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  1. Awesome thanks, its gonna be greeeeeaaaattttt!!! (Im going to do a entire career mode for it.)
  2. is anyone else experiencing problems with the Saturn V parts for some reason offsetting into each other when you launch it?
  3. Oh...nice what is the explosion equal too?
  4. LightBender

    Apollo 8 mission challenge

    Ja...Guess I'm making my *Counts in head* 789th Saturn v replica today for this challenge. *sigh*
  5. Wait it is? Every time I've downloaded it it was still limited to 8. Also I know the keyboard shortcuts. I'm just gonna wait till a confirmed updated version of this mod is out.
  6. I don't have any recording software. The problem is that the mods messes up the visual bit about the symmetry tool and that it disables a minimum symmetry count ex. Stock it is at 8.
  7. Im saying that i was able to place all those solar panels in one click. It just about removed the limiter.
  8. Here is a sorta example... It was with 1 part placement showing its on symmetry 1.
  9. Do you have the bug where there is no limit on radial attachments?
  10. Hey does anyone have the problem of the symmetry tool not working?