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  1. So after over 1400 hours of game time (not counting the less than joyous experience playing it on XBox before purchasing it for PC via Steam), I am FINALLY getting around to make myself visit every planet in the game with a manned mission. With the exception of Jool (because you cannot really land on Jool, right?), my goal is to land on every planet/moon in the base game with a manned crew, setup the available surface science experiments, and return the Kerbalnauts back home. I've tried this in the past when I had an older laptop that may or may not have begun smoking with any craft larger than 100 parts, and would always be like "OK, I've completed the Mun...again, and Minmus, again (x100), let's do Duna (maybe x10), but that's about it. New laptop the past 2 years is much more powerful and capable of playing the game at a normal speed. Not a very "impressive" screenshot, but, here's what I have completed in my journey so far. Probably only my 2nd or 3rd time ever landing on Dres (and still need to send some fuel to get the crew home), and my first time ever landing on Gilly. A lot more to accomplish...hopefully before KSP 2 comes out.
  2. I ended up returning the laptop. I was able to just replace the SSD in my old laptop and, even though the new laptop was supposed to be better specs, it ran incredibly hot and seemed to have small "pauses" doing the simplest things, unrelated to the KSP issues I saw.
  3. I don't have enough details as of yet to fully dig into troubleshooting/logs, but wanted to see if this is something that has occurred to others. I purchased a new laptop over the weekend (ASUS ROG M16, Intel i7 CPU, NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti GPU). I loaded Steam and installed KSP, and I noticed something odd when playing the game. I am getting small freezes during the game where I can still rotate the cameras, but the other functions do not seem to be working. So far, I have noticed this in 2 instances: When performing an EVA, I have seen this multiple times, but not every time. I also had the issue happen to me under as I was setting up a landing trajectory. Burning prograde, I reached desired trajectory, but could not shut off the engines by cutting the power (Z/X key). Cameras worked when this happened, craft still moving. Only lasted 2-3 seconds, but definitely more problematic to have something like this happen under thrust versus just out on an EVA. Anyone seen something similar in the past? Mods are very simple and the same that I had on my previous laptop ([x]Science, KER, Trajectories, a few flag packs, and dependency mods).
  4. Hello, Looking for any advice on what graphics setting may need adjusting to prevent the "black flickering" seen in the video below. I've tried a few different settings without luck. I've seen this a little in the past, but it seems to have gotten worse over the past month or two (maybe after going to 1.12.1, but not certain). Graphics card is GeForce RTX2060 which should have plenty of power, especially compared to someone who 6 months ago was using a simple on-board Intel Graphics chip.
  5. After 2 unmanned fuel tankers were needed to provide enough fuel to get home, Pilot Billy-Bobeny Kerman (awesome game generated name) successfully guided his crew home from the Eve system. While they did not land on Eve or Gilly, they did manage to capture over 4000 science points that will be a big help in completing the tech tree. First time ever in the Eve system without cheats, and first time there since new terrains have been added over time. Planned to land on Gilly. Never have before. Learned I need some quick firing retrograde rockets for next time. That Gilly encounter is gone before you blink your eyes. Next time Gilly....next time.
  6. I had started a new career to finally land on every planet and moon in KSP, but I switched gears to a Science career. Also I had been trying to unlock the tech tree in the shortest amount of "game time," but have pivoted to trying to unlock the full tech tree in the shortest number of launches (counting only those that return science points to KSP). I'm currently on 12 total flights, with the first 5 levels of the tech tree unlocked, 4 of the 12 300 point techs unlocked, and 2 of the 11 550 point techs unlocked. I can probably complete the 300 level techs by sending a new hopper craft to Minmus and the Mun, as I'm still using early hopper probes transmitting science back from those surfaces. While my Ike biome hopper was unmanned, I had enough dV to collect science from 2 biomes and still rendezvous with my crewed craft in orbit and transfer the science to them instead of losing data by transmitting. The Ike crew is now waiting for a fuel tanker to load them up so they can head back home. Hoping to be able to finish the Tech Tree in 20 or less total launches. After that, I'll concentrate on visiting the systems that I have never really been to in the game, Jool system, Eve system, and Eeloo. All the others, I've at least managed to get a probe into their SOI in the past.
  7. Mk1 Command Pod KAL-1000 Controller Starshot-32 Of course, this is Kraken drive, one which would make it extremely difficult to get an intercept with Eeloo, let alone actually land. But I suppose if you modified the Force and Launch Velocity values as you went along, it might be possible in under 32 shots. I know I can make it to circularized orbit of Kerbin in 3 shots.
  8. I'll take another look to see if there is one already listed. I went out to the bug tracker a few days ago and there are multiple bugs logged for the Alarm Clock already, although, many of them seemed to be lacking lots of details.
