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  1. Easy Challenge I Will Just Launch My Sls Replica And Have a A Little Rod And It will decouple A Ton Of Probe cores without any solar panels :)(Sls Is Modded) P.S Gonna Delete Them After Showing You Them To Not Kill My computer While It Has to Load a Iss For Adding Destiny Labs On
  2. While Not Talking For Like Three Weeks I Only Got This Down(Added Soyuz And P6 Truss Onto the Iss)Here Is The Video Of It Orbiting Earth P.S Its laggy
  3. Am Gonna Add Soon(My account For some reason went a way need another account Am not gonna tell why...)
  4. Now Got the newest verison of CA For 1.3.0 And Still the Oms Pod doesn`t have any rcs power And O If You didn`t Notice Am Using 1.3.0..
  5. I Said CA First And I Think That I ckan installed the wrong verison
  6. Am Having a problem I have downloaded CA And Right Now am trying to make The ISS but Css Is right Now Not work with me to add the Z1 truss and pma-3 I Can`t dock it to the ISS I Have to use the Oms engine to go foward And The Oms pods do nothing rcs wise I Downloaded with ckan PLS Help am using Version 1.3.0
  7. Starting The ISS Adding Z1 Truss and Pma-3
  8. maybe You should add to the list of more points is Have 2 Drogue chutes(Like The real orion) and 3 main chutes
  9. Team:Us Mission:Manned Orbital EVA Cost:10,152 Only one misson used for it no other did run out of fuel for the first stage but the second got enough deltav to put ourselves into orbit and boost us from the parts first stage didn`t Everything else:https://imgur.com/a/nCOlv
  10. I Already Downloaded Aset and Rpm and still not getting The cockpit
  11. This Mods cockpit I Have Heard from somewhere it works with 1.3
  12. I Got space shuttle system and i downloaded everything and am not getting the cockpit Can anyone help? (I Am using 1.3 with it)
  13. I Have heard That Space shuttle systems works with 1.3 but i installed everything from the download and I Don`t have The cockpit help needed
  14. Thank That was what i was referring to
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