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  1. That was sort of my thinking. My hope is that because a module is written in the cargo part cfg, it avoids that issue. On load the code would simply (ha!) insert any tagged modules of cargo parts into the containing part. The part in effect is the module, so it automatically gets added while in inventory. If you were able to at least insert part modules dynamically that's promising. I know basically nothing about C# or Unity so nearly all of my KSP coding has been at the 'banging on it with a rock until it stops moving' phase. I'm hoping to progress to at least the 'poking it with a
  2. Version 1.6 has been released. The release includes Misc bug fixes for 1.11 Fixes problem with the RP-1 command window in Sandbox and Science mode not displaying Adds a new command part (The Telemetry Launch Control Unit - TLC) an in-line part for early sounding rockets. Adds experimental support for Breaking Ground surface features which can be enabled in the config.cfg file. You can now play with Breaking Ground surface features scattered across the solar system. This is experimental and will likely be changed when there is official Real Solar System support. F
  3. Thanks! Yes it's on CKAN, although 1.11 compatibility relies on a few mods that don't officially support it yet. I haven't noticed any serious problems except with Restock. Restock doesn't understand the revamped RCS blocks or HG-5 antenna yet. You will need to add some temporary patches to use them until it gets updated to 1.11 Create a Restock whitelist file (e.g. patches.restockwhitelist) somewhere in your GameData folder Squad/Parts/Utility/DirectAntennas/HGAntenna_v2 Squad/Parts/Utility/DirectAntennas/MiniAntenna Squad/Parts/Utility/rcsBlockRV-105_v2/ Create or add to a p
  4. FYI, I've been able to replicate the problem (or at least *a* problem). I'm still looking at it but I think it's because the RP-1 menu is trying to load maintenance costs info but doesn't have any in sandbox mode. I didn't see it initially because I almost always load a career game and if you load a career game first THEN a sandbox game, it won't glitch. You can try this as a temporary workaround while I fix this.
  5. Is 1.11.1 a pre-release? It is supposed to be working and does in my 1.11 test game. Any chance you can make the KSP.log file available?
  6. I've been noodling around with an idea to use the new inventory system to add modules to parts by installing inventory items. It was inspired by the new evaExperiment, where an inventory item gatekeeps a module. 1.11 does this in a very simple way where having the item in inventory simply enables an existing experiment module. The full idea would basically be a way to create modular parts where a part isn't much more than an empty shell and the inventory items add the functionality you would want. A part would be created from the physical part (say an Octo probe shell) with a bunch of
  7. Now that Kopernicus more or less supports it I've been playing with adding Breaking Ground planetary features (ROCs) to RSS. I've simply remapped their locations and changed the descriptions to match their new homes. They seem to work well (except Earth/Kerbin features which don't show) but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the devs are working on or interested in official support for this.
  8. It uses the standard RealSolarSystem scale which is 140km. It only rescales stock and stockalike parts so they are more more less real world size/mass/performance. It's basically just a way to play a lightweight version of RP-1.
  9. Thanks for the help! It looks like these changes uncovered an existing bug in my techtree config that was ignored in older KSP versions. The lunarOrbiterCapsules RDNode had a broken 'Parent' node which caused all kinds of strange behavior, including with KerbalismConfig. The original RP-1 techtree is fine so I must have introduced it when I converted it to the LRTR mod. Again, thanks for looking at it.
  10. The latest update v1.5.1 reverts the techTree config file back to one that works in 1.10 and lower. 1.11 is not supported yet. My apologies for my overly enthusiastic update
  11. Thanks for the info! Frustratingly, I am getting wildly inconsistent results. I'm beginning to suspect a ModuleManager issue. In the previous version as well as the original RP-1 version worked fine in 1.10 or less. The code was very similar to your solution above but with !RDNode,* {} sitting inside the same patch that adds in the RP-1 tech tree instead of being its own patch. I changed it to -TechTree {} because I was getting very strange tech tree behavior in 1.11 and this *seemed* to fix it. In theory removing the TechTree node and adding it back in with a MM patch should w
  12. It's actually the opposite. The RP-1 tech tree is completely bespoke and gets disabled by having Community Tech Tree installed so folks who want to use a different tech tree can do that. However I just ran into the problem you described testing the v1.5 on a clean 1.11 install. It worked when I created the update and strangely it seems to have fixed itself after rebuilding the Module Manager cache. I'm not sure why it broke or why it is working now. I need to do some more digging on this. I'll respond as soon as I get a stable version.