  9. And just to add to issue #3, it looks like this is more of an issue with the Transfer tool. From testing this again right now, when trying to set optimal maneuver nodes to other celestial bodies, The Mun is the first in the list. What I am seeing is, if I pick something like Eeloo, which is last in the list, it will calculate the transfer node but, after about 5 seconds, it jumps back to The Mun, and changes the transfer node to the Mun. Seems like this happens about 80% of the time for me. Still holds true that I only seem to be able to have one maneuver node at a time. I've deleted one and added it back, deleted both and added both, etc. Only 1 maneuver node alarm will properly advance time.
  10. Here are the issues that I am seeing: Setting a Apoapsis Node alarm - I had a satellite in Kerbol orbit, and I wanted to circularize the orbit when it hit Apoapsis. I clicked on the Apoapsis which showed the Alarm Clock symbol to set an alarm. I set the alarm, which was roughly 192 days away. Through jumping to other vessels, or saving the game and coming back later, the next time I checked the alarm, it showed +37 days, meaning that I overshot the alarm by 37 days. I did not advance time. If I delete the alarm and recreate it, it would go back to the 192 days till alarm. Alarms via Transfer/Maneuver Tool - I used the Transfer Tool to set to alarms for optimal transfer window burns, one for Moho and one for Eeloo. I also had the Apoapsis alarm above set, so 3 Alarms in total. In addition to the Apoapsis alarm suddenly showing the alarm had passed, if I did try to time warp forward, one of the 2 Transfer alarms would not move. It didn't count down or up the time, it stayed at a constant time and would not budge. Transfer Alarm collision - This is probably more of a problem with the Transfer tool, but, I tested one of the transfer node alarms. I would choose what celestial body I wanted to visit (Moho in this case), and it would create the maneuver node and set the alarm for the optimal transfer time. I fast forwarded to the appropriate time, lit the engines and off I went...straight into the Mun. I kind of don't think that was an optimal transfer window, giving me a maneuver node that slammed me into the Mun. I just tested #1 again while typing this. I loaded my game, I still had the +37 day alarm. I deleted it and recreated. I went back to KSC. I switched to a different vehicle, and back...still showing correct time to Apoapsis. I saved the game, quit, and came back...still showing the correct time. So at the moment, it seems ok. But, I am still seeing problem #2. And I just verified but deleting the stale transfer maneuver, and recreated it. That new maneuver is now working properly, but the 2nd transfer maneuver is now not advancing time. So it seems like you can only have one maneuver node alarm set at a time, otherwise they don't advance/work properly.
  11. I think AOORE is this guy's cousin:
  12. OK, so maybe I am seeing this issue...Right now, I have 3 alarms set. 2 of them are for maneuver burns for transfer nodes. The 1st one I have is an alarm for reaching Apoapsis. I have a satellite that I want to circularize the orbit, so I have an alarm to alert when I hit Apoapsis so I can raise the Periapsis height. It appears that after saving and quitting, this alarm get's messed up. Here's a good screenshot of the issue, where you can see hovering over the craft's apoapsis shows 197days 1 hour to Apoapsis, where the alarm is now telling me I am 37 days past the alarm. This was correct, but, once I saved my game, quit, and restarted the game again, it has changed. The other 2 maneuver node alarms are accurate to my knowledge. Also, I recreated my Apoapsis alarm, did some time warping...now my maneuver node for Discovery-1M -> Moho is not moving. I fast forwarded my Apoapsis alarm from 197 days down to 117 days, and the Discovery-1M alarm time didn't budge. The other maneuver node for ELR_Probe1 moved as expected. Definitely seems to be multiple issues with the alarm clock right now.
  13. So I started a new save... (this could be the title of 75% of my posts in this thread ) I am hoping this sandbox game is "the one." At least, this is the one I intend to finally visit every planet and moon. I figured with 1.12 release, this new save should be it. So, I've launched a few satellites into orbit, and I now have an unmanned probe parked in Kerbin orbit, waiting for transfer window to Jool, and a manned rocket parked in Kerbin orbit, waiting for transfer window to Moho. I've built one craft (one unmanned version and one manned version, so, er two craft) with close to 20k in dV (may come up short to Jool based on what I have seen) that I am hoping can be used to visit every celestial body. I think a big issue I have had in never visiting 60% of the bodies is that, I often played career or science mode...so I was always worried about not only visiting a body, but gathering science. In my sandbox save, I've scaled down. Instead of building a 20-30t lander packed with science stuff and hoping to be able to recover my kerbalnaut, I now have a 7-10t lander. Less weight to push, less dV to get me to the surface, etc. Here's my manned rocket taking off to park and wait for the Moho transfer window. I'm not big on mods. I use KER religiously, and [x] Science when playing career/science mode, but that's about it. I must say I'm loving the built in Alarm Clock and Transfer Window add-ons. I know there were similar mods out there (have used Alarm Clock a bit), but, this makes things so much simpler for me. To infinity, and beyond or something...
  14. I have not. I did see a weird issue the first time I used it, where it set a time that should have been about 200 days in the future, as 6 days already passed. I deleted the alarm, and set it again, and it set correctly. Haven't seen an issue since.
