost the terrain features like the Olivin rocks on minmus where i parked a probe before I installed the mod. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? Edit: it seems they are just located at a different place now In addition Minmus looks great but somehow its surface features start moving when I approach. Is this normal?
  8. When having a MK1 command pod with a parachute and a Flea booster somehow the cross section of the MK1 pod is ignored leading to very high transsonic drag. Interestingly if you add basic fins to the flea booster the cross section seems to be calculated correctly. Tested in 1.10.1 with the latest FAR
  9. Thanks for running it. Very satisfying to watch a 75mm kill even if it is friendly fire and when it misses it makes nice new year fireworks. I agree it would be more on the fun then competition side but without the 500m arming distance the 75mm would have been a very solid choice for a different type of warplane. With arming distance it could have been interesting on an even slower (opponent spends more time at 500m plus) plane. More agility and more optimization (probably smaller explosion distance setting to maximize damage) could have helped too I guess. Wish you all a good e
  10. I am currently traveling and will be until end if January but I watched the matches when I had WiFi. Thanks @SuicidalInsanity for running the tournament. I hope I am back in time for the next one. Out of curiosity could you run a fight with my flak fighter (75mm). I never really finished and tested it under true battle conditions and wondered whether it would have been viable at all.
  11. @Pds314 creative use of parts. I tried once but always had issues with z fighting and ended up with huge part count. About how much do you elevate the wing decals to avoid z interference with the main wing? I probably have to try again For the round parts you use a procedural structural part? That limits you to those colors correct? Regarding minimum height it should have been 450m so it seems i uploaded a slightly earlier version. However some crashes would have occurred anyway I guess. Loved to watch the first fight. Seemed pretty even and was quite tense.
  12. Such a disappointing last match... Seeing them nose dive that hard. Also showing that the most important part of the plane is the root with wings having so much HP. I saw some dives that seemed to be related to beiing fired at but they never crashed as much during my testing as here... I guess it must be a case of going to close to the limit and @Pds314 design. Good job @Pds314! What mod did you use for decals? Do they influence FAR and how do they interact with BDAc hitpoints? My guess reason for excessively suicidal behaviour of my pilots are: - Too much ri
  13. I think it is resolved. Try this one here until a new release comes out
  14. I agree releasing of the stick is better (no matter what is more realistic) because it will not end in a literal infinite loop. If you release the stick the problem is solved quickly either by lithobraking or by recovery. But I guess this behaviour is not BDAc but part of Kerbal Space Program code. In my opinion the biggest flaws of the AI - It uses the vertical space much to liberal. It should prefer to turn within the horizontal plane. Pulling up into a looping with someone on your tail is rarely good and wastes energy and the same goes for doing a split-s especial
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