  13. Version 1.5 has been released. This version adds preliminary support for KSP 1.11. It also adds support for Procedural Wings and the Waterfall engine effects mod https://github.com/pehvbot/LRTR/releases/tag/v1.5 In addition it rebalances the 'Aeronautics' branch of the tech tree, making X-Planes more viable in early game. EDIT: I should add Waterfall requires the Restock config since all it does is properly scale the effects for rescaled parts.
  14. I've tried it with both and it seems to be fine. If there are problems I haven't found them yet.
  15. This is just a guess, but I *think* you could extract the stock KerbalismConfig/System/ScienceRework directory and replace the /System/Science folder in the LRTR config. You just need to disable the Science node in the LRTR/config.cfg file. You will also need to dig through the /Support directory to find and science mods you are using. There's a non-zero chance you add in some glitches if you include mods that have both science parts and other types of parts. Use at your own risk!
  16. Happy to include any techtree changes, especially currently unsupported mods. I haven't tried Procedural Wings yet but it's likely to have all the same UPGRADE issues and patches. I'm happy to add it to the list though.
  17. 1. I’m guessing the config file was overwritten because the new one added a new config element. I never thought about this problem. I’ll be sure to warn folks if I do that again. 2. The tech tree was lifted directly from RP-1 and is really designed for more parts than a stock game. In my ‘head canon’ I thought of the empty nodes as just necessary development that didn’t lead to manufactured parts. I’ll take a look at the mod to see if it just needs to understand the RP-1 tree. 3. That was lifted directly from RP-1 as well. I never use them so I never thought about it. It would b
  18. Thanks for the feedback! I don't really have much of a plan for adding support other than specific requests or finding a mod and going 'hey, this looks interesting...' Any/all feedback is welcome. In general adding a parts oriented mod goes something like this: Load it 'as is' and see if the parts are being properly rescaled (some parts just don't rescale, especially if they use custom mods internally) Do a sanity check on engines and tanks to make sure they are getting the correct volume and thrust adjustments Looping through these steps to get things 'right' C
  19. I’m 99 % sure this is KerbalismConfig replacing the stock solar panels with its own mod. Take a look at KerbalismConfig/System/Misc.cfg. I don’t know what the fix is.
  20. Yeah, once you have 3 or more mods all with their own changes, things get a little crazy. Throw your own changes into the mix and you can get an almost random set of results. I feel like sometimes I install the exact same mods with the same versions in the same order, and get different results. For RealAntennas I think it's slightly easier to patch the existing PARTUPGRADE nodes directly since it means you don't need to re-insert the upgrades, but honestly it's nearly functionally identical. I'm testing something like this: @PARTUPGRADE[commsTL1] { @techRequired = lunarRangeComms
  21. The LRTRStock profile is actually cribbed from the RO Kerbalism profile by Standecco (although it uses an earlier out of date version). It's much closer to reality than the...er... less real LRTRSimple profile. It already uses real world processes to create the stock resources. For example, it uses the sabateir reaction (CO2+Water) to generate LiquidFuel. It would be easy to add in some cfgs to check if RealFuels is installed and to update the production of the LRTRStock profile to create the real fuels. Updating to the latest RO profile is on my list and should iron out some of the roug
  22. Nope, it's kind of its own thing. It sits somewhere between stock and Simplex in terms of complexity. My goal was to make ISRU useful in a minimal LRTR install. It cuts down resources you can mine to Water and Ore. With these you can produce any of the consumables (Oxygen, Hydrogen, LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, Monopropellant, Fertilizer). The LRTRStock profile does basically same things, but just does them with more steps and mined resources. It would be trivially easy to mod it to produce HydroLox, MethaLox, or Hydrozine instead of LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, and Monopropellant and get someth
  23. Version 1.3 is available. It's mostly small bug fixes. It also adds ISRU support. Version 0.7 of the KerbalismConfig is also out and has some major changes. It has two profiles, LRTRSimple (the default) and LRTRStock. LRTRSimple is a complete rebuild and may break existing games. The new profile simplifies resources a bit, adds ISRU support, and makes the Greenhouse useful again. The LRTRStock profile *should* fix Greenhouses but I haven't fully tested it yet.
  24. Yep, you just need to make sure it patches after the tech tree changes and doesn't include the external seat. LRTR also has the RP-1 training times. The earliest one it uses is the X-1. If you look under LRTR/support you can see how I've done it for each parts mod. I don't know of any best practices guidelines. I know from personal experience I would go through a lifecycle that started organized, got less and less organized as I added things until it became unmanageable, then I would go through and redo everything. By then I started to have a better idea of what I wanted to do. I ju
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