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  1. You may want to wait even longer on this. I was wrong about it :-) You can adjust things by messing with the inclination settings, but you need to change basically all of the planets to make things work. My understanding is KSP1 doesn't support axial tilt, so to fake it RSS messes with the axial tilt inclination of every body in the system. You could just change the Moon's inclination to match the Earth, (i.e. to 23.44603795469773) and I *think* that would work, but that has other undesired affects. Really though, if you are trying to go to the Moon, it's better to understand how the launch windows work. It's a bit of a read but this has lots of cool info: Basically you choose the right time and direction and launch straight into that orbit. So no inclination changes needed. The easiest way I know is to wait for a launch window that is 90deg (i.e. due east. I said west earlier but that's just because I'm a dyslexic idiot). To do this you target the Moon and wait for the target or anti-target marker in the nav ball to be right on top of the level maker. Just launch (...checks hands to make sure) right and you are good to go.
  2. I've never tried this but if you dig into the /GameData/RealSolarSystem/RSSKopernicus/Earth/Earth.cfg file there's a line called 'inclination'. You could try setting it to 0. I have literally no idea if this will do what you want but hey, it's worth a shot. just change this: inclination = 23.44603795469773 to this: inclination = 0.0 //23.44603795469773 If you've never edited a cfg file there are some quick tutorials on line about modding KSP. Basically all you need is a text editor.
  3. There's a bit to unpack here but I would start by saying: Learn to love the axial tilt! The real question is, what is the specific problem you are having? The Earth's axial tilt itself doesn't really affect things much. All Earth orbits are with respect to Earth itself so its tilt makes no difference at all. If you are going interplanetary, your orbit makes very, very little difference so again the tilt doesn't matter. I can only think of two problems and one of them not even related to axial tilt: The first is geostationary orbits. The default launch location is the real KSC in Florida at about 28deg north of the equator. Geostationary launches are more expensive since you need to adjust that 28 degrees. This just makes it a little more expensive in fuel. Just remember to adjust your normal/anti-normal as far from Earth as you can as this will make it cheaper. You can also use a mod to add more space centers and pick one closer to the equator. The second is lunar missions have a narrow launch window caused by both the axial tilt and launch location. There is an easy trick here though. Put your craft on the launch pad, target the Moon, and wait for the Target or Anti-Target markers to be on top of the position (level) marker. Once it's very close launch due west. This will put your craft on the same plane as the lunar orbit. From there you just pick the right time to burn prograde. You will get a launch window once every 2 weeks or so. There are other ways to get there, but this is the easiest.
  4. Kerbalism should just pick up science experiments from their previous amount. It takes a few flights to get full science but that's definitely a feature not a bug. Make sure you have 3.2 since that has a much better science module. If it's not picking things up at the point you left off, there may be something wrong with the install or it might be an older KerbalismConfig folder. Are you using this one?:
  5. It's a little self promotional but you could try this: It rescales stock parts to something like realistic size/mass/performance, supports a few popular stock part mods, and gives the full RP-1 experience with a lot less of the realism. If you don't want the contracts or tech tree, you can just extract the two config files from the root folder (lrtr-part-tweaks.cfg and lrtr-resize.cfg) and put them somewhere in your GameData folder.
  6. I can't speak to the RP-0 devs, but I've been working on a RSS/stock parts rescale mod and ran into a nasty bug for Breaking Ground robotic parts. Basically while in the VAB any parts attached to a Breaking Ground robotic part will have the robotic part's rescale factor (kerbal parts need to be 1.6 larger to make them 'real' sized) to its children, but only when placing parts a 'copy' (i.e. alt-click) of a part or a part in symmetry mode. This means if you make the robotic parts 'real' sized all the parts it's attached to 'blow up' in size when building with them. Attached parts become 1.6x larger for no good reason. The strange thing is, this only happens in the VAB/SPH. When you launch the craft, the parts go back to normal size. It make building things very difficult though. You can still use the parts at their default size, but that means they are kinda puny for RSS.
