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  1. Have you read the documentation? Edit: *looks at date of OP* Wow I've dug through far in the subforum, I hope this isn't a necro.
  2. There is this: The source code is still there, I'm not sure if it is still compilable, but the compiled version is currently hidden due to the terms of service which binds mod makers. I have the feeling that the source has been replaced due to the TOS.
  3. I think CKAN is doing the source code install instead of compiled DLL install thing again. I'm about to test my mod setup without your mod and see if I still have the issue, but having peaked at your mod's folder in gamedata I think whatever you fixed last time has broken again. EDIT: I still have the issue so it might not be you, but the folder looked like your github.
  4. I currently have this issue on my modded KSP 1.3.1 install, here's my mod list, perhaps we can compare our installed mods to narrow down the culprit. Also, I have seen this issue before, it was caused by CKAN not installing the mod correctly. Edit: Having looked in the gamedata folder, it seems (in my case at least) that the culprit is control-surface-toggle again. Edit2: nope, uninstalled it and still have the issue.
  5. Can confirm that that has fixed it.
  6. KSP.log Screenshots Mod Version: 1.2.1 (installed via CKAN) KSP Version: 1.3.1 (installed via Steam, folder copied out of SteamApps/Common) Running the 64-bit version of KSP, the exe is launched directly as an external shortcut in steam (I'm not using the official KSP launcher)
  7. Bug report, the difficulty menu when starting a new game has a duplicated "advanced" entry, additionally, all items in these categories are duplicated and selecting one also selects the other. Reproduction instructions, when starting a new save customise the difficulty. This may be due to an interaction with another mod in my mod setup as I have not tested this with only this mod installed (It's bedtime so I can't test now, might later).