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  1. v1.7.1 has been released and should appear on CKAN soon. It makes the following changes: Support for Modular Launch Pads Support for Shuttle Orbital Construction Kit Fixes a bug with B9PartSwitch fuel tanks that could double the dry mass of these parts
  2. It's a bug in my rescale.cfg file. The rescaler increases the dry mass to account for the size change to the part minus some for the too high Kerbal default mass fraction. At the end of it all this increases the dry mass by 2.4 from the stock part. The rescaler is applying this mass change twice to NearFuture parts (and possibly others using the B9PartSwitch mod). I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to fix this bug but I'll definitely add it to the next update. You can temporarily fix this with a custom MM patch. @PART[nflv-fueltank*]:AFTER[zLRTR] { @mass /= 2.4 } It's a b
  3. It's a combo of Kerbalism and how contracts work. Kerbalism won't tell the contract system you have done the science until you have done 100% (so 90 days). In practice this means you need solar panels to complete the contract. Historically this makes sense since the early satellites that this contract models had solar power (Vanguard 1 and Sputnik 3). I debated locking the contract until early solar panels was researched because it's such an important requirement, but RP-1 doesn't do this and there are some very early command parts in some mods with solar panels built in so it's poss
  4. Thanks! Very cool. Yeah half the reason I built it was my MacPotato Pro tried to set itself on fire every time I tried to run RP-1.
  5. Sure, but I don't have a current save that has one. I can put one together in sandbox but it'll take a few days before I can get to it. In the mean time a few 'tricks' that may make it work: Use 6 Mastodon engines on the first stage instead of 5. The KSP version of the F-1 is slightly smaller and weaker than the real F-1 when scaled up and I don't want to hand tune any of the parts (I'm lazy and it's just too much work). This gives a good approximation for the S-IC stage. Try for around 2m30s burn time. Use the Wolfhound for the S-II and S-IVB stages instead of the Skiff. Th
  6. Sadly no. RO is basically an all-or-nothing deal and it would take way too much work to fit these parts back into regular KSP.
  7. Well I did, but I built the mod :-) You need either Making History or Restock+ but with that you can do a credible Saturn V/Apollo mission.
  8. That's normal. The RP-1 tech tree is fairly extensive and if you have just the basic install there are empty gaps. If you start adding various parts mods it will begin to fill out. The career game is balanced with the full tech tree so (at least for me) it tracks very closely with real time events. A good check to make sure it's working as intended: The LV-T30 Reliant shows up in Basic Rocketry and the LV-T45 Swivel shows up in 1956-7 Orbital Rocketry but Early Rocketry is empty. I play a pretty barebones career and don't use extra parts mods so in my 'head canon' I see the empt
  9. I'm working on a rescaling mod (Less Real Than Realism) for RSS. It rescales nearly any stock and stockalike part to real size and Waterfall is a fantastic addition. It's almost trivial to scale existing Waterfall visual effects to full size and StockWaterfallEffects looks great when scaled up. However I've run into a problem with some of these engine cfgs. Some of them use :FINAL, and because of the tyranny of alphabetic ordering I can't rescale them since the StockWaterfallEffects FINAL directive will always apply after anything I can add. Can you think of a good workaround for
  10. Is it possible it's been disabled from the KCT icon on the KSC scene? If the KCT icon is visible on the toolbar in the KSC view, right click and see if the button has been pressed.
  11. I mentioned it before but Carnasa has a nice (and new!) video.
  12. The reSTOCK SSME is now closer to the real world engine, although it is slightly more powerful (done on purpose for game balance). I also fixed the docking port scaling problem you mentioned. Thanks for your help with this! One thing to keep in mind: this mod isn't intended to be real world accurate. RealismOverhaul will do that far better than I ever could. Mostly I try for game balance and a sense of immersion for the career game. If there's are specific parts you think break game balance or immersion let me know. Feedback like this is very helpful.
  13. v1.7 is now out. It adds support for FarFuture, some of the NearFuture mods (more to follow?), reDIRECT, BARIS, and all their supporting mods.
  14. Thanks! I'll take a look at this in my evening (I'm in Seattle). This should be a fairly easy fix and I'll put it in the next update I'm working on.
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