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  1. Confirmed. It's as simple as "find & replace" in WordPad. Have to do it with all dependant cfg-files in the \ConfigurableContainers\Parts-directory... Gets rid of all the error messages and CC is running fine in game.
  2. OMG, you really did launch this beast. Impressive! As for the idea of using this for a mun run..... yeah, sure. I also love using torch drives as manoever thrusters
  3. re: landing problems Is it possible, that the coordinate system has changed it's reference from a specific surface meridian to kerbal center of mass with a certain direction in space for angular 0? This would mean, that due to planetary body rotation any coordinate on the surface would also be a function of time... Would be consistent with people experiencing different results for same coords at different times (all equally fatal, though) Just a thought
  4. Does that mean you can monitor an actual failure even outside vehicle load range or can you only constantly monitor the chances of that part failing?
  5. Regarding the efficiency/maintenance discussion: (sorry if this comes off as "so last week") What if "wear and tear" was no longer a function of a resource (machinery) but instead a timer like habitation for kerbonauts? Maintenance would be a function of resetting/moving back that timer through the workshop just like the colonization module does for hab timer. Resources required could match present requiremts for producing machinery. When a converter goes beyont its timer, efficiency rapidly decreases until the part "breaks", then a timer reset ("overhaul") would have to be done, just like in the Med Bay... This could work locally or planetwide, or either by choice, just like PL vs LL. The risk I see with total loss through failure is the mechanism of forewarning. As I understand it, all functions of base parts are only fully computed once in local range - so to get a reliable warning of coming (or even existing) failures, one would have to visit each and every structure regularly
  6. The most likely reason for this crash is the outdated USI Tool package that is installed with this mod. Just re-install the current USI-Tool package and all should be fine