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  1. thank you, one more question, is there anyway to attach the conestoga MLM to the ground? it says I should put the module on the ground with nothing underneath but then the base moves at the push of a kerbal
  2. thank you, i'm a little confused on how i'm supposed to actually transfer resources? the outdated tutorial says i need to connect a port from buffalo to the slab, but the slab has no connector ports and the connector pipes don't even seem to exist
  3. is there an upgraded tutorial? the one on github is completely outdated and im confused af :|
  4. hey linux, do you have discord or something so we can talk about falcon heavy sound added? i can get the sound files but i just don't know which portions i should get
  5. okay sure, but I might need to use something like Falcon 9's T-10 because after that the crowd cheering/countdown blocks the commentators
  6. Add falcon heavy sound preset and I will love you forever....
  7. Kerbal has died of air toxication EC full, i have a carbon to oxygen part, full oxygen
  8. yeah I know, it's happened waay before 1.4 but I've never got around to posting here
  9. probably so you don't accidentally press space and your rocket launches
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