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  1. Yeah, im still around. Might patch this to 1.4/5
  2. The imgur links aren't working. Could you add a spoiler then the images?
  3. I have always wanted to say to your profile picture: Brutal.
  4. Oh Wow. Good Answer. But it is an extremely rare condition.
  5. It just doesn't feel right. Kerbals are green. You don't see Blue or Green humans.
  6. I agree totally about the New Races bit. Maybe not Blue and Purple but different shades of green. Maybe Kerbals can be procedurally generated!
  7. It was an excellent reason. I think this should have to be the OP.
  8. Polls are looking about 50/35/15 (Yes/No/Yes but blah blah)
  9. Cheers. Have a like I was thinking, It could be an option in the difficulties menu. Choose which Kerbals you start with, if any