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  1. Yeah, once you have 3 or more mods all with their own changes, things get a little crazy. Throw your own changes into the mix and you can get an almost random set of results. I feel like sometimes I install the exact same mods with the same versions in the same order, and get different results. For RealAntennas I think it's slightly easier to patch the existing PARTUPGRADE nodes directly since it means you don't need to re-insert the upgrades, but honestly it's nearly functionally identical. I'm testing something like this: @PARTUPGRADE[commsTL1] { @techRequired = lunarRangeComms
  2. The LRTRStock profile is actually cribbed from the RO Kerbalism profile by Standecco (although it uses an earlier out of date version). It's much closer to reality than the...er... less real LRTRSimple profile. It already uses real world processes to create the stock resources. For example, it uses the sabateir reaction (CO2+Water) to generate LiquidFuel. It would be easy to add in some cfgs to check if RealFuels is installed and to update the production of the LRTRStock profile to create the real fuels. Updating to the latest RO profile is on my list and should iron out some of the roug
  3. Nope, it's kind of its own thing. It sits somewhere between stock and Simplex in terms of complexity. My goal was to make ISRU useful in a minimal LRTR install. It cuts down resources you can mine to Water and Ore. With these you can produce any of the consumables (Oxygen, Hydrogen, LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, Monopropellant, Fertilizer). The LRTRStock profile does basically same things, but just does them with more steps and mined resources. It would be trivially easy to mod it to produce HydroLox, MethaLox, or Hydrozine instead of LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, and Monopropellant and get someth
  4. Version 1.3 is available. It's mostly small bug fixes. It also adds ISRU support. Version 0.7 of the KerbalismConfig is also out and has some major changes. It has two profiles, LRTRSimple (the default) and LRTRStock. LRTRSimple is a complete rebuild and may break existing games. The new profile simplifies resources a bit, adds ISRU support, and makes the Greenhouse useful again. The LRTRStock profile *should* fix Greenhouses but I haven't fully tested it yet.
  5. Yep, you just need to make sure it patches after the tech tree changes and doesn't include the external seat. LRTR also has the RP-1 training times. The earliest one it uses is the X-1. If you look under LRTR/support you can see how I've done it for each parts mod. I don't know of any best practices guidelines. I know from personal experience I would go through a lifecycle that started organized, got less and less organized as I added things until it became unmanageable, then I would go through and redo everything. By then I started to have a better idea of what I wanted to do. I ju
  6. Looks good so far. In general you can just push most airplane stuff to the 'supersonic' branch of the tech tree somewhere. I've basically ignored aircraft and I'm pretty sure the breaking ground parts need to be better arranged as well. If you see things that look out of place feel free to bring it up. One RP-1 specific issue is that the earliest cockpits should not be able to go above about 10,000m for very long (no pressure suits, pressurization). They should have @MODULE[ModuleUnpressurizedCockpit] added to them. Right now it's being done in the LRTR/parts/capsules.cfg but really it s
  7. Yep, definitely still rough around the edges :-). I'll add the fix to the next update. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, it looks like it removes the stock part and reinserts a procedural fairing using the same name. It's just a guess, but it might be an ordering problem. If LRTR ran after PFFE it would likely place it correctly. If that's the problem the fix is theoretically simple, just add another 'z' at the beginning of LRTR (i.e. FOR[zzLRTR]). The problem of course is if some other mod relies on the current ordering of LRTR, then it breaks that mod. It's also a giant pain to change because it's used across the entire mod and even in the KerbalismConfig. A local fix for you would be to simply re
  9. Yeah, the 'After' numbers should have been the numbers all along. I'm guessing something was busted in the RealFuels-Stock patches. I never did proper testing. At any given era you should be able to build a reasonable facsimile of a real rocket from that time frame. If you can't it means my code is broken somewhere, typically from an untested (or poorly tested in this case) mod. I never really talked about what the mod does when rescaling so this is as good an opportunity as any. At it's core it's pretty simple. Kerbal scale parts are 5/8 the size of 'real' parts so the mod ju
  10. 1) I'll put the KerbalismConfig CKAN entry on the list but I'm not sure how long this will take. 2) The issues was between RealFuels-Stock and the rescaler code. LRTR applies a thrust increase for solids on top of the 'normal' increase. RealFuels handles thrust in a custom module which was being increased normally for all engines but it wasn't getting the additional increase for being a solid as well. It also wasn't adding enough fuel, so it was both under powered and under fueled. The latest rescaler.cfg file on the github fixes this. The results don't quite match RO, but they are m
  11. I should have suggested using :AFTER[zLRTR] instead of :BEFORE[zLRTR] to remove all the UPGRADE info. That way you don't need to worry about what LRTR is doing, it will just get overwritten so you don't need to remove the proceduralparts.cfg file. My guess is the tank inconsistency is coming from RealFuels. The Oscar B has its own issues in stock, since it carries about twice as much fuel as it should based on volume, but I think RealFuels ignores the default numbers and inserts a 'volume' they assigned. LRTR just increases the volume RealFuels adds by assuming it's a cylinder with
  12. I *think* part of the problem is the Procedural Parts changed how they upgrade sizes. It now uses the built in UPGRADES feature instead of TECHLIMIT. As far as I can tell TECHLIMIT no longer does anything. It's still rough around the edges but I've updated the proceduralparts.cfg file to use UPGRADES instead. If you want that true bleeding edge experience you can download it and give it a shot. Note: You need to go into the R&D facility and 'buy' each upgrade. Currently the costs are crazy high for some upgrades. https://github.com/pehvbot/LRTR/blob/master/GameData/LRTR/sup
  13. Good info. The tank type and procedural part fixes should be pretty easy to roll back into the mod.
  14. I did a quick test and Real Fuels did work for me, so I'm not sure what is going wrong. Make sure you install the RealFuels-Stock mod, that's where all the magic happens. Having said that, I did no real testing other than launching a few rocket designs as a 'sanity check'. If you have both RO installed, my guess is it's an issue between RO and RealFuels-Stock. LRTR by itself doesn't change tank types. I don't think RO and LRTR will work together in any case, they will wind up stepping on each other's toes way too much. LRTR has a specific 'sounding payload' part in the scie
  15. 1) Glad it worked! I'll fix it for the next version. 2) Yes, in stock, the stayputnik is the only option. Really, the only starting option in stock is a stayputnik with a small SRB and some fins. I call it my 'bottle rocket' era :-) I never tested it with FAR and it's not clear to me how rescaled aerodynamic parts will work. I'll add it to my 'things to test' pile. You could play with the number/placement of fins and adjust the thrust of the SRB motor so see if you can get a viable rocket. If you want some more flexibility you can add Completely Non-Aggressive Rocketry. I
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