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  1. Great mod! Waleedmeri used this mod to make the Boeing 747-8I, An-225 Mriya and other in KSP! With this mod, I can make aircraft based on real-life vehicles in KSP with this mod!
  2. This mod has its engines reach the speed of sound, but Airplane Plus planes can also reach the speed of sound. The Wheesley engine, which is a stock part in KSP, has an enough thrust to reach the speed of sound.
  3. Do these engines makes the aircraft go at the speed of sound? But, sonic booms do not happen in-game.
  4. Hello and welcome. I'm Stephen, this is a challenge for good spacecrafts. Vote "It's good" if your craft works and perfect, If you vote "I don't know", then you don't know whether it is good or bad. Vote "It was bad" if your craft feels something bad or crashes (e.g wobbling, mistakes, engine not attached to fuel tank, etc.)
  5. Why was Joe absent in making it? Why did he stop?A I think he stopped because of his school
  6. I made no launch sites, this bug still persists. When will you fix it? I think there might be an error in coding or made a mistake. I have the Making History expansion, so the expansion DLC causes the bug.
  7. I tested the Jebla KKC, it was faster than sound. Breaking the sound barrier is possible, as you would go ridiculously fast.
  8. Help me. When launching in a launch site instead of KSC2, KSC, Island Airfield and Dessert Airfield, it keeps bringing me back to space center.
  9. It should have an Interceptor in that mod.
  10. Does this mod have an Interceptor from Mad Max?