  7. LRTR is a less real than real(ism) mod for Kerbal Space Program to allow you to to play a Real Solar System RP-1 game with stock and stock-alike parts and without Realism Overhaul. At it's core it is a modified version of RP-1 plus a resizing mod to make parts something close to realistic in size, mass, and performance. It is intended to be as light weight as possible and to be a lot more 'Kerbal' than the full RO/RP-1. The resizing mod is a complete refactor of the Realism Overhaul ROMini.cfg file that's been cleaned up and modernized. RP-1 has been simplified a little and the contracts have been modified to make them a little bit simpler and a little bit more 'Kerbal'. CREDITS: This is basically a derivative work. The core functionality is from the RP-0 devs (, much of the KerbalsimConfig file comes from Standecco et. al ( It pulls in parts from several other mods including Bluedog, Ven's Stock Revamp, Coatl Aerospace, and DMagic Orbital Science. All the bugs however are entirely my own. Download for v1.2 here: Download KerbalismConfig v0.5 here: Code found here: Minimum Install: DMagicScienceAnimate Module Manager Real Solar System Contract Configurator Custom Barn Kit Kerbal Construction Time* *not required by CKAN yet, but it's needed Suggested Mods: ReStock/RestockPlus Scrapyard/OhScrap Kerbalism using above LRKerbalism KerbalismConfig link MechJeb Supported Parts Mods: Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares Spacecraft Completely Non-Aggressive Rocketry (V-2) FASA Light Snacks! SMURFF Procedural Parts Procedural Fairings Modular Fuel Tanks TantaresLV RealFuels-Stock more to follow...(?) Unsupported Parts Mods: SimpleAdjustableFairings (won't rescale correctly, excluded from rescaler) SSTU (some parts won't rescale correctly, those are excluded from rescaler) Notes: -It also should work with SMURFF although I haven't tested this for game balance. -It's still in development so it's likely the tech tree still needs to be balanced a little -Other stock-alike part mods *should* work, but because RP-1 uses a custom tech tree, the parts may not be in the right place for game balance. Known Issues: -Breaking Ground is not yet fully supported. There is a bug with resizing Breaking Ground robotic parts so hinges, rotors, etc are currently not being resized and ground features are waiting on updates from Kopernicus. -Kerbals on EVA 'hover' above ladders -I'm sure there will be some resizing bugs with untested mods. If you find one let me know. Give it a try and let me know what you think! [6/23/20] Add support for Procedural Fairings, LantaresLV, and Modular Fuel Tanks. [3/30/20] Added support for Procedural Parts. Fixed cartoonishly low dry mass for fuel tanks, misc bug fixes. [3/18/20] Kerbal Construction Time is a dependency right now. [2/4/20] Version 1.0 updated for KSP 1.8.1. This has many updates, including: - added feature to extend retirement dates for 'Veteran' crew. This allows Jeb, Val, Bob, and Bill to make it to the moon landing era. There is also a chance normal crew can become veterans and pushing back their retirement dates. - added feature to shorten recovery time for Bad Ass crew as well as add a small chance normal crew can become Bad Asses based on the difficulty of the mission. - added ability to enable/disable core features such as custom tech tree, custom science, etc in the config.cfg file [12/10/19] v0.4 cleans up some tech tree issues and brings things closer to the RP-1 1.1.2 release. KerbalismConfig 0.2 fixes some science problems. Adds support for FASA Light parts mod.
  8. The next test release is out, mostly updating the KerbalismConfig folder to 3.1 and adding Bluedog DB support.
  9. Thanks! It's got bare bones support, but none of it has been fully tested. Most of the parts seem to resize correctly (I haven't tested all of them) and the tanks have believable, if not historically accurate mass/fuel numbers for the various fuels. The engines and tanks use a custom upgrade/variant module for variants but it seems to work. One issue this mod has is with tech tree parts placement. LRTR uses the the custom RP-1 tech tree so every single part needs to be manually moved to a tech node and well... there are a lot of them. I've scripted it so they wind up somewhere reasonable, but they really need to be placed with more care. If you get bored, load it up and see what happens. It *might* work. This is definitely still a work in progress and any feedback would be helpful, especially for mods I don't normally use. [EDIT] It looks like RP-1 has already sorted into the tech tree. I'll use their data to place the parts and see what happens... If it works I'll add it to the next version.
