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  1. I made an upgrade to Solaris but since there is no Github repository, ill upload here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xoa6h4dzqu22ptm/Solaris_Hypernautics upgrade1.zip?dl=0 - added cooling unit size 4 - added double-sized Rexair/Windpanel/Hoover/Dyson - increased Rexair/Hoover dust rate to about 50% of Dustpanel rate/mass. Its 50% so panel collects twice as much but half a day. Effectively all collectors have same rate/mass ratio now.
  2. What is the name for mass exponent? I already seen dryCost. I have some custom fields in a custom part module. Some are string or double. If I define an exponent module not mention those fields, are they affected?
  3. On side note, I think the GC trashing is overrated problem due to fact that .NET uses a generational GC. Short lived objects go away easily and cheaply. .NET was designed with such high object churn in mind. Using StringBuilder also minimizes the problem.
  4. I have a PartModule that adds labels (KSPFields) to a part menu. Since computing the info to be displayed on that label is expensive, I would like to detect if the menu is actually open so I can skip computation. How do I detect if part menu is open?
  5. Einstein had a famous saying that "music is individual effort but science is a team effort". Whether software development is a science is debatable, but it applies the same.
  6. Agreed, I will contact NF Electric and Solaris modders and make them aware of the issue.
  7. We could use resources like Uranium-235 and Uranium-238 but I think that would be a mistake. Players are not chemists. Whatever you want to name it, it should indicate "enriched/fissionable" and "depleted/non-fissionable" for clarity. On wiki page, I found nothing to indicate D-38 to be fissionable. Depleted Uranium is depleted. It could be reprocessed... that is not same as fissionable, which I consider a synonym for enriched. We could make DepletedFuel just be displayed (LOC translated) as "Depleted Uranium". It would not involve changing any configs except one LOC line.
  8. What is the status with regards to KSP 1.3.1? Spacedock shows its for 1.3 but .version says its pretty much 1.3.x.
  9. This is beyond my modding skills and knowledge of existing addons, so could please someone look into this one: There are several uranium resources instead of one: Enriched Uranium, Enrined U, DepletedFuel, etc. Some come from Near Future Electics (nuclear reactors), Solaris Hypernautics, I sincerely belive there should be two: EnrinchedUranium and DepletedUranium (not -Fuel)
  10. ANTIGRAV WHEELS... seen a lot of them landing gears and motorized wheels but... but... my god, now we really need a GUNDAM COCKPIT!!!
  11. @ARS I am sure there is a /b/ rule somewhere that says: "someone already built this...". Bonus points for using GN drives.
  12. @JadeOfMaar I admit that I took a look at GN mod, even installed it, but never got to actually using it. I cant tell if GN drives are actually of any use, oped, or nerfed. But as a Gundam fan, and Galaxy Quest kinda-fan too, I have to admit it looks nicey. Some days ago it occured to me, now that we have GN drives, all we need is... a gundam cockpit. Someone model us a cockpit! One that fits the GN drives... Some idea for you... a gundam would be difficult in KSP, but how about building Ptolemy?
  13. Notice, I suggested reassigning Magnetic Coupler to an actuators category, not electrics. (https://github.com/BobPalmer/Konstruction/pull/60) @RoverDude
  14. I share the sentiment... and add that its looks would stop me from using it, even if it had superior stats. I share your need for having a personal design style. There is much about KSP that is just... vanity. In best meaning of the word.
  15. Using experimental Dark Drives, SSTO this size has ~40'000 deltav with full tanks. With a fraction of fuel left, it gets you much deltav left.
  16. @Foxster @GusTurbo When I seen motorized gear used as landing struts I laughed... but then I seen struts used as landing struts and almost fell of my chair... while laughing.
  17. @BRAAAP_STUTUTU I appologise for wording, please consider my text partially withdrawn... What VTOL engienes are those? I wanted to put something on my mothership but only thing I could find was stock Thud (need inline VTOL but rocket, not electric). HINT. you can use TweakScale to upsize airbreaks instead of adding several
  18. Could you post diagonal photos (can be from editor)? What you posted are essentially projections which are not so useful. Also TWR would be informative together with DV. Thats because those two are in classic tradeoff. I can make your plane have 30'000 deltav by replacing those engines with Experimental Dark Drives but it wont be able to take off ground. I would also like to point out, for everyone on the thread, that if you screenshot it in the editor then you can include Redux/builtin info pages which say much more than DV/TWR about the ship. But thats just how I do it. PS. points for ISRU my SSTO has only one mission and that is delivering cargo into low orbit, therefore no use for ISRU HINT. you could use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement to get rid of struts, if you like
  19. Its not only smallest, its also cheapest. Also I cant imagine anyone building anything smaller... 1 cockpit 1 engine 1 tank. Smallest wings. Smalest gear. There is literally nothing that could be stripped off this plane.
  20. Putting beacon and weakest drives in separate categories doesnt make sense to me. How about? - beacon, 650IN, 720IN into High Energy physics - 2500IN, 7500IN (to bo added) into Applied High Energy physics
  21. @linuxgurugamer Is it really that important to support ancient crafts? How about we move the drives to both High Energy physics and Applied High Energy Physics? They cost I think 2000+ sc to unlock. Would be appropriate for career mode. Youtubers I think use usually sandbox mode. Would also be consistent with Alcubierre mod and ESLD mod.
  22. @linuxgurugamer @DStaal I will recommend to FTL maintainer, moving those drives to both High Energy physics and Applied High Energy Physics. They cost I think 2000+ sc to unlock. Therefore a player in career mode would probably send a ship or two to outter planets the old fasioned way before using FTL technology. This would be more or less consistent with Alcubierre mod (using Ultra High Energy physics node) and ESLD using several nodes (https://go.gliffy.com/go/publish/11139139).
  23. Also those categories are empty, on my KSP anyway. I have no idea what mods use those. Could you tell me? Please. I meant FTL continued. Original FTL and ESDL is outdated. Alcubierre is not FTL, not by name.
  24. Then I will check what they are and remove them with consideration.
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