  15. Running out of fuel on manned rockets with no docking port to transfer fuel. (EVA Construction makes that a bit easier now) Forgetting to stow antenna or solar panels, and having them break due to heat/aero forces. Forgetting to strut boosters.
  16. Thanks. I rarely use cheats, so I didn't even know this was possible. In this situation, it is called for but....damn, I really would have liked to have made my really cool robotic transfer arm work.
  17. I started a new sandbox game today. There are members of this forum that have way more playing time than my 1300 hours in the game, and yet, I'd certainly submit my application to Guiness for the most numbers of KSP games started/saved/deleted. Seems like my process...start a game, whether career or sandbox, hit some type of roadblock, and then just start over. It's no wonder I've still never visited all the moons/planets in the game. I restarted this time because my career save that I had been working on, which started out as a speed run to finish the tech tree, had what seemed to be an impossible error to overcome thanks to a bug in the game. I stranded Bill and Bob Kerman on Duna. They had fuel, but not enough to reach orbit. They also had a good 2000 science points that was really important for my initial goal of completing the tech tree. So, I built an unmanned craft to land on Duna, and, use a robot arm to connect docking ports, and transfer fuel to Bob & Bill's craft. Seemed easy enough... Unfortunately, KSP had other ideas in mind. While I was able to dock the craft and transfer fuel, I was not able to properly undock. When attempting to undock, the game throws an NRE, the robot arm pseudo-breaks, and the worst of all...the craft don't technically separate. If I try to fly Bob & Bill's craft to orbit with their new fuel, the camera stays with the manned portion on the ground. And, if I manage to change camera focus to Bob & Bill's craft, I'm quick to realize that even though their craft is the only one flying, KSP still thinks the craft are together, meaning I'm carrying more than twice the weight...and I still don't have enough Delta-V to reach orbit because of this. So, anyways...that's been my last 10 hours of KSP...fighting this issue. Moving onto a sandbox save and, in honor of the final release...I am making sure I FINALLY, after all these years, visit every planet/moon within this save.
  18. Hello, I am currently facing an issue where docking two landed craft cause multiple problems when attempting to undock. In the scenario in question, I have a smaller craft (the one on the right in the screenshot) that is a manned craft with 2 Kerbals. This craft landed on Duna, was low on fuel, and didn't have enough fuel to reach orbit. To resolve this, I built an unmanned craft to come and transfer some fuel to the manned craft. The unmanned craft had a very simple robot arm with a docking port, 2 hinges, and a hydraulic extension arm. In the screenshot below, you can see me just about to connect the arm docking port to the manned craft docking port. I am able to dock the 2 craft, and transfer fuel to the manned craft as intended, however, at this point, things go haywire in several ways when I attempt to undock and send my manned craft into orbit. What happens? An NRE is thrown whenever I click on Undock from the robot arm docking port. As part of the NRE, it looks like the arm gets separated from the original craft. The hinge attached to the craft is just hanging in mid-air, and the hinge attached to the docking port is attached, however it no longer moves the docking port. The hinge just moves itself up and down, not the docking port. Worst of all, the 2 ships do not appear to be properly separated back into 2 separate craft. When I undock and try and take off with the manned craft, the camera focus stays on the ground with the part of the ship that still remains on the ground. I have been able to catch the manned portion of the craft and change the camera focus, but, even worse...the craft still acts as if both craft are together...meaning, that I am still technically carrying the mass of both ships in flight, and I don't have enough delta-V to get into orbit due to the added weight that isn't actually there. Anyone ever seen anything similar happen? Did some searching but didn't come across anything.
  19. Thank you. Never did it before, so now I know for next time.
  20. Thanks. I appreciate the help. I found this thread when looking for help, so I did not read through all of it. Wasn't aware newer versions were not on CKAN. Downloaded the latest version from Github and added the dependency. Seems to be loading fine now. Thanks again.
  21. Posted the output in the spoiler section below: [removed by moderators]
  22. I was curious if anyone else was seeing issues with [x] Science Continued since the release of 1.11.2? Here is what I am seeing on my end. Running KSP 1.11.2, with only KER and [x] Science mods, within 5 seconds of starting KSP, Unity crashes and the game doesn't load. I go into CKAN, uninstall [x] Science. I again attempt to launch KSP 1.11.2, and it loads without issue. I'll get to the menu screen, and quit KSP. I go back into CKAN, and re-install [x] Science. I again launch KSP 1.11.2, and this time it loads, but I do see an error message (will include below) in the top right corner. I can play KSP, [x] Science works, but, once I quit KSP...the next time I attempt to run the game, I am back at step 1 repeating the whole process over again. I have numerous Unity dump files from when this occurs, but I don't know how to upload/link them to this post.
  23. Thanks. There have been multiple suggestions, but I might have missed this one. Will have to give it a try.
  24. Nothing. Today in KSP I have done absolutely nothing. Just like last week, the week before, all of February and most of January. I have had to stop playing due to Bug26961, which continues to sit idle with more users reporting the problem and no progress on a fix in months.
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