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  1. Yeah I think this is true. I love the idea, I just have no idea how, mods, games or game physics work haaaa Yeah! I wish I knew how to do this kinda stuff! This is why I’m looking for someone who thinks it’s a good idea and does now haaa
  2. To me the fun of KSP was the experimentation when you first started. I just thought it would be cool to get that back by adding way more options than just a few stock engines
  3. Didn’t even know that was possible , can you mod on it?
  4. Hmm very interesting! Thank you so much for the detailed response as I know nothing about this! My idea was that it might run as if each part (Fan, low pressure compressor blades, high pressure compressor blades, combustion chamber) was its own part with its own thrust, mass and ISP and the parts could just be stacked together to simulate one engine and get a desired affect. So does the majority of your thrust come from a large fan? Then you have a larger, more efficient engine. Or does the majority of your thrust come from having a large number of compressor blades and a combustion chamber with a high burn rate? I don't know if this sounds more plausible? I was just imagining you would effectively stack multiple "engine" parts together, each with a small amount of thrust to give yourself a desired outcome. I think if each part had a different thrust to weight ratio and a different ISP it would give you so many options and tonnes of opportunity to perfect different designs.
  5. there are a lot of mods that have progressed this wonderful game pretty far from where it was at the beginning, plus I personally think custom engine building simulator would be cool (provided you can still fly them). Thanks for the response but sounds to me like you are not interested in this kind of a development rather than saying it wont work am I correct? thanks for the input but im just curious to see if there is any interest out there, im sure there are people who don't care for it but id like to spark a conversation on feasibility and brainstorm ideas. if you have anymore please do respond. Also I did create turbo fan substitutes that could accelerate a small commercial to about 130m/s and up to nearly 200m/s but could only sustain a short flight (island and back if flown very conservatively). These effectiveish designs were so fun to build and so challenging but just not quite practical. I think you would enjoy the challenge! much more fun than part clipping or tweaking a stock engine. I also think that specific engine housings could be better as they could look more realistic, be more customisable in terms of shape to fit different engine dimensions and sleekness as well as colour (ive always loved the blue engine housings on a british airways engine). this could also leave room for possible features such as thrust reverser animations Thanks, I think its a really cool idea too! if you have any more part ideas or know anyone who could help development, do send me a message. stay in touch!
  6. Hey guys, I love this mod and what it brings to aviation in the game. My passion is the experimentation and the brainstorming to come up with a plane that fits an exact purpose. I like that this allows you to do that with size, aerodynamics and passenger capacity but im really curious about engine building. I like to attempt to build my own turbo fans using parts from this mod but there are too many limitations. i've started a thread on this subject, if anyone here is interested in the idea building their own engines with parts such as fans, compressor blades, compression chambers etc take a look. id love it if someone smarter than me had any ideas
  7. Hi, I love the idea of realism with plane building in KSP, challenge and functionality as well as a realistic look and testing process over performance when building aircraft. Hi have played around with building my own turbofan engines in KSP and fitting them on planes trying to get the best performances without killing my test pilots. I've successful built a handful using propeller parts to build a fan, smaller propellers part clipped to make a low pressure compressor stage and small jets engines to act as a high pressure compressor stage (and deliver most the thrust). I then use structural panels in an attempt to house the engines and they work fairly well. The biggest issue I run into is the size, in order to fit in all the separate fuel tanks and piping needed for each stage the engine ends up being way to large to look scale. This a very fun and rewarding build, as I love the realism and the thought that goes into trying to reduce weight and increase thrust and efficiency, when just adding a stock turbo fan is just way too easy! My idea is a mod that includes parts such as Fans (high and low bypass for efficiency or power), compressor blades (adding more creates more thrust but more weight and less efficiency) and combustion chambers where the amount of fuel per second can be selected or different in available parts to increase thrust but reduce efficiency. I would then like to have the ability to customise engine housings with a method similar to how ferrings and created for rockets. A mod like this would give players the ability to completely scratch build engines in all sizes for all purposes for your own aircraft and create a whole world of challenges and achievements, for instance creating small regional jets that have the ability to transport a small number of kerbals over small distances very cost effectively, or long range jet bombers or passenger jets to transport kerbals around the world like the A350xlr and even giving a challenge to creating a supersonic jet that isn't just "add more engines". Anyway, I have completely no idea how to do computers and so creating mods is way beyond my comfort zone. However I believe this is an idea that many people would enjoy and potentially could have a place in the game itself. If anyone out there thinks this is a cool idea, please do comment, or if even better anyone out there thinks this maybe possible or thinks they could give it a go, please get in touch! HAPPY FLYING! Here's a few concept part ideas. take a look, let me know what you think, make any changes etc!
  8. im taking this island chain and the green (RAF) cammo also I'm working on rules when I have a moment. but I'm thinking we get maybe 1 major base each and 3 small bases around our country and then maybe a rule regarding constructing forward operating bases?
  9. Yeah pretty much! Mostly gonna just try to simplify them really. I’m thinking of doing separate build points and separate armament points. Sort of reducing the need for the clear need to designate fighters, attackers, bombers really. Also would mean you could build all planes, or all tanks or however many, instead of set number of each.
  10. I’m doing rules. If we have guard mode range set to the full 10km, does this increase when a radar of say 40km is used? Therefore an interceptor will launch at 40km out not 10?
  11. They were still negative when I throttled up
  12. Everything is working for me apart from the engines! I removed the AJE and the Solver engines mods and everything thing works. Before I was getting negative thrust out of all the engines except the stock ones
  13. I have a load of parts that are missing/ messed up. For example my Mk1 Cockpit appears as a wing. I don’t if it’s me. I may need to install a completely new KSP and start again haaa
  14. No problem! I have a bit of time now so I’m installing the one you already did to check it out