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  1. For anyone who is interested, I've just updated the Less Real than Real(ism) mod to support KSRSS as well as RSS. The this is a beta release and only supports KSP 1.12.x Less Real than Real(ism) is basically a simplified and more 'Kerbal' version RP-1 without Realism Overhaul. It supports lots of mods but is really designed to be run as lightweight as possible. This is definitely an early beta. It's feature complete but there are certainly many rough edges, especially with the contracts in KSRSS. The LRTR KerbalismConfig for this isn't quite ready yet but should be out soon. I have only done basic testing with KSRSS so there are probably some issues. One big one is the default Kerbal Construction Time preset is geared toward RSS time so build times are ridiculously long. The quick and dirty fix is to open up the KCT Settings (the gear icon in the KCT window) click on the show/hide formulas button and add (without quotes) '6*' to the beginning of the NodeFormula and BuildRate text boxes. (i.e. 6*(2.5+...).
  2. For anyone who is interested, I've just finished the first beta version of what is basically v2.0 of LRTR [now with even less realism!] This is a ground up rewrite using the latest branch of RP-1. This includes lots of bug fixes and several new features. It's different enough that it will likely break previous saves and it also requires KSP 1.12.x. This is definitely a beta release. It should be feature complete but there are likely some rough edges, specially for KSRSS. Also, not all of the dependencies are updated to 1.12 yet. Use with caution. https://github.com/pehvbot/LRTR/releases/tag/v2.0.0-beta.1 The biggest changes are: Uses the RP-1 branch of KerbalConstructionTIme, so stock KCT now conflicts with this version. Supports both RSS and KSRSS, with partial support for other solar systems (no contract support yet) Better support for 'unsupported' mods, helped with some under the hood changes to the tech tree. Added optional support for the stock alarm clock. Updated how X-Planes work A different dependency list ModuleManager ClickThroughBlocker CustomBarnKit ContractConfigurator DMagicScienceAnimate MagiCore ModularFlightIntegrator Some of the major bug fixes: Fixed support for part upgrades (including RealFuel-stock, and Bluedog parts) Fixed rescaled drag cubes Fixed BodyScienceParams.cfg so it gets properly applied Cleaned up the science parts a bit. If you are using Real Solar System, the RSS Datetime formatter isn't ready for 1.12 yet. User PiezPiedPy has created an unofficial version, but keep in mind this is not supported by the current devs. The official version will likely need to wait until RealismOverhaul goes to 1.12
  3. Less Real Than Real(ism) supports NF in Real Solar System. It's basically a somewhat simplified version of RP-1 without RO. It rescales stock and stockalike parts. The parts have real world-ish performance but it's still a lot more 'Kerbal' than RO.
  4. I would like to create contracts that look for parts in the stock inventory system, something like: PARAMETER { name = PartValidation type = PartValidation // other parameters // inventory = none | all | only //defaults to none but can search through all parts and inventories or just inventories (i.e. not active parts) } My questions to the dev(s): I'm pretty sure I can add something like this by extending CC but before I dive in, is some sort of inventory validation being considered or worked on? If not is this something you would want to include into the base CC as a pull request?
  5. Thanks! It's great getting a second pair of eyes on this. I took these numbers directly from the original RSS rescaler and never dug into them at all. I think you are right. I know very little about drag cubes but yeah, if I understand them correctly it breaks down into 8 sets of three numbers. The first 6 sets are area, drag coefficient, depth for each 'facing' so yes it should be area*2.56, drag coefficient unchanged, depth*1.6 for each set. The last two sets are bounds center and bounds extents which I think are correctly calculated at * 1.6 per axis. But a lot of this is black magic for me, so I could be wrong.
  6. You can simply copy the entire game folder to anywhere you like. KSP doesn't do copy protection so you don't need to go through Steam to launch it. You can find the folder by going to Properties->Manage->Show local files. Many players have several installs. Once you copy it, you can then create a fresh install by uninstalling the old (now copied) version and reinstalling.
  7. You definitely need 1.10.1 (or some earlier versions). From you Steam Library, right click on Kerbal Space Program->Properties->Betas and select 1.10.1 from the pulldown.
  8. I removed oxygen from the first cockpit part to model altitude limits because I didn't like how RP-1 did things but RP-1 has updated their module. I haven't looked at it closely yet but it should allow parts to be set to arbitrary altitudes. I think the best approach is to raise the max altitude to 40km and return the oxygen. It does make X-planes slightly easier but the new RP-1 removes low altitude science, so it's a good tradeoff. Good to know you can get supersonic using second tier engines.