  10. In case anyone is interested, I've released the first beta version. It's more or less feature complete for the core game and has a small amount of support for parts mods. Future changes will be restricted to tech tree changes and adding support for part mods. This shouldn't break existing games. Breaking Ground is only partially supported right now. There's a game bug for robotic parts which means they can't be resized. Anyway, here you go:
  11. LRTR is a less real than real(ism) mod for Kerbal Space Program to allow you to to play a Real Solar System RP-1 game without Realism Overhaul. At it's core it is a modified version of RP-1 plus a resizing mod to make parts something close to realistic in size, mass, and performance. It is intended to be as light weight as possible and to be more 'Kerbal' than the full RO/RP-1. It's early in development and has only been tested on KSP 1.6.1 and 1.7.3. (1.8 will need to wait for Kopernicus). The resizing mod is a complete refactor of the Realism Overhaul ROMini.cfg file that's been cleaned up and modernized. RP-1 has been simplified a little and the contracts have been modified to make them a little bit simpler and a little bit more 'Kerbal'. It's already playable as is and should also work with SMURFF instead of the built in resize mod (although this hasn't been tested for game balance). CREDITS: This is basically a derivative work. The core functionality is from the RP-0 devs (, much of the KerbalsimConfig file comes from Standecco et. al ( All the bugs however are entirely my fault. Download for v0.2 here: Adds some parts mod supports and plays with the tech tree some more. Code found here: Minimum Install: LRTR and DMagicScienceAnimate folders above Module Manager Real Solar System Contract Configurator Custom Barn Kit - RO build (not rated for 1.7.3 but seems to work fine) Restock/Restock+ (needed for some mission critical parts) Suggested Mods: Kerbal Construction Time Scrapyard/OhScrap Kerbalism using included KerbalismConfig folder Punch list includes: -Continue to rebalance tech tree. It uses the custom RP-1 tech tree which doesn't match the canonical formats. It's mostly balanced up to first manned flight but after that... who knows. -Add more RP-1 features to various parts. -Add life support mods, probably Kerbalism first [done!] , maybe Snacks! just to keep a simple option available. -Test with Breaking Ground [10/25/19 Turns out the robotic parts glitch in the VAB when resized. It applies it's resize to all it's children, making them re-resized. It's normal once you leave the VAB, but makes building things impossible.] -Add code to 'gracefully' add stockalike parts to the tech tree somewhere useful (currently they just get ignored). [Done! parts should wind up *somehwhere* in the tech tree, although it may not be the best place] -Test and properly add parts mods as time and interest allows. -Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes, and probably bug fixes. Also bug fixes. Since this is intended to be as simple and 'Kerbal' as possible, I probably won't be testing things like Real Fuel or procedural parts mods. I'm not sure how TweakScale will work with the built in resizer but in theory you can use SMURFF instead, which seems to play nice with it already. Comments, suggesting, etc are of course welcome and encouraged. [10/31/19] -- There's now a KerbalismConfig file for LRTR on the github page. It's a mix of stock Kerbalism and the ROKerbalism config. -- LRTR now attempts to place non-configured parts somewhere in the tech tree. -- Some adjustments to the parts in the tech tree. I expect more as I playtest. [11/8/19] -- Added partial support for Bluedog Design Bureau in resizer (not fully tested, some known bugs), mostly to 'stress test' the resizer. -- Refactored all the RP-0 code, removed Avionics and Tooling parts -- Lots of small changes to resizer and contracts [11/18/19] -- Finished support for Bluedog DB, added support for Completely Non-aggressive Rocketry V2. -- Updated KerbalismConfig to 3.1 [11/24/19] RELEASED!
  12. A tiny bit off topic but I've been messing around with using RP-0 without Realism Overhaul, something I've been calling Less Real Than Real(ism). It uses RSS with upsized and slightly adjusted stock parts, a subset of game play mods (Kerbal Construction Time, Kerbalism, etc) and a suitably hacked contract and tech tree. While still basically a prototype, it seems to work pretty well. Progression matches the real world fairly well and I've been able to get it to model US, Soviet, and proposed/imagined missions in a 'less real' but still real-ish way. This is definitely a light weight mod (by Realism/RP-0 standards anyway) with a much more 'Kerbal' feel; stock fuels, fewer parts, no procedural parts, etc. I'm thinking of making it a real mod. It's a big project to make it ready for prime time so I guess I'm just trying to gauge interest. I would also want to get the blessing from the RP-0 devs since I would be stealing (with attribution of course!) a big chunk of their work. So do you guys think there would be interest in something like this?
  13. I don't know about the other parts, but there's a bug in the cfg file for the LV-909. It has two lines of rescaleFactor = 1.0 which, as far as I can tell, cause it to not resize correctly. I was using a custom script rather than tweakscale so it may not be the same issue you are having, but try removing the extra line and see what happens.
