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  1. I have returned from YET ANOTHER of my long hiatuses! I summon @The Minmus Derp
  2. Whoopsies, I fell asleep. @kerbinorbiter
  3. So a few days back I mentioned that the Kerbin to Duna transfer window was approaching. well, it's about time we got that mission done. Step one is to launch a Commsat to orbit between Kerbin and duna, deemed KerbCom 1 Both of these missions are literally the exact same craft, launched on the exact same lifter, the only difference being the location launched to. Because of the early launch, almost 120 days before the transfer window, KerbCom 1 will be the first probe outside Kerbin's SOI. And that marks our first probe around Kerbol! I'll keep you guys updated on the mission when I get around to launching the main probe to duna.
  4. A Duna mission coming to a thread near you... Coming sometime today or tomorrow probably
  5. Well, it's time for the bore-fest that's going to be getting this severely under-thrusted lander back to Kerbin. Bye bye, Minmus! next step is to perform a mid-course correction to get a mun encounter to help slow Jeb and his craft down. Next move is to use up most of the remaining fuel to slow down, since I gave the heat shield a low amount of ablator. almost there, Jeb! And there we go, safe and sound! So, mission summary... 835.3 Science! Whooooee! That'll help with research. So Jeb is back home after a long time in space. We're glad to have him back, but there's work to do.
  6. -Bursts through door- Some BODY once told me the wooooorld is gonna roll me @Jacke
  7. Today we embark to minmus with Minmal 1. Launch to LKO went as planned, now Jeb just has to fix his inclination perform the Trans-Minmal injection. The lander stage uses the "ant" engine, so it has a pitifully low TWR. It literally has a TWR of 1.7... On Minmus. Jeb's gonna stay on the surface for a few days, stay tuned for his trip home!
  8. Eyyo what's good my brother @Gargamel
  9. Slowly begins to nod off @FahmiRBLXian
  10. Not if I have anything to say about it! @FahmiRBLXian