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  1. Hello, I would like to try IC but i can't get it to work, i might do some mistakes in the installation. Where exactly is supposed to go everything? I can't see specifications in any file but the obviously game data... the src file is supposed to go somewhere specific? into kopernicus? Because i tried to put it in a few places but nothing.. I'm not that dumb but apparently i managed to crash the game in more way i thought possible.. Is this plugin version locked? Because i'm trying 1.51 and 1.61. Sorry for the stupid question but I feel sooo stupid in this moment.
  2. Hello! I have been out of the ksp galaxy for a few solid months... Last time i was playing on 1.45 eheh... kerbalism has become my go to LS&more mod; so much so that i don't ever remember how stock background processing works... eheh (i should re-look into it). I would like to start a brand new career focused on interstellar colonization.. and even if everybody has suggested me USI for that i must admit i have never used it... xD but the logistic mechanics looks interesting to remove some micromanagement... BUTT; having said so.. Would be nice to have a Kerbalism adventure to the stars with Nertea's suite... (dunno maybe i like tens of dead ragdoll kerbals floating in space). So, anyone of you guys (&gals) know of some way to add another star system(s) compatible with kerbalism? All the planet pack i have seen just substitute the stock system with a new one, and a few (like TWB and KSS/GalaxiesUnbound) do not seem to have config for kerbalism at the moment.. (and changing a few config would not be that big of a problem... but i just started Javascript so i'm in no way a codemaster xD so if there are some patch already made i won't complain...) Thanks, and Fly safe!
  3. Hello, i have had a minor problem with CLS. All the parts i am using for a subassembly are passable in the VAB but somehow (moving some part around probably) a few became impassable and i didn't realized it until i was in flight.. i am trying to use KML to edit the config but still the CLS does not "extend" to the parts in question.. The same subassembly in the VAB simply needed to reattach the parts in question to be fully passable, so it was a "bug" of the subassembly. There is a way to change the CLS inflight? Otherwise i have to deorbit the subassembly and relaunch another one =( the Kermanity!! (the problem occurred beetween the octocore of USII and an adapter from SSPR.. but i have those same modules on the same vessel who are working just fine.. sooo) p.s. i think Jeb created an impassable wall with empty snacks box and didn't told me ERRATA CORRIGE: i cried wolf too soon; meddling in the config and rebooting corrected the issue
  4. Same here on 1.45. Well i have 130 mods so, i'm trying to exclude conflicts, at first i tested and seemed a problem linked to the SCALE of the model, some size broke immediately some didn't (well it made every vessel and planet kinda seethrough..) but has become clear that every vessel with a IR part will eventually break the game, it could last for a few minutes at times but when loaded it will eventually break. Seems to effect only loaded vessel, not vessel in physic range, not on rail not in the VAB/SHP. I'm gonna test on a clean 1.45.. let's see
  5. Hello guys! it's a few months that i'm not following this thread but seems time to go back again. At the moment i'm goofing around on a Kerbalism-centered 1.45 Career from scratch on a basic Kerbol Sistem. But I wanna, someday, start a career on a KSS gameplay (when is ready..) focused on permanent interstellar colonization. So..there is a plan for enabling permanent basis in KERBALISM in the future like in MKS? Or is MKS the only way to go? Because: a) never done a full career with mks b) i like the all background processing, integration with KPBS, Feline SSPR etcetc, BUT... still not been able to build permanent basis (not resources but "stress/radiation" related problem)... sooo... Any suggestion? Thank you again for all the work you guys are doing. And, as soon as i start my new IRL job i will surely as hell contribute wth some coffeedime! XD p.s. if i remember correctly there was a time in which freezing a kerbal "cured it" from stress and radio BUT i don't know if it's still the case, and it felt kinda cheaty... p.p.s. i was trying to modify the pathfinder inflatable module parameters to use them as inflatable temporary habitat for Kerbalism but i tend to break the config files xD does anyone knows some inflatable modules for Kerbalism?
  6. Great work on the new release! Just a point. Loading Screen Manager is no longer included by default right? Would be great to have some of those images back. They where so "inspiring". @StarCrusher96 Still need help with those creative writing? English might be my third language but i have 10 years of Monty Python worth of humour!
  7. @lordcirth thanks.. apparently never seen the percentile....
  8. Hello guys! Great mod! I really enjoy the slauthering of ker.... mmm challenges of Kerbalism: even if with it i'm gone no further than moon bases to test IRSU...(and sunbathing kerbals during a sunstorm for... "scientific purpose"?) the little fella was a little greener... One issue(maybe): seems i cannot see in flight how much time is left for the kerbals before stress emerges (a scroll down menù or a mousehover one).. or i missing something? And i still don't understand fully if switching vessel mid-flight affect it's stress (should as i understand but again no way to see). A hopefull suggestion: I know that Kerbal Star System will work toward Kerbalism integration in the future: but... would be great if one could build "permanent" bases on suitable *mmm citation needed* planets (oxygen, mass = kerbin) maybe mixing equipment with KPBS or CivPo.. just a suggestion.. unfortunately my code skills are struggling with JavaScript at the moment.. i cannot be very helpful in writing stuff that work.. xD
  9. I really wanna try this challenge but i need to figure out first why the plasma flux and antennas disappears from the VAB. Never tried MKS, only the other packs from RoverDude... Sounds interesting toh.. but i still wanna try this one with kerbalism and KPBS.. XP
  10. Hy everyone. FIrst, fantastic mod! Really great work! From planet texture to the overall idea! I am crunching together a bunch of mods to play with this Star System. BUT... I noticed that every time i install some of the USI plugin CCK, CRP (or others) the INMOD ENGINE and ANTENNA disappear... i tried moving files around but only crushed the game...any idea? Or i need to spend my next weekend learning how to make KSPIE work? xD Because at least the plasma engine was easy to use...