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  1. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but there may be a conflict between Kerbalism and non-deployable antennas. In my tests I'm not able to transmit science using 'fixed' antenna with both BARIS and Kerbalism installed. Deployable antenna see to work normally. I believe this is coming from the ModuleBreakableTransmitter module, or at least removing this module fixes the problem I was having.
  2. For anyone who is interested: I've been playing with BARIS as the failure mod for LRTR and it seems to work well with some caveats: The monthly costs overlap with the built-in LRTR monthly costs and also are quite steep. You may want to disable them. I've removed some of the action cards that directly conflict with LRTR (specifically astronaut related ones). BARIS has a minor but annoying conflict with Kerbalism which disables science transmissions for non-deployable antennas. Unless/until this gets fixed I've disabled antenna failures when using Kerbalism Also Kerba
  3. v1.6.1 is a minor update with mod fixes for RealFuels, RestockPlus, and new stock parts. There is also an update for the companion LRTR KerbalismConfig improving support for 1.11 and improving some ISRU settings.
  4. FYI, my Less Real Than Real(ism) mod does rescale both stock parts sizes and the RealFuels-Stock config to something like real world values. The down side is it's a sort of all-in-one mod with the RP-1 tech tree and contract system built in. You can also look at SMURFF which is designed to increase performance while keeping parts Kerbal sized. I can't confirm it's compatible with RealFuels, but it's worth looking at.
  5. I'm able to run a reasonable RSS game in 1.11 on a 2015 Macbook Pro so your rig should be able to handle this just fine. I'm not an RSS or Kopernicus dev but my first step would be to start with a clean install and reinstall ModuleManager, Kopernicus, RealSolarSystem, and RSS-Config only. Make sure they are all in the root GameData folder. If this causes the same problem the next step would be to look through the KSP.log yourself to see if there's an obvious error message. After that try posting the KSP.log here.
  6. That was sort of my thinking. My hope is that because a module is written in the cargo part cfg, it avoids that issue. On load the code would simply (ha!) insert any tagged modules of cargo parts into the containing part. The part in effect is the module, so it automatically gets added while in inventory. If you were able to at least insert part modules dynamically that's promising. I know basically nothing about C# or Unity so nearly all of my KSP coding has been at the 'banging on it with a rock until it stops moving' phase. I'm hoping to progress to at least the 'poking it with a
  7. Version 1.6 has been released. The release includes Misc bug fixes for 1.11 Fixes problem with the RP-1 command window in Sandbox and Science mode not displaying Adds a new command part (The Telemetry Launch Control Unit - TLC) an in-line part for early sounding rockets. Adds experimental support for Breaking Ground surface features which can be enabled in the config.cfg file. You can now play with Breaking Ground surface features scattered across the solar system. This is experimental and will likely be changed when there is official Real Solar System support. F
  8. Thanks! Yes it's on CKAN, although 1.11 compatibility relies on a few mods that don't officially support it yet. I haven't noticed any serious problems except with Restock. Restock doesn't understand the revamped RCS blocks or HG-5 antenna yet. You will need to add some temporary patches to use them until it gets updated to 1.11 Create a Restock whitelist file (e.g. patches.restockwhitelist) somewhere in your GameData folder Squad/Parts/Utility/DirectAntennas/HGAntenna_v2 Squad/Parts/Utility/DirectAntennas/MiniAntenna Squad/Parts/Utility/rcsBlockRV-105_v2/ Create or add to a p
  9. FYI, I've been able to replicate the problem (or at least *a* problem). I'm still looking at it but I think it's because the RP-1 menu is trying to load maintenance costs info but doesn't have any in sandbox mode. I didn't see it initially because I almost always load a career game and if you load a career game first THEN a sandbox game, it won't glitch. You can try this as a temporary workaround while I fix this.
  10. Is 1.11.1 a pre-release? It is supposed to be working and does in my 1.11 test game. Any chance you can make the KSP.log file available?
  11. I've been noodling around with an idea to use the new inventory system to add modules to parts by installing inventory items. It was inspired by the new evaExperiment, where an inventory item gatekeeps a module. 1.11 does this in a very simple way where having the item in inventory simply enables an existing experiment module. The full idea would basically be a way to create modular parts where a part isn't much more than an empty shell and the inventory items add the functionality you would want. A part would be created from the physical part (say an Octo probe shell) with a bunch of
  12. Now that Kopernicus more or less supports it I've been playing with adding Breaking Ground planetary features (ROCs) to RSS. I've simply remapped their locations and changed the descriptions to match their new homes. They seem to work well (except Earth/Kerbin features which don't show) but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the devs are working on or interested in official support for this.
  13. It uses the standard RealSolarSystem scale which is 140km. It only rescales stock and stockalike parts so they are more more less real world size/mass/performance. It's basically just a way to play a lightweight version of RP-1.
  14. Thanks for the help! It looks like these changes uncovered an existing bug in my techtree config that was ignored in older KSP versions. The lunarOrbiterCapsules RDNode had a broken 'Parent' node which caused all kinds of strange behavior, including with KerbalismConfig. The original RP-1 techtree is fine so I must have introduced it when I converted it to the LRTR mod. Again, thanks for looking at it.
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