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  1. I having issues with this when I'm loading KSP is will start to load a NAS weapon then KSP will stop loading. Sad because I use this before I had a high spec pc, so I never got to have a full on battle please fix this. Also, where do I put the fix dll
  2. I did a test with my Mass Redirector in LKO, forgot a mod and twitch uninstalled 30+ mods... and it didn't tell me and I just went: an MSI GL63 8RC Windows Laptop meeting some windows Edit:Hello CKAN
  3. I've made a ksp discord server and here's a invite link
  4. I"ll put it this way... You better have LOTS of fuel because your orbit would always degrade so your left with a VERY horrible reentry and suborbital (I think it cant be called reentry anymore) flights and Orbiting Gilly? Forget it you would escape or crash because you can orbit at 15!? m/s so mark Gilly of the list.
  5. I play on Xbox 1 Radial Preset Here how to recreate it: I would open debug menu and press left stick to disable coarser and it would not let me out of it then to tracking station back to probe and it would be stuck in coarser mode I would close KSP and reopen to fix.
  6. Here's how to build it get a 1.25 faring a MK 25 parashoot and any Decupler Place faring on top of command pod place MK 25 parashoot on faring place the Decupler on the node on top of it make sure the arrow is pointing down place the Launch Escape System on the Decupler then build faring to the Decupler
  7. Made a ejectable Launch Escape System without just strapping 4 Radial mount parashoots on it
  8. Orbiting in a drop ship station. And he probably was made because Valentina and bill landed on the moon and the ship tumbled out of control Hit a boulder lost a docking port. And he hated it. I know this because on EVA my PC crashed.
  9. I was playing around with sandbox and landed on the moon and as bill got out to put survey stakes down I hit EVA the computer crash saying "Error: UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION" but I can on Duna but the PC says I can't land on the moon.
  10. Just added more mods and it is extremely heavily modded taking over 2 hours must've been lucky because it either the game crashes or the computer crashes.
  11. I just barly got my first probe in science mode in orbit it just had about 0.31 Fuel left
  12. I have a aced to and my would get so hot it would suddenly shut down so I put it literally on a fan to keep it cool and it works
  13. Every time I land on the moon I get the ship falling into the terrain causing it to slowly blow up. This is how I land it:going 3 m/s down to the surface then falls in the terrain then the ship stops and explodes.It has a mini mechjeb case on the side that for some reason it's indestructible.