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  1. I also have heard something about not leaving lines attached when saving.
  2. I am finding that being on a completely flat surface is EXTREMELY important. If you are not a a flat surface facing straight up do not save, do not time warp, and do not change focus back to the space center or a ship out of viewing range. If you need to save just bump into the air before saving or find a large flat area. I am building a base right now on Iota and I found a large completely flat area that has ore so we will see how it goes.
  3. I did some testing and the landing stabilizers seem to work after they are "tethered " to the ground. So I restored an older save and will redo some of the big lander with a design that uses the stabilizers instead of landing legs and see how it goes. From the sounds of it the problem can come and go but for me has always been (at least on low grav worlds). I am still learning how everything works so I have already restarted a few times but I will see if I can keep this career going.
  4. I only started playing recently so I am stuck on 1.3.1 unless there is a way to move a save back to 1.3.0.
  5. So far the Landing Stabilizer legs seem to be working. I was able to land on IOTA, "Toggle Ground Tether" and time warp until all tanks were full. You can see the craft try to jump when coming out of warp but is suppressed by the ground tether. Not sure exactly what the ground tether is doing but it seems to work at least for now. I also noticed that they do not retract with G so they are not considered gear and are not treated the same by the physics engine??? Is it possible to make a mod for all gear to have a "ground tether option"? I noticed that as well. On low g planets the gear would usually just explode instead of bouncing.
  6. I may have a solution for the landed craft for now. I tested the "Landing Stabilizer" legs and they have a "Toggle Ground Tether" option. So they are somewhat bolted down and cannot bounce??? Is there another way to bolt stuff down with something like KAS or putting down something like the asphalt that interacts differently?
  7. The Falcon Landing Gear Small will do it also.
  8. It also happens when flying another craft from say orbit and landing near the one(s) that are on the surface. As soon as you come into view all of them jump and you get to watch the destruction from a far. I had 4 landed in the same location on Minimus when when I tried landing a 5th they all jumped and most landed on their sides.
  9. I did remove them in sections to help speed up the process. But my drive is not the fastest so most of the time was just waiting at the splash screen And yes it was one of the last ones that I tried. I did figure out a few more things. The problem does not see to be there when not on landing legs or having the drills retracted. So if I raise the legs and is it sitting on the engines or if it falls over it does not seem to do it. I guess my question is what can I do in the meantime? I love playing this game and have quite a bit of time in it so far so is there any workarounds? I noticed that there are some stabilizer legs that have the ability to be attached to the ground that I have not tested yet. Or is there a way to build the crafts that I land on low gravity planets so they dont kerbounce? Obiviously you guys see that it is a bug so do you guys know what the time frame of it possibly getting fixed or if it is even being worked on? I was even thinking of restarting my career in 1.3.0. I noticed that mechjeb landing seems to actually work in 1.3.0 also.
  10. Found the problem mod. It is Ven's Stock Part Revamp. If I remove it from my test install everything works fine. It only took me about 6 hours of testing as I have about 60 mods installed. I tried to remove from my career install but it removes basically all my ships. I guess all my ships have stock parts, go figure. Does anyone know how to report this as a bug or is there a way to change all the parts on my ships in the save files so I can continue playing?
  11. I can confirm it is a mod that is breaking it. Here is how I tested it. 1. Download new clean install from Steam, created a mining ship and flew to Minimus and landed on the frozen ocean. F5-F9 No problems. Time warp over and over no problems. 2. Took the save game from the working install and put it into my modded version of KSP. Loaded up save and Loading save and timewarp will either destroy landing gear or bounce it about 30 meters in the non air. 3. Took the clean install that was working and download the same mods (via ckan). Loaded up save and again went to SHIP! 4. Resaved game in install from step 3 (broken) and copied it to the install from step 1 (working). Loaded it up and here is where it gets interesting. It bounced on load . BUT...BUT...BUT then it was fine. After is was back on minfirma I resaved, loaded - no problems, and was able to time warp no problem. 5. Took the Broken copy from step 3 and manually removed all mods from the GameData folder (deleted everything but the Squad folder). Loaded up KSP and guess what... Problem gone. So it IS a mod, which one or ones I do not know yet but will continue to test. I am just going to start deleting them until it starts working. I did notice what might be happening, after my mining rig was on its side I tested time warp and when coming out of warp the ground would drop 1 meter. The altitude would be 2 then after time warp it would go to 3 then the ship would settle back to 2. I also noticed that even the "working" versions still do it but to a degree that is so minimal that you only notice it if you zoom in on the landing gear when loading or time warping. If anyone knows what might be happening please let me know as I want to play the game not troubleshoot fixing it. It would also be nice if someone could also reproduce it on their end. I could provide my whole install with saves and mods if a dev wants to take a look at it.
  12. Do you have mods installed (or had them installed at some point)? I am doing some testing and it does not do it with the stock for 1.3.1 in sandbox, that is as far as I have tested so far, but will spend the rest of the day at least narrowing it down to what is causing it so I can get the info to the developers. Here is a video I found of the exact problem:
  13. I just did some testing and I dont think it is a bug in the base program (I swear it happened in the non modded version, but I am probably wrong). I think it is one or more of the mods. Does anyone know of any known issues with this problem and a specific mods? I will start testing but it might take a while. I think it might be Joint Reinforcement but still need to test.