  14. Your RO sounding rockets work better than mine
  15. I wanted to play career in RSS but didn't want to go full Realism (I like Kerbal parts and don't want to mess with fuel types, ullage, restarts, etc. I also wanted to use 1.4.x). I installed the ROMini.cfg patch to rescale and real-size the Kerbal parts. It seems to work well, mostly. Some of the Making History parts are glitchy but nothing you can't work around. The thing I was wondering is this: Does anyone know if there's an in game reason to have fuel tanks nearly double their fuel-to-mass ratio compared to similar real world tanks? A script modified LT-45 engine for example is a very close analog for an early Merlin 1 (very similar thrust and ISP), but it needs half the fuel mass to get the same burn time, thus giving it a huge boost in dV. It means you can get away with much lighter (and shorter!) rockets. Before I start messing around with the cfg file to get more realistic(ish) numbers I figured I would ask in case I'm missing some important point or my math is just crap and I'm wrong about the fuel/mass thing.
  16. No Contract - Hard Mode. Stock + KER and Alarm Clock. I just stumbled onto this post. I didn't even know the challenge was going on. I always liked playing low tech/restricted games and while waiting for Making History I decided to see how far I could get with no contracts in hard mode, or to see if it was even possible. It turns out it is. And once you can unlock Science Labs you can generate basically infinite amounts of money (all be it very slowly) so at that point the game is 'won'. The game went something like: LT series: Launch tests for science and the early distance and altitude records. Long Jump series: First suborbital launches, enough science for Science Jr. Phaeton series: First orbiter, first rendezvous, first Munar flyby. Phaeton II series: First Munar orbit, first Minmus flyby. Enough science for OCTO probe. Sunstrider probe: First solar orbit, communication lost no science. Mjolnir probe series: Soft crasher Mun and (later) Minmus probes. Mun probe damaged, no science. Minmus probe successful. UPGRADED TRACKING STATION Wanderer series: 'Dead stick' planetary flybys (no comms). Moho flyby (failed, total loss of mission), Eve flyby, Duna+Ike flybys (luck!), Jool flyby. Phaeton/KerLab: Phaeton II with docking port docks with KerLab module (modified Phaeton with probe core). First dock, first transfer, first station. Sent to Mun for firsts. Finally sent to Minmus for firsts. UPGRADED ASTRONAUT COMPLEX Phaeton/KerLab cont: EVAs in low Minmus orbit, returned to Kerbin. SCIENCE! UPGRADE LAUNCH PAD Monitor: Kerbin EVAs, Mun EVAs, Mun landing, walk, flag, and return. More SCIENCE! Phaeton III: Duna orbit, EVAs, return. Screwed up, should have added a 'lab' capsule for docking, transfer, station rewards. BEGAN LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE at 25% Discover: Jeb's one way trip to the Jool system in an uprated Phaeton plus docked 'KerLab' capsule. Orbit, dock, station, EVA + flybys of all the moons. I left him in low Jool orbit and was planning on mounting a rescue mission later. UPGRADE MISSION CONTROL (part way through the Discover mission making moon flyby planning possible). Phaeton III/EveLab: Eve orbit and return, EVA, docking/station/transfer, Gilly flyby. EveLab capsule configured as a probe dead stick lander with landing successful. UPGRADE R&D! (this is the game winner) MinStation/MEM: Science lab with Minmus excursion module plus extra fuel. Landing, walk, flags. Enough fuel for all biomes. Bob does science! That's basically where I stopped. I've cleared the Level 2 tech tree and am banking science for sale. I thought Jeb was in a safe orbit but he got kicked out of the Jool system during the other missions. Fortunately it was into a basically circular solar orbit so rescue actually got easier. I'm still limited to 30 part rockets and have only 200,000 left for future missions so it will need to wait. I would probably mount a cheap Duna landing and return and send some probes to the unvisited planets to get enough cash to upgrade the VAB. Torn about upgrading the Admin building. I want to start selling science but Leadership is a great bonus and very costly to enact. I don't want to give it up. I still have Jool moon orbits and landing, plus the other planets. Still lots of firsts to gather up. It may be cheaper to upgrade in order to sell the science. Lessons I learned: The docking/space station rewards are easily the best in terms of cost/benefit. Never unlock parts you absolutely don't need. I lost a bunch due to unlocking things I didn't REALLY need. The 30 part limit is a lot less limiting than I thought it would be. Lack of mission planning probably cost me around +20% delta-v for planetary missions. Don't do 'iffy' missions. I nearly went broke when my Moho mission failed. If the followup Eve mission failed, I would have been done (No Sell-Out was my only rule). If you are willing to leave your poor Kerbal in orbit, Jool is hugely valuable. Thuds suddenly became useful. I've literally never used them before but I found them very handy for adding a little oomph without too many parts.
  17. You are still using the old command pod. It's still in the game, just hidden and used so older builds don't break.