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  1. I want to be able to load multiple mod "packs" without having to have every mod that I have installed active at the same time (and with a way to load presets of this easily and quickly) and I want to know if there is a program that allows for that. Also if there's a way to do this with CKAN and i just haven't figured it out plz tell me.
  2. Is this compatible with extrasolar? and if not, is there a way for me to fannagle with files so that it is?
  3. Ok, so I installed both the legacy and the rework packs, and legacy works just fine, but only the utility parts (samplers, graspotrons, ect.) of the rework pack appear in the editor. (So no foldatrons or anything) (I deleted the activestruts.dll as it said to do)
  4. None of the parts are appearing, I have it properly installed and everything, I even checked to see if the parts were there (they were), but none of them appear in the editor. EDIT: actually, the utility parts are all there, but nothing else. EDIT2: Screenshot of me searching for IR parts
  5. So, I have a problem. I've tried downloading multiple times, can you please try and fix this if you know what's wrong?
  6. Ah, so I guess the whole base rotation thing is a different bug. Oh well, that one has yet to happen again, so it should be fine. thanks for the answer.
  7. I seem to start 65-75 meters off the ground whenever this bug occurs (it varies) and I seem to be slowly accelerating towards sea level, but don't move at all. here is a screenshot of the internal view I may be underground, seeing as there is no kerbnet signal. Reverting to launch fixes this bug, but I'm not sure what causes it. I might try and add a KER module to the craft and see what body I'm near. - actually, I just realized I could just use map view. I also seem to have just splashed somewhere, (no parts were destroyed, as far as I can tell.)d After several reversions, I co
  8. I feel like CKAN would be a great thing to implement into vanilla, either that or implement the steam workshop to allow for modloading. Even though CKAN itself isn't really a mod, it still requires external installation and adds to the game.
  9. First, the entire KSC was rotated a few degrees, then this happened, Here is my mod list, if that's worth anything. EDIT: I launched a veichle and everything was normal.
  10. I downloaded this on CKAN and there are no infernal robotics parts? Do you know why?
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