  9. Yeah, that's one of my 'known problem' problems. Given this mod needs to work with basically stock KSP parts there's a big gap along the spaceplane branch of the tech tree. There are only two single seat cockpits but 3-4 technical leaps. Right now it is configured to go from Bell X-1 equivalent to X-20 Dyna-soar equivalent. Solutions include: Keeping it as is and maybe add some text in the contract to warn folks about the technology gap. Setting the service ceiling for the first cockpit to say 40,000m which would put it somewhere around the Bell X-2. Adding upgrade options to the existing parts to increase service ceiling. They all have some issues. Setting the service ceiling higher makes it easy to run some of the early X-Plane contracts, adding upgrades creates quite a bit of complexity when my goal was to keep things a simple as possible, and keeping things as they are has the problems you mentioned. One extra wrinkle is that the new RP-1 contract tree requires air breathing jets for the level flight supersonic contracts and I'm not sure yet whether stock parts as they are set in the tech tree can even do this. I'll need to give this a good think. If you have any ideas or suggestions on this let me know.
  10. I did some quick and dirty experiments and it seemed to work well for KSRSS. So the only real issue with JNSQ are the RP-1 style contracts. The contracts are hard coded for RSS bodies so it would take some surgery to get them to work in a different solar system. That may be a 'project for later'. The next version is a more or less ground up rebuild and I'll be adding full KSRSS support. In that case JNSQ would definitely work if you used a different contract tree.
  11. Thanks for the feedback and info. Yeah, those problems have probably been there since forever, but it probably needs to be fixed. I'm currently working on a more or less complete rewrite for 1.12.x so I'll try to roll the fixes into the new version.
  12. Unlikely but you don't really need a full mod, you can do this with a simple ModuleManager patch. You can improve deltaV in three ways: Lower mass: This is the equivalent of using lighter materials for your parts. It has limits since you get to 0 mass eventually but it definitely works. Increase engine thrust. This allows you to add more fuel per engine. You can increase fuel density at the same time if you want to keep your craft about the same size. Increase ISP. This improves engine performance so you get better deltaV with the same fuel and mass You can of course use some combo of each. Some examples of each: //reduces mass for all parts to 90% of the original mass. Change the number for different percentages //you can restrict it to specific parts or part types if you want but you will need to learn a bit of MM //patching @PART[*] { @mass *= 0.9 } //engine thrust increase. It's a bit complicated to cover for some mods that do their own engine thrust. //in this case it's taken from the LRTR mod so the 2.56 is going from kerbal size thrust to real world //thrust. Just change 2.56 to a number that works for you. @PART[*] { @MODULE,*:HAS[#name[ModuleEngines*]] { @maxThrust *= 2.56 @UPGRADES { @UPGRADE,* { @maxThrust *= 2.56 } } } @MODULE,*:HAS[#name[ModuleB9PartSwitch]] { @SUBTYPE,*:HAS[@MODULE] { @MODULE { @DATA:HAS[#maxThrust] { @maxThrust *= 2.56 } } } } @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { @CONFIG,*:HAS[#maxThrust] { @maxThrust *= 2.56 } } } //improves ISP across all altitudes by 10% (the 1.1 part). Note, this will only work for stock-ish engines. //It won't work for those using the B9 part switcher for example. I don't have an exmple of this and can't //be arsed to do it now. This can be your excercise for home use if you like. //NOTE: It's exludes the Dart Toriodal engine because it does things differently and again, can't be arsed to fix it. @PART[*]:HAS[~name[toroidalAerospike]] { @MODULE,*:HAS[#name[ModuleEngines*]] { @atmosphereCurve { @key,0 ^= :0 :: @key,0 *= 1.1 @key,0 ^= :^:0 : @key,1 ^= :1 :: @key,1 *= 1.1 @key,1 ^= :^:1 : } } } Keep in mind, making any patch that works with every mod out there is tricky and these are just some examples. In particular the B9 part switcher requires a bit of tweaking to get right. If you are not sure how Module Manager patches work or how to use them, there are lots of tutorials out there but the basic idea is you: Install ModuleManager Use a text editor (Not a word processor!) to create or copy a patch like the one above Save it to your KSP GameData folder somewhere and name it with the .cfg extension. So you might call it 'enginetweak.cfg'. You can create your own folder inside of GameData (i.e. GameData\Capybara) and put it in there to keep things neat. Good luck!
  13. I'm making an update to my mod that will likely break old saves and also has dependencies that conflict with the old version. This will be for 1.12 only so the old version should stick around in case folks want to use earlier KSP versions. What is the best approach for adding it to CKAN? As an update with new metadata or as a 'new' mod with the old one frozen at the last maintenance version? Thanks.
  14. I've been tinkering with adding KSRSS support to the Less Real Than Realism mod. This would add the RP-1 tech tree, contracts, crew training times, and science to KSRSS (basically RP-1 Lite). This would be part of a ground up rebuild of LRTR targeted for version 1.12.x only, so it would need to wait for KSRSS to be updated to 1.12 before it could be an 'official' release. I'm using the beta build with 1.12 so it does work, at least unofficially. Do you think folks would be interested in this?
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