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  1. Hey! I gave it a fresh install with the link you provided. Everything works! Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey guys, just a first post. I recently downloaded SSTU from Curse installed it, and immediately ran into an issue where a large number of the parts added in the pack are invisible in the VAB. They have tabs, but with no model in them, and when they're placed in the construction window they don't really show up. I went and downloaded the most recent patch and that mostly resolved the issue. However, I still have a few parts missing (SSTU SC-GEN - PPC - Custom Probe Core, SSTU SC-Tank Upper Stage Common [It gets cut off], SSTU SC-Tank - MUS-T - Upper Stage Split tank, and finally PDC Custom Decoupler). Additionally MFT Spherical tank has a massive error in it where the upper sphere can't be viewed from one side. On a sort of related note, if I right click any SSTU component, the little window comes up and I can't ever get the window to go away. It basically disables everything in the VAB save for that window. So, I figured I did something wrong in my installation. I unzipped everything into my gamedata folder, but judging by how little everything works, it sounds like there's either some kind of mod conflict or I messed up the install. I checked Github and couldn't find any kind of bug that sounded similar to what I'm encountering. I'm not running the optional patches if that means anything. I'm also running SSTU expansion, Tantares Soyuz/Mir and LV. And RN's Soviet Probes, Rockets, Spacecraft and Salyut, and finally Mechjeb. I'm running the 64bit version of KSP. Thanks in advance for the help!