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  1. Hi Guys! I know that this isn't probably the right place but Twitter is not helping. I wanna know how many people agree that KSP has to improve. I have some ideas but also I wanna hear yours too. In my opinion they have to add better water texture 2D shader like looking one, I don't think they improved the water since they released the game. Also they need to add better shockwave effects. Like come on 2018. Deform the view while the shockwave is passing like in Just cause 4. I have more but I'mma save them for now and tell them later. Tell me your opinion.
  2. Jack the Green Ghost

    How to increase fps on ksp

    Hi guys im playing KSP on a laptop and the performance is around 10-12FPS with. Im playing it with RealPlume Sci-Fi VE and Stock Parts Revamp (I guess thats how its called it just makes parts look better). And when I screen record with Windows 10 Xbox GAME DVR the FPS drops 8-10. So how can I increase my FPS with those mods? I have an ASUS x540sa with 4GB DDR3 RAM,Intel Pentium n3700 1.6GHz up to 2.4GHz with boost and Integrated Intel HD graphics. If you can tell me lighter clowd mods with Duna dust storms and Eeloo gaisers ill be so happy. Also I dont want to delete RealPlume cuz it looks good and doesnt drop FPS.
  3. I mean scantterer just kills my FPS cuz Im playing on a laptop with integrated Intel HD GPU. Also in stock scatterer I mean KSP has like that orange thing on the atmosphere during just before sunrise or just after sunset I alredy have it installed but I just really want the realistic sun color change in space and godrays
  4. Can someone create lighter version of that mod so potatoe PCs can run it please? I mean like only godrays from the buildings or aircrafts or trees/rocks. KSP alredy has its own scattering effect only thing that needs to be changes is Sun collor. I mean like without tuching the stock atmosphere only changing sun slowly from orangeish (sunrise) to yellowish and back also same effect in space too but in vacume the sun should appear white. Basically what you alredy did but in a lower level and without tuching the stock atmosphere and godrays. Far Cry 2 alredy did those effects like go watch some vids and you will understand better ABOUT THE GODRAYS tho the sun collor is just like in the game but optimized for lowe PCs. PLEASE MAKE IT
  5. Jack the Green Ghost

    [1.5.1] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    Hello! I have a low end PC and can't really run well. Can Isomeone tell me witch files to edit for best performance please
  6. Ow ok thanks so how can I fix the thing that even with 1 engine for example on Ventor,Mamooth,KE-1 engine plumes I can see every individual ball of plume on lower atmosphere how or even can I fix it (my game is running 10FPS)
  7. Hello everyone! So I have a problem with RealPlume and that's when I have more engines the plume hers shorter and more blurred. And if that's not the case normally my game already runs slow and I can see every individual ball of plume how can I fix those issues PLS HELP
  8. Can someone help me pls. When I have moltable engines my plume doesn’t work it’s so short or it’s even not there. For example I’m using a rocket that I build, it has 9 KE-1 engines on first stage with 4 KE-1 Engine boosters. When I detach the boosters it’s coming almost normal. Second stage has 1 Stock Rino engine with 4 Soyuz engines, same when I detach that’s when it comes to normal. And 1 more problem, the first time that I launched the game it was completely fine in performance prospectif but second time that I launched it it was wors it was laggy not a lot but still 3- FPS (normally my game runs 8-10 FPS). How can I fix that. mods that I use: EVE Stock Part Revamp Real Plume
  9. The problem is after time warping before it it works just amazing but after timewarp its messing up. What do i do
  10. Remeber the thing that ia sead for the plume in ksp stpck. Now i have the same problem with real plume how to make that i cant see every ball of plume?
  11. First Yea its career but also sandbox too they both don't show up. Second which settings main menu, space center or settings in my KSP installation folder?
  12. Umm guys can someone explain me why I can’t get the thing for cussing the different launch sites in KSP 1.4.2 with the DLC in the map it shows me that I have them but I can het the thing under the launch button when I’m in the VAB/SPH. But I can get them when I create new game but not in the game that I already have. Details: I moved the save files from KSP 1.4.0 without the DLC to KSP 1.4.2 with the DLC and I get the all new parts but not the swipe thing under the launch button