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  1. I have the breaking ground expansion and it seems I lost the terrain features like the Olivin rocks on minmus where i parked a probe before I installed the mod. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? Edit: it seems they are just located at a different place now In addition Minmus looks great but somehow its surface features start moving when I approach. Is this normal?
  2. When having a MK1 command pod with a parachute and a Flea booster somehow the cross section of the MK1 pod is ignored leading to very high transsonic drag. Interestingly if you add basic fins to the flea booster the cross section seems to be calculated correctly. Tested in 1.10.1 with the latest FAR
  3. Thanks for running it. Very satisfying to watch a 75mm kill even if it is friendly fire and when it misses it makes nice new year fireworks. I agree it would be more on the fun then competition side but without the 500m arming distance the 75mm would have been a very solid choice for a different type of warplane. With arming distance it could have been interesting on an even slower (opponent spends more time at 500m plus) plane. More agility and more optimization (probably smaller explosion distance setting to maximize damage) could have helped too I guess. Wish you all a good e
  4. I am currently traveling and will be until end if January but I watched the matches when I had WiFi. Thanks @SuicidalInsanity for running the tournament. I hope I am back in time for the next one. Out of curiosity could you run a fight with my flak fighter (75mm). I never really finished and tested it under true battle conditions and wondered whether it would have been viable at all.
  5. @Pds314 creative use of parts. I tried once but always had issues with z fighting and ended up with huge part count. About how much do you elevate the wing decals to avoid z interference with the main wing? I probably have to try again For the round parts you use a procedural structural part? That limits you to those colors correct? Regarding minimum height it should have been 450m so it seems i uploaded a slightly earlier version. However some crashes would have occurred anyway I guess. Loved to watch the first fight. Seemed pretty even and was quite tense.
  6. Such a disappointing last match... Seeing them nose dive that hard. Also showing that the most important part of the plane is the root with wings having so much HP. I saw some dives that seemed to be related to beiing fired at but they never crashed as much during my testing as here... I guess it must be a case of going to close to the limit and @Pds314 design. Good job @Pds314! What mod did you use for decals? Do they influence FAR and how do they interact with BDAc hitpoints? My guess reason for excessively suicidal behaviour of my pilots are: - Too much ri
  7. I think it is resolved. Try this one here until a new release comes out
  8. I agree releasing of the stick is better (no matter what is more realistic) because it will not end in a literal infinite loop. If you release the stick the problem is solved quickly either by lithobraking or by recovery. But I guess this behaviour is not BDAc but part of Kerbal Space Program code. In my opinion the biggest flaws of the AI - It uses the vertical space much to liberal. It should prefer to turn within the horizontal plane. Pulling up into a looping with someone on your tail is rarely good and wastes energy and the same goes for doing a split-s especial
  9. If someone is interested here is my Flak fighter. I scaled down the engines so it should technically be compliant. https://kerbalx.com/Alioth81/AL-26-Rhino However it is not optimized so use it at your own risk. I will be away for quite some time but i hope to get internet connection for time to time to follow this thread
  10. Thanks that did the job. My folder was indeed named wrongly. Similar but still wrong. By the way here is the unfinished fighter with Flak gun in action. (Does not conform to rules and is not really tuned). The only thing I did was lowering the minimum arming distance to 50m (from 500) and suddenly its deadly
  11. The canards are turning ahead. Basically I have redundant pitch control and they provide additional lift at low speeds and drag at high speed to bleed speed in turns to avoid GLOC. The max deflection is lower than the other control surfaces and they tolerate quite some AoA before they stall. But you are correct the canards are the limiting factor in terms of AoA.
  12. @SuicidalInsanity I considered using it and have a semi finished BF-109-Z where I planed to mount it when I saw it has air detonation. However it seemed shots detonate only after a certain minimum range 500m+ which was to big to be used effectively. The guns cost are a bit high too and you are forced to go with weak engines. I think between 50 - 400m it could have worked What version of BDAc Si edition of your repository are you using? I might want to build my own because I want to show the aiming sight and the aiming support also when the AI is engaged. At the moment You
  13. I agree. With my limited testing I found the MG151, the 23mm Vya and the 30mm MK108 to be the best guns The 20mm due to its generous overheating tolerance and the good damage. The 23mm has significantly more damage for only 3 points and fires very fast but overheats quickly. The 30mm basically one shots whatever fuselage part or control surface it hits but is often overkill and does not match well with other guns. Thats why I put the a 20mm and 2x 23mm on my plane. I considered 3x 20mm but did not have the time to adjust my plane (with a bigger engine)
  14. it seems that adding something like maxRot = 130 in the internal configuration of the cockpit does the job. Example: MODULE { name = InternalSeat seatTransformName = PilotChair portraitCameraName = PilotCam allowCrewHelmet = False kerbalEyeOffset = 0, 0.018, 0 maxRot = 130 }
  15. That is my entry: https://kerbalx.com/Alioth81/AL-25-Vulture The "vulture" The compromise between maneuverability, TWR, top speed and trying not to GLOC with accurate guns. It is not top in one area but ok in all. Strength: It tries to fight at low altitude trying to lure the opponent in below their minimum altitude to use their pull up to get on their tail. It is very maneuverable above 140 m/s It is fairly accurate with it guns and will use the 20mm MG 151 on long range and 2x 23mm Vya on close range. If the vulture is behind the target and in ra
  16. It could be related to the fact that if you limit steering at higher speeds it will extrapolate further if you are above max speed. E.g. in a dive. So it could be that it only has 0.1 input left and crashes. Also if it is under fire it will do a bit of rolling and sometimes forgets to pull up. Maybe the adjusted steer limiter should not go below that limit? Although the trainer is not very agile at low speeds it can pull a lot of Gs at high speeds (and bleeds the speed quickly). Therefore if a fast plane with good energy retention follows it can get GLOC very quickly.
  17. Normally I would probably have set those to do nothing or as spoilers (only decorative as the AI does not use them). However because its good acceleration and the GLOC I had to create something that slows the craft down while turning hard to bleed all the speed. I was actually surprised how well it works but it has drawbacks like tendency to stall at high AoA. I am sure the plane can be optimized in many ways but instead of optimizing the design I just used the "flaps" as brakes as it was intended only as a bit more challenging test opponent for future designs. General question
  18. How can I extend the rotation limits of the IVA camera? Can I look backwards? I am in the inline cockpit and want to look backwards however it seems that there is a limit at around 90° (meaning you can only turn around within the front 180°). I would prefer to have something like 270° (basically look back over the shoulder).
  19. I did PR on Github as you suggested. I hope I did it correctly
  20. For those wanting nice destruction effects I added this small patch for destruction effects: https://github.com/Alioth81/DestructionEffects/releases/tag/1.10.1 I am a first time github user so no clue if I published it in the right way. If not let me know and I remove it. This should fix the all burning auto-struts problems that existed before. In addition it adds some more parts to the burning list (also includes case insensitivity which it did not have before) It also adds flames to breakaway parts which is especial spectacular if you destroy the root node
  21. For those who cannot compile the code themselves I added this zip https://github.com/Alioth81/DestructionEffects/releases/tag/1.10.1 I am a first time Github user and I do not claim this is a full release more a patch until it is fixed in the real destruction effects. It works for me under 1.7.3 with modes to run the BAD-T challenge but I do not know how it interacts with other modes or KSP versions. If I did something wrong please inform me and I delete it.
  22. Here is my advanced target dummy if the original one isn't a challenge anymore. AL-24 Advanced Combat Trainer 2x 13mm & 1x 30mm with the best engine.
  23. I updated my version of flamingjoints.cs again (see some posts above) This version clears the list of dead parts when a scene is loaded. Else it could lead to some unexpected burning parts when you reload a save game that contains a plane that was destroyed in a previous session.
  24. If I get it to work I will enter with a fusion of the WW2 Canard fighter protoyp Ambrosini SS.4 and Do 335. Main challenge is to tune the control surfaces and the AI. If someone is interested I can upload an advanced target dummy that offers a greater challenge. It is basically my bar I set myself to test against. It is very frustrating that the advanced dummy I created in 30 minutes so far destroys my design I spent an evening with. Probably a sign that I should restart the design... I found some interesting huge jumps in HP based on the wing strength set in FAR. This is e
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