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  1. Awesome thanks, its gonna be greeeeeaaaattttt!!! (Im going to do a entire career mode for it.)
  2. is anyone else experiencing problems with the Saturn V parts for some reason offsetting into each other when you launch it?
  3. Ja...Guess I'm making my *Counts in head* 789th Saturn v replica today for this challenge. *sigh*
  4. Wait it is? Every time I've downloaded it it was still limited to 8. Also I know the keyboard shortcuts. I'm just gonna wait till a confirmed updated version of this mod is out.
  5. I don't have any recording software. The problem is that the mods messes up the visual bit about the symmetry tool and that it disables a minimum symmetry count ex. Stock it is at 8.
  6. Im saying that i was able to place all those solar panels in one click. It just about removed the limiter.
  7. Here is a sorta example... It was with 1 part placement showing its on symmetry 1.