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  1. 0something0

    Share your visual settings!

    How do you have your visual mods and configs set up? I have my mods set up in a fairly standard way. Environmental Visual Enhancements / Stock Visual Enhancements Distance Object Enhancements KSP Post Processing Pack (cfg file: https://pastebin.com/nuQNVkQ2 )
  2. 0something0

    What are the IRL counter parts of All of KSP's parts?

    I can name some more. Vector - Space Shuttle Main Engine (RS-25) - Aerojet Rocketdyne Rapier - Saber Air Breathing Rocket - Reaction Engine Cupola - ISS Cupola - European Space Agency NERV - NERVA - U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, NASA, Aerojet, Westinghouse MK1-2 capsule - Apollo Command Module - NASA
  3. 0something0

    Make upgradeable space suits!!!

    What if we had personal walkers/exosuits at the very late tier? Can we get a compilation of suit ideas? -High pressure suits -heat resistant/photoreflective suit -teathers -early game flight suits -ground mobility assist
  4. 0something0

    Crater Antipode

    I think he means that Death Star moon around Saturn, Mimas.
  5. So, we have two different mission profiles. Mission Profile 1 This mission profile involves waiting until the time is right, than launch straight up to hit the satelite. Mission Profile 2 This profile involves getting into orbit and hohmann-transferring into the satellite's sphere of influence So, which one would cost less delta-v?
  6. I also think it would fit in with the existing 1.6 addition, the delta-v meter. I do however, disagree that ASL/AGL/Target Distance should be locked to speedometer modes.
  7. 0something0

    Switching over to Linux (Ubuntu)?

    Ubuntu 18.04 switched back to GNOME
  8. A lot of the opposition to the idea of adding Steam Workshop integration to KSP (before it happened) was that only people who got it on steam could access the feature (and something along the lines of "go use KerbalX n00b") Would it be possible for the devs to create a separate free steam app for people without the steam version to use that gives access to workshop? Alternatively, would it be feasible to create an authentication system to give people who doesn't have KSP on steam to get it on steam?
  9. 0something0

    Time for KSP 2.0

    So, I was envisioning something like this:
  10. You could simulate mixing gasses while considering them as resources by having multiple resources be able to go into the tanks like the liquidfuel/oxidizer tanks. The player could set how much of the max gas capacity would be hydrogen or helium or something and have that be switchable on the go.
  11. 0something0

    Mods for only IVA runs

    Now someone needs to make a mod that puts you in the shoes of an engineer working at the VAB/SPH!
  12. 0something0

    Any kerbal professions mods?

    USI Life Support adds a bunch of different roles with different functions.
  13. 0something0

    Time for KSP 2.0

    What if science in KSP2 wasn't a per biome thing but rather a depletable resource? Basically, when you take science from a certain area, it creates a circular gradiant of less science around it.
  14. So should I go talk to the Kerbalism folks?
  15. Can we get support for Kerbalism?