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  1. Nolen

    How to make an orbit equatorial

    That would be nice! Perhaps there would be a display showing the exact inclination from the equator?
  2. So, after some tedious searching, I’ve narrowed down the cause to my game’s crashing issue to it’s overuse of RAM. I’ve noticed that as soon as my KSP starts using more than 3.4 GB of RAM it crashes. How do people run so many mods without the profuse crashing issue? (I understand that KSP has a ram usage limit)
  3. This was very helpful! What is it that you mean by “KSP reports Apoapsis and Periapsis above the surface, vis-viva works on Apoapsis and Periapsis relative to the center of the body”? I’m assuming you mean that you mean that r in KSP would be the altitude above sea level while in reality r would be the distance from the body’s COM. Am I correct about this? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I’ve been playing KSP for a while now and have become quite confident in my abilities. Although, I’m still having trouble with gravity assists. Is there an equation of some sort that I can use to calculate my speed after the slingshot/brake? Ex. Before assist craft is going x m/s, after the assist the craft is going y m/s I also would like to know if there is an equation I can use that will tell me the orbital velocity at a certain altitude above a body. Ex. At h meters with d degrees of inclination, the craft must be going x m/s to maintain a circular orbit If you have any other useful equations that would be nice, thanks!
  5. Nolen

    [1.0.x] Habitat Pack v0.41

    Thanks, this will hopefully work!
  6. Nolen

    [1.0.x] Habitat Pack v0.41

    I love this mod, awesome part textures! I am, however, unable to launch any vessels with these parts due to it causing a game crash.
  7. My KSP game has a few mods (Mostly USI mods) and was working fine until yesterday! Now when I attempt to launch a Vessel the game crashes. I’ve created new saves within the game, reinstalled the game all together, and reinstalled the mods but it still continues to crash. Any help? Mods I’m using: Habitat Pack, easy Vessel Switch, USI Pack, HL Airships, science relay, x science, KAS, KIS, Scan sat, Kerbal planetary base systems, environmental visual enhancements, stock visual enhancements, scatterer.