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  1. MaybePug

    Kopernicus star help.

    That's maybe the issue, i've looked at many other star packs and they have big numbers there. But the main thing is, how do people calculate those? Or does everyone just randomly come up with some big numbers?
  2. MaybePug

    Kopernicus star help.

    They are negative because i didn't know they should not be. Well, i'll test changing them back to positive. Edit: Still doesn't work. :|
  3. MaybePug

    Kopernicus star help.

    Sure. I'm by no means good at this, so there is probably many errors there.
  4. MaybePug

    Kopernicus star help.

    Ok, so how do i modify them so it doesn't happen?
  5. Hi! First of all, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but let's get to the topic. I'm trying to make a star system with Kopernicus, but i'm not sure how i'm supposed to make the other star not visible while in the kerbol system, or atleast not as brightly(?) as in the pictures.