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  1. Thanks for replying. If not possible let's at least hope that that will be implemented in KSP2
  2. Hello I believe that there are a lot of smart people. Can one of you figure out how does SimpleRockets 2 makes its plumes? They look so cool. I think that adding similar plume to KSP will make the game better.
  3. Hello! I updated to the new KSP version 1.7 and am getting so bad performance. I still have KSP 1.6 installed with better time warp, Kerbal engineer and restock mods installed and I'm getting higher performance overall. Meanwhile in KSP 1.7 I have only better time warp installed and the performance is bad. How can I increase my FPS without making the graphics looking pixelated (DO NOT TELL ME TO UPGRADE, THAT'S NOT AN OPTION!!!) My laptop specs: MODEL - Asus X540SA OS - Windows 10 Home 64bit CPU - Intel Pentium n3700 1.6GHz up to 2.4GHz boosted. GPU - Intel HD graphics 548MB VRAM RAM - 4GB DDR3 HDD - 500GB 5700
  4. I can't even find the folder to change it. I changed some things with ToolBar mod but I can't find the folder so I can save the changes.
  5. I did something to the stock plumes (still trying to get the green one) with the ToolBar mod. But idk how to save it and on witch folder. Can someone help me
  6. Hi I was on the Real Plume topic thing to ask if I could get green plume. And @woeller told me that I can create one for myself but since idk how he told me to come to you so you can explain to me how to do it. Could you help me please?

  7. Hi Guys! I know that this isn't probably the right place but Twitter is not helping. I wanna know how many people agree that KSP has to improve. I have some ideas but also I wanna hear yours too. In my opinion they have to add better water texture 2D shader like looking one, I don't think they improved the water since they released the game. Also they need to add better shockwave effects. Like come on 2018. Deform the view while the shockwave is passing like in Just cause 4. I have more but I'mma save them for now and tell them later. Tell me your opinion.
  8. Hi guys im playing KSP on a laptop and the performance is around 10-12FPS with. Im playing it with RealPlume Sci-Fi VE and Stock Parts Revamp (I guess thats how its called it just makes parts look better). And when I screen record with Windows 10 Xbox GAME DVR the FPS drops 8-10. So how can I increase my FPS with those mods? I have an ASUS x540sa with 4GB DDR3 RAM,Intel Pentium n3700 1.6GHz up to 2.4GHz with boost and Integrated Intel HD graphics. If you can tell me lighter clowd mods with Duna dust storms and Eeloo gaisers ill be so happy. Also I dont want to delete RealPlume cuz it looks good and doesnt drop FPS.
  9. I mean scantterer just kills my FPS cuz Im playing on a laptop with integrated Intel HD GPU. Also in stock scatterer I mean KSP has like that orange thing on the atmosphere during just before sunrise or just after sunset I alredy have it installed but I just really want the realistic sun color change in space and godrays