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  1. Has anyone ever tried to depict a sunrise from the surface of a neutron star? I know it would be difficult to stand on the surface of a neutron star and there are a bunch of reasons why there aren't many stories that take place on neutron stars so there probably isn't any reason to visualize this like they did with the black hole in the movie Interstellar. I realize the neutron star would have to be rotating very slowly (for a neutron star) and the "sun" would be orbiting around it instead of vice versa and at a distance where it wasn't dumping its outer surface onto the neutron star because
  2. Could one of these rods be used to sample the interior of a comet or asteroid? I know that the Deep Impact spacecraft used a 372 kilogram cooper impactor to make a 150 meter wide crater on comet Temple 1. Could an 11 ton tungsten rod travel straight through a comet for reasons of science?
  3. Thanks for passing the article along! It does seem that getting carbon from the atmosphere has got to be easier than digging it out of the ground. Why isn't this talked about more and how much is being invested in research? It sounds like a very logical step.
  4. Biofuel could but plant based fuel takes up a lot of land. For instance, forests get cut down and replaced with palm oil plantations. Yes, a few years ago it sounded like they were really onto something! They were saying that they would be able to turn CO2, water and light into a useful carbohydrate and do it much more efficiently than plant based photosynthesis. I haven't heard anything about this recently. What would happen if there was an efficient way to take carbon out of the atmosphere instead of digging it out of the ground and 7 billion people adopted this technology ove
  5. Does anybody know the current status of artificial photosynthesis? A researcher named Paul Alivisatos who is affiliated with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and works with nanotechnology was saying back in 2012 that they were close to a breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis. I can't seem to find anything more recent about progress in this field. I know Alivisatos is still working because he received the 2019 Welch Award in chemistry. Did they hit a roadblock or does "close to a breakthrough" mean I need to be more patient?
  6. Yes, although I wouldn't use it directly on the zombies. Putting felled trees in the path of oncoming zombies is a great strategy. Zombies would have a difficult time navigating through the crowns of the trees and get impaled on branches and stuck in crotches. If you can find a thorny tree such as Black Locust or Hawthorn all the better.
  7. So what would your rocket nozzle look like if you were trying to take off from the surface of Venus?
  8. In the prequel Caprica you find that the Cylons programming is based on the consciousness of a surly teenage girl.
  9. What happens when a single antiproton hits an atom? I'm assuming it only takes out a single proton's worth of mass from that atom. Does it simply change the atom's atomic number and create a different element or does it cause some sort of fission reaction, blowing the atom to pieces? Is it possible to get a bigger bang for your antimatter buck by using single antiprotons with a fissionable element?
  10. Is there any way to tell the difference between a proton that was created by the big bang billions of years ago and a proton that was created very recently like minutes ago in a particle accelerator?
  11. I believe I've read an article about this somewhere recently. Yes there could but to keep the water from boiling away at the surface (I'm assuming you meant liquid water) the planet would need to be massive enough that the water at the core would be compressed into a form of ice.
  12. Explosive Bolts, I saw recently that the Saturn rockets used retractable hold downs to keep the rocket on the launch pad while the engines powered up but the Space Shuttle used explosive bolts. What are explosive bolts? I've heard of them before but don't know anything about them. I imagine a technician with a torque wrench very carefully tightening a nut, hoping he doesn't loose any fingers! Are they anything like the bolts I might see at a hardware store?
  13. How does that effect missions? Or does it mostly just effect things like press releases?
  14. Those old Gyro-Jet bullets were awesome! The only problem they really had was that if the target you were aiming at was close enough to hit (2-3 meters tops) the bullet would be going so slow that it would just bounce off. At the distances it took for the bullet to reach lethal velocity it would be traveling in a very random direction!
  15. Well, I guess there is a reason they don't use recoilless riffles so much these days.
  16. How about a recoilless riffle? You can fire a relatively large gun from just a jeep, just don't be standing behind it when it goes off!
  17. Interesting. Each asteroid has a history though. Depending on how far from the sun it formed, or if it was part of a larger body, or if it collided with other stuff, etc... I wonder if we might ever find a rock sitting on the surface of an asteroid that was blasted off the surface of the Earth from early in our history.
  18. Oh, that's graupel. I have seen it before but never knew there was a word for it. I don't recall ever seeing it as large as shown in your first picture of it!
  19. Are we likely to find that objects that formed in this part of the solar system are more likely to be spherical regardless of size unlike objects that formed closer to the sun like Bennu? Graupel, are those the same a hail stones?
  20. It's amazing how well this object fits the prediction made from the occultation data! Still, it doesn't look like the snow men we typically see where I live in North America. Our snow men here tend to have three body parts, head, thorax and abdomen... more like an insect. Ultima Thule seems to have a body plan more like a spider, cephalothorax and abdomen. Just without all the legs and stuff.
  21. It's allot harder for the wheels to turn the engine in low gear. I usually park my car in first gear without using the parking break unless it's on a steep hill. It does help if the vehicle has good compression. If you try parking your car in 4rth gear without the parking break on a hill the car will very easily roll away. If you try pop starting your car (without using the starter) by getting the car rolling then taking your foot off the clutch you need to do it in 1st or 2nd gear. 3rd or 4rth gear most likely won't turn the engine over fast enough to start it.
  22. Continuously created mass was part of the "static universe theory" wasn't it? This new theory would be similar to that?
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