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  1. nevermind, hitting right control doesn't do anything, and i do have CustomPreLaunchCheck installed
  2. that explains it, i was constantly hitting left ctrl, thanks for the help
  3. when I click ctrl + k to enter the build mode nothing happens for me, I know that the installment trough ckan is broken but I've never used Ckan and have always downloaded my mods trough Spacedock and Github. has anyone else encountered this problem and know how to fix it?
  4. finally got time to do it (and also install a lot of extra mods) and I got no error, thanks for the help! nevermind that! I spoke too soon because I didn't see the error pop up and so made that conclusion, KSP just finished loading and i still got the error despite updating all my mods and removing all my SM mods. Looks like something else was the problem. I just realised that when i uninstalled Tweakscale i just moved the folder out of my gamedata and then put it back in after reinstalling instead of downloading the mod again. I'll go ahead and not do that and see if that'll work
  5. i already deleted gamedata\gamedata, i'll try to update all of my mods and see if i still have the error
  6. the thing is, i got the errors before i even installed the SM Add'Ons, when i first got the error i immediately closed KSP and just didn't play instead of bothering to go here, after a while i had forgotten about it and i decided to reinstall SM and make a bomber, wehn i got the error again of course (and did the same thing as last time before deciding to go there so i could actually safely play KSP) so i find it strange that the problem is in SM when i got the error before i even installed SM but hey, i'm not the expert here
  7. Just wondering Lisias, how long are the days over there because you said you'd check this by night and you still haven't given me a report of what's wrong? I know you probably have it busy with working on other peoples problems, but just as a reminder
  8. alright, good thing I made notes of all my planned vehicles and scenarios expecting this to take a while
  9. I don't know how to check that or how to change it I have never seen this directory before and I can't seem to find it on my computer with the exception of these 2 steps I followed the other ones and (unsurprisingly) I got the fatal error and closed the game and copied the new log and configcache to google drive as both are too big for pastebin
  10. good point, but you get what i mean
  11. I just saw the Apollo 11 movie, and I just want to say that they did an absolutely stunning job on combining the viasuals with the seoundtrack, especially during the launch scene where for me it felt like the room was shaking as if the launch happened right across the street
  12. @James Kerman my bad, this link should work
  13. So i'm a massive doink who knows less about computers than a senile 90 year old but i think i have copied everything you need in here
  14. Can i get my crafts that i build in KSP 1 to transfer over to KSP 2? I've made a lot of stock and modded crafts in the over 2000 hours i have in the game and i would find it sad to lose those in the new game.