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  1. I looked back onto the .log file. Looks like I was out of memory the whole time Well thanks for some suggestions I'll try to clear out whatever may be using up a lot of my RAM Even though I clear out everything before hand
  2. I pretty sure 4gb of ram can even load the game. Though the problem with the intergrated Graphics Might be it. But, How was I able to load it up a couple months ago before Private Division Bought KSP Either they changed how KSP loads up. And or some other cause.
  3. If anyone has a good suggestion for a better PC than what I have under 500 USD

    Please Contact me on discord!



  4. PC specs (toaster box) 4GB Ram No VRAM Windows 7 Professional 32bit Pentium 2 cores 3.20 ghz For some reason once I try to load up KSP, It crashes soon after it gets done loading it does not display a pop-up message telling me that it has crashed, or any error code what so ever other than it plays the Windows Default error message I have also looked through the KSP.log and have not found anything weird. I have also re-installed it by deleting the entire folder and re downloading it, I also do not have any mods It actually starte
  5. Thanks! I found this out a few days ago. before I saw your reply. Along with console edition, Using the thud engines and then turning them off makes my 60 fps game play to 20. quite odd. I hope to see console edition really strive with the KSP community. and also hope to see the infrared telescope in-game some time soon.
  6. Does anyone know the controls for RCS on console edition? Like the wasd + hn + ijkl keys on the PC but translated onto a console controller? also is it on docking mode? I'm not sure if so because the last time I played was with my Grandpa who loves KSP. If anyone can list the controls to use the "hn + ijkl" keys for console, please do reply with them. (Yes I have checked the control menu but none is listed)
  7. Well. I'll try to find some pretty Well computers in my price range. But thanks for pointing that out about the processor.
  8. Thank you for the link! It fits in my price range and Looks Pretty Good. Hopefully I can Buy It Soon!
  9. Does Anyone know of a Computer that can run KSP at 30 FPS Or more. My Desktop That I Have Now Is A Potato and I'm Hoping to Buy a New one Or the Parts for One. So Can you guys Give me any suggestions for a Desktop That Can Run KSP Pretty Well. My Budget Is 600$ and hoping to go 100$ under My Limit. Heres a List Of Stuff I'm Requesting for a PC That Has Or Has a Link To GPU (processor) I'd Like anything Dual Core Like a Core 2 Duo (the Suggested minimally) Memory I'd Like something 6Gb or Even 4GB Graphics Card: I'd Like Something as powerful as a gtx
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