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  1. Tailstrike will also happen if your plane is improperly designed, it's possibly due to the plane's back being heavy The wheels on the wings should be moved much closer to the back, so you do not get a tailstrike upon launching your plane.
  2. Another cause of your plane veering to left or right is improper engine, wheel and wing design. If you made a taildragger and the tailwheel is rotated at left or right or is facing sideways, either left or right, your plane will veer to left or right. If there is only one engine on left or right wings, your plane will also veer to left or right. If your wing is improperly designed, (e.g other wing on the other side having a span smaller than the other wing's wingspan or having only one wing on any side), the plane will turn to left or right, making it uncontrollable and crash upon takeoff.
  3. If your spacecraft/aircraft's tail hits the ground on launch, then it's probably heavy in the back.
  4. Does the mod come bundled with OPT? Is it needed for the mod? After I installed it, and went to the GameData folder in the ZIP file, I saw it bundled with OPT.
  5. Do I have to remove ASET Props from the ASET folder?
  6. Some of my aircraft would start to flip ,but their elevators, which are for the pitch, can prevent it.
  7. If the rocket has a high amount of mass, and put up into the sky using VesselMover, then it will fall, probably killing everyone onboard the rocket.
  8. Great mod! Waleedmeri used this mod to make the Boeing 747-8I, An-225 Mriya and other in KSP! With this mod, I can make aircraft based on real-life vehicles in KSP with this mod!
  9. This mod has its engines reach the speed of sound, but Airplane Plus planes can also reach the speed of sound. The Wheesley engine, which is a stock part in KSP, has an enough thrust to reach the speed of sound.
  10. Do these engines makes the aircraft go at the speed of sound? But, sonic booms do not happen in-game.
  11. Hello and welcome. I'm Stephen, this is a challenge for good spacecrafts. Vote "It's good" if your craft works and perfect, If you vote "I don't know", then you don't know whether it is good or bad. Vote "It was bad" if your craft feels something bad or crashes (e.g wobbling, mistakes, engine not attached to fuel tank, etc.)
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