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  1. Wow. Well now I feel bad for not participating. Thankfully, I have a week off now so Ill just play some good old KSP. Ill start off with the first challenge posted here, why not. Also, Real Life is OP, someone should tell God to nerf.
  2. Oh oops I forgot. I gotta start this challenge soon.
  3. Oh I see. Well then It's the admin's choice if you get it or not. And besides, you said it yourself, you had fun while planting fear into any Kerbal unlucky to be close to the airfield
  4. Wait, theres a desert airfield? (oh yeah 1.4 and up I forgot). Also I obviously don't pull any strings here, but from seeing the rules, I don't see why you couldn't get a badge.
  5. Ooh I might try this myself good sir sturmhauke
  6. So, is this a suggestion or an actual challenge (because I'm very tempted to do it).
  7. Amazing work! I could've waited for the encounters myself, I just didn't want to ;).
  8. basicrun completed: Initial orbit: Laythe-Tylo-Vall-Vall encounter burn: The encounters: Peri-laythe: Peri-tylo: Peri-vall (#1): Peri-vall (the second one, got that one by accident): Obviously there was no other engine or RCS ignition/burn after the first burn (because that's against the rules).
  9. Alright, since I didn't have enough time for the past challenge, I guess I'll do this one. Now, I know I already asked this, but how do you get the badges (I swear to god I don't know what a sig is).
  10. Amazing, but isn't the seat considered a vessel? I mean I know it's nitpicky, but my idea was to let a Kerbal out of the seat, and then launch the seat to it's exploding doom (remember, crashing isn't landing).
  11. Yeah that's pretty much what I thought doing myself (I'll do it tommorrow). Basicaly it would be a 3 seat drop pod launched from an airplane, but